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Infocus SP4805 and 92" Austin Screen Combo (1 Viewer)

Dr. Anthony Rosalia

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Aug 6, 2004


$1996 SAVE $700 off of retail prices

** You can upgrade or downgrade your screen size and type to a high quality pulldown unit or our best reference or motorized units. Please contact us for other sizes available **

** Expedited 1 week screen shipping available for $50 extra fee **


This is a killer combination and a tremendous value to you offered nowhere else on the internet. We combined one of the hottest projectors available with one of the best theater screens companies and came up with an amazing value. Not only does the Infocus 4805 ($1999 value) sport a native 16:9 resolution Darkchip 2 from Texas Instruments (854 x 480), it also sports a class leading Faroudja DCDI processor. We have combined this unit with an incredible high quality 92" class leading Austin Filmscreen Theater Performance Fixed Screen (retail value $697.00). Don't settle for the inferior screens bundled with our competition's combo units. You know you want the best for your home theater at the best value so why skimp on a screen making it your weakest link? The image is just stunning on a 92" screen matte white 1.3 gain that is higher in gain than comparable screens of this quality yet 35-40% less in price. We feel they are every bit as good as Stewart Screens and the internet's best hidden screen values. Each screen is hand made to order over 2 weeks time ensuring that you get an incredible product with exacting specifications. Experience the big screen like it was meant to be felt. You feel like you are running alongside your favorite sports stars. Playing your video games takes on a whole new meaning and visual impact. It is absolutely huge. You will not believe that you are watching a DVD and think you are at the cinema. The resolution looks like its much higher due to the incredible faroudja electronics that smoothes the output reduces jagged edges, removes motion artifacts, increases resolution, enhances blacks, and smoothes skin tones. We highly recommend this combo for first time projector users and seasoned users for an amazing cinema experience for DVD, Laser Disk, S-VHS and VCR use of your entire media library. Even HD signals will be clear and amazing from this very inexpensive setup. Don't let the price fool you, Infocus is THE price leader for high quality display technology. Pick one up today. You will not be disappointed.

*** Please remember that this InFocus projector requires either an M1 to DVI cable or a converter to allow it to work with standard DVI cables ***

Doctor's Rating : * * * * * (5 STARS and two thumbs way up!)


Infocus 4805

More than just big. It’s breathtaking.

Stunning images come from attention to detail. The ScreenPlay 4805 uses native 16:9 DarkChip2™ DLP technology from Texas Instruments® , the only display solution that creates an entirely digital connection between a source and the screen in front of you. You see maximum fidelity — a picture clarity, brilliance and color that must be seen to be believed. Coupled with Academy-award-winning enhanced Faroudja DCDi™ video processing, the images are produced with ultimate fidelity: clear and artifact-free, without those jagged lines you see on some large-format displays. With Faroudja DCDi there is no need to buy external boxes to enhance the deinterlacing. InFocus has integrated Faroudja into several generations of ScreenPlay projectors and has perfected the optimal deinterlacing process for perfect output from your projector, regardless of the source. In fact, Faroudja DCDi on-board makes your viewing experience so enjoyable, you forget you’re not in a multi-million dollar movie theater. And 750 video-optimized lumens combined with 2000:1 calibrated contrast ratio, all in native DVD format and able to scale HDTV, the image is always crisp and lifelike. In fact, no other display solution comes close to producing images that are this huge and this amazing.

Turn your living room into a home entertainment center.

With a screen size that can fill a wall, the InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 makes so called big-screen TV's seem tiny. Expand your idea of home entertainment with award-winning InFocus innovation and discover details you didn't even know were there. The InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 is easy to set up and use in any room with your DVD player, cable or satellite receiver, VCR, game player and more! You'll never "just" watch a movie again.

The ScreenPlay 4805 projector gives you a screen width that's measured in feet (meters), not inches (centimeters).. As up to 9 feet (2.74 meters). So big, athletes jump out of the screen at you and video game characters make fun of how small you are. An optical zoom lens enables you to adjust the huge image to fit virtually any size screen from any location, in perfect focus and clarity. Native 16:9 widescreen format gives you movie-theater proportions, so finally you have a big, bright, high-resolution image that compliments your surround sound and DVD.

Incredible Movies, Games, TV and More

Project everything in amazing color, size and clarity. Plug in any type of game box and jump into the action, show off your vacation photos from your digital camera or camcorder, or enjoy front-row seating for your favorite team by attaching to your TV.

Lightweight Package: At 7.8 lbs (3.5 kg) the ScreenPlay 4805 is light enough to take to a friend's house - small enough to carry under your arm.

Austin Filmscreen 92" Theater Performance Screen

Austin Filmscreen (AFS) manufactures products that are comparable to most top-of-the-line screen manufacturers, but at 30-40% less in price. With over 25 years in the Audio / Video business they know about screens. By streamlining their manufacturing process, they have maintained a reasonable price yet still providing a superior picture quality with high performance materials. They are the foremost pioneer in affordable, high quality fixed wall projection screens today and we are proud to bundle them for incredible value.

Each screen is HAND MADE TO ORDER. You won't find any prefabricated inferior foreign construction here. All products are manufactured to exact specifications in the good old USA. Turnaround time to build just one screen is 2 weeks with a "rush" option for a 1 week turnaround. Regardless of your financial level, would you ever pay 40% - 50% more for the same performance? Obviously not. That is why Austin Filmscreen is the best choice in the industry: VALUE, VALUE, VALUE!

