Composite to S-Video converter on DLP projector

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    I've seen several threads regarding the composite to s-video converter, but haven't seen any specific on projectors.
    I have a DLP projector (Infocus 340) on a 100" diagonal screen and the TV cable signal that passes through the VCR to the receiver and finally to the projector is composite, as the VCR has only composite video outputs.
    My question is: For cable viewing, would I see much image difference if I used either:
    a) a new S-Video VCR to feed my receiver
    b) a composite to S-Video converter placed between the composite VCR output and the receiver?
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    Fernando: all TV's and projectors that take Composite Video have a circuit called a "COMB FILTER". This circuit takes in Composite video and outputs SVideo.
    This is sometimes the most expensive circuit in a TV. Televisions are judged on how good/poor their comb filters are.
    You can buy some good external Comb filters, Farajuda makes one for about $12,000. It takes a lot of high-quality components to make a good one.
    If you bought a SVideo VCR and fed composite into it, and used the SVideo output to your projector, your are now using the comb-filter inside the VCR instead of the one inside your projector.
    Which one is better? Hard to say.
    The best picture is to use a source where the video is already seperated into SVideo or composite. This can be a DVD player or a DSS system.
    Hope this helps.

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