Problems with Toshiba RPTV

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Rich_F, Jul 10, 2003.

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    Jun 11, 2002
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    Hi all, hoping you can help shed light on what's up with my Toshiba 42H81.

    Until about 2 weeks ago, I was quite happy with the set, which I've had about a year.

    A couple of weekends ago, we got some new furniture, and re-arranged our family room (AKA "HT room"). Ever since, I haven't been thrilled with the quality of the picture. Cable (Cox digital service), which used to fluctuate between crummy and pretty good, is now in the unwatchable-to-tolerable range. I seem to notice a difference, as well, on DVDs, which is really disappointing. Here are some specific symptoms:

    Jaggies around the edges of objects, particularly on straight lines

    "Pixellation" of some parts of the picture at some times - big, blocky pixels instead of tiny, imperceptable ones

    A "shimmering" effect on some objects, particularly noticeable on rolling credits

    All of these seem to be somewhat intermittent.

    I freely admit that maybe this was there all along, and for some reason I'm just now noticing it; I also realize it may all be in my head, though I really really don't think so.

    So... can any of you think what moving the set around a bit might have done to cause this? Furthermore, is there anything I can try to get it back to the quality picture I had before? Or is my only hope to call a repair guy (I have an extended warranty...)

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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    Perhaps the set was jarred during the remodeling. What were the PQ settings before the furniture was positioned into place and what are they now? Has the 2:3 pulldown been disenabled? How are the interconnects conneted between components in the system? Check your connections.

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