AFS's goal as a manufacturer is to provide a product with superior image quality that is tailored for the projectors and video source components of today. All of this has been achieved while maintaining an industry leadership position on the pricing of their products. AFS has engineered a variety of screens that through streamlined manufacturing processes and extensive materials research can maintain the superior picture quality that you desire, at the lower price that you demand. AFS Video and Theater Reference are hand crafted with pride in the USA by skilled craftsmen and custom sized for each application. Rigorous quality control assures the best possible fit and finish.

All AFS models are destined to shape the future of the industry with their revolutionary screen material and “T-Line” tensioning mechanism. This radical new design allows virtually infinite adjustment and perfect uniformity of the screen’s tension to be achieved while eliminating the need for snaps or Velcro. The end result: absolute control over the resistance to air movement, a more perfectly flat surface, and easy installation.

Austin FilmScreen’s matte white 1.3 projection material is designed to maximize contrast without sacrificing color quality and to work well in a variety of viewing environments and light conditions. Austin FilmScreen’s models are designed for the consumer who wants the ultimate viewing experience and aesthetic appeal at a price up to 35% lower than other comparable models on the market today. These new models are guaranteed to meet your budget and exceed your expectations.


Infocus 4805

Resolution 854 x 480 (16:9)
Brightness 750 ANSI lumens
Technology New TI DarkChip2 DMD
Contrast Ratio 2000:1
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Compatibility Supports up to 1024x768 resolution through intelligent resizing
Dimensions 12.9in W 4.2in H 9.8in D
Weight 7.8 lbs.
Additional Features Compatible with virtually any digital source

Austin Filmscreen 92" Theater Performance Fixed Screen

Features (Screen choices see above menu)

“Ultra tensioning” The Flattest Screen Surface Available

Permanently Eliminates Screen Sag

Screen Sizes 16:9 77”-133” and 4:3 72”-120”

2 ¾” Wide Velvet Wrapped Frame Standard

Brushed aluminum accents

Total Depth 1¾”

Easy Installation Process

1.3 Matte White Material - Designed to maximize contrast without sacrificing color quality and to work well in a variety of viewing environments and light conditions.

178 Degree Viewing Angle

Opaque screen material allows for installation over most windows and other light sources

Every Screen comes with a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee and a 1 year Warranty


Adjustable Image Size: The projected image size can be adjusted from 40" to 200" diagonal. To achieve a 40" picture, the projector must be 5.05' to 6.06' from the screen. For a 200" projected image, the projector must be 25.25' to 30.3' from the screen. A 40" diagonal image is 34.86" wide and 19.61" tall, while a 200" diagonal image is 174.32" wide and 98.05" tall.

DLP Projection System: Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology from Texas Instruments is the only display solution that creates an entirely digital connection between a source and the screen in front of you.

Texas Instruments DarkChip2: The ScreenPlay 4805 uses Texas Instruments' new DarkChip2 DLP technology with 16:9 native aspect ratio and 854 x 480-pixel resolution. The unit is compatible with SDTV (480i, 576i), EDTV (480p, 576p), and HDTV (720p, 1080i including HDCP) video signals. The projector's built-in scaler converts all signals to its native resolution of 854 x 480.

Faroudja DCDi De-interlacer: The enhanced Faroudja DCDi FLI2310 video de-interlacer utilizes 3-2 pulldown conversion for producing clear and artifact-free images without the jagged lines you'd see on some large-format displays.

4x, 6-segment Color Wheel: The ScreenPlay 4805 uses a proprietary 4x, 6-segment color wheel, and comes pre-calibrated to the video broadcast standard of 6500K color temperature.

Zoom Lens: The projector is equipped with an all-glass F2.4 1.2x zoom lens with a 21-25mm focal length. The zoom can be manually adjusted by a zoom ring around the lens.

Picture Menu: The Picture Menu gives you the following options:

Keystone: When the image is projected at an angle, you can use the Keystone feature to adjust the image vertically, resulting in a squarer image.

Contrast: controls the degree of difference between the lightest and darkest parts of the picture and changes the amount of black and white in the image

Brightness: changes the intensity of the image

Color: adjusts a video image from black and white to fully saturated color. The color setting applies to video sources only.

Tint: adjusts the red-green color balance in the image of NTSC video images. The tint setting applies to NTSC video sources only.

Aspect Ratio: allows you to choose one of the following aspect ratio settings:

Native: this mode bypasses the internal scaler, displaying the image with no resizing

16:9: the default is 16:9, which preserves the 16:9 aspect ratio and is designed to be used with content that is enhanced for Widescreen TVs

4:3: resizes the image from its original version to fit a standard 4:3 aspect ratio screen. If you have a 4:3 source on a 16:9 screen, the image is placed in a 16:9 space, so black bars appear at the sides of the image.

Presets: allows you to store up to 3 user-defined presets into memory

Advanced Menu:

Chroma Detail: adjusts the color sharpness

Luma Detail: adjusts the overall sharpness (edge enhancement) of the luma signal

Noise Reduction: adjusts signal noise reduction. You can choose Off to have no noise reduction, choose Auto to have the software determine the amount of noise reduction, or choose Manual and adjust the level.

CCS: (Cross Color Suppression) processes the signal to remove any color information from the luma portion of the signal. It is On for all composite signals, and can be turned