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    I have had the set almost 2 weeks and since i never had a big screen tv before i am not sure if i am expecting too much. Some channels like HBO's and PPV movies the color and clarity are fine otheres there seem to be too much yellow and the text is not cklear at all times. I am using a Dish Network satellite. I did have the service people come out and check it out they set the convergence in the service mode and said all was fine and I just need to adjust according to what i am watching. I have a friend who has a Pioneer Elite set and the showroom the Toshiba was next to the same and there was very little difference at home there seems to be. Are my expectations too high???
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    Your expectations are too high for the source material. There is so much variation from channel to channel on satellite that you simply cannot expect a great picture all the time. PPV is alotted the most bandwidth and as such looks better than anything else. If you want to judge the capabilities of your set use high quality (and consistent) sources like DVD and HDTV. You also need to ensure the set is properly calibrated. If you don't have them already run out and buy a copy of Avia and/or Video Essentials so you can get your picture levels correct. Then start reviewing this Forum for tips on how to bring the best out of your set (service convergence, focus, etc.)
    As an owner of the 50HX70 (properly calibrated) I can attest to its ability to generate stunning images.
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