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FS: Sony STR-D635 DD Receiver (1 Viewer)

Nov 24, 2000
I am selling my Dolby Digital only receiver. Here are the Specs on it:
/V Receiver: STR-DE635
Stereo Mode Power Output, both channels driven into 8 ohms 80 w x 2
THD at rated output 0.09%
Bandwidth at rated output 20 -- 20,000 Hz
Surround Mode Power Output, all channels driven, 8 ohms, 1000 Hz, 0.80% THD 80 w x 5
4-ohm/8-ohm Switching Enables reliable operation with low-impedance speakers.
Audio In/Out (incl. Tuner) 4/1
Audio/Visual In/ Out 4/3
(S-Video In/ Out) 2/1
Digital In/Out Opt.: 1/-, Coax
Dolby Digital/DTS YES/-
5.1 Channel In
Dolby Pro Logic decoding Bring home all the excitement and emotional impact of movie sound tracks. The system decodes and amplifies the surround channels already encoded in many movie videocassettes, TV dramas and sports broadcasts.
Control A1 Interface that enables a Receiver to communicate with audio components that have the S-Link™ Control A1 interface.
Sound Field Link
Sub W. Out/Mix Out (x QTY.) YES/2
24 bit + 32 bit DSP Separate DSP engines for Dolby Digital decoding (24 bit) and acoustic soundfields (32 bit) make for unsurpassed flexibility and performance.
Remote Commander® unit PP-RM
200 CD Control YES (on RM)
Digital Satellite System/DVD Control YES (on RM)
DSP Program (Cinema): 7, (Virtual 3D): 27, (Music, etc.): 10, (A.F.D.): 1
Cinema Studio A/B/C Y/Y/Y
V. Multi Dimension/Semi Y/Y
V. Theater/Semi-Theater(Mix) Y/Y
Effect Level
Wall Type
Reverb Time
D. Range Comp.
Balance(Front/Rear) Y/Y
Level(Center/Rear/Woofer) Y/Y/Y
Virtual Surround DCS
Rear Channel Stereo
AC Outlet 2
Headphone Out
Speaker Selector A,B, A+B
Speaker Terminal Push
Preset Channel 30
Station Name
Auto Tuning Scans up and down the band.
Direct Tuning
Only thing is, I have no remote for it. I have been using the Cinema 7 remote with unit and it works great. I am asking $120 OBO for unit. If you have a Pro-Logic receiver and dying to upgrade, this is your receiver. I have had the unit for 2 years with no problems. Works great and pushes out power very well. I have only run it at below reference levels when watching movies. Never really driven to hard. Has 2 Subwoofer outputs too. No S-Video connections, not sure why the specs say it does, but it does not and no remote. Email me with any information you may need. Here is a picture of it in my entertainment center http://www.godisawesome.org/hometheater/equipment.htm Not the best photo, if you want a better photo, let me know, I can take one for you. I am also willing to trade receiver for any amps someone might want to get rid of.

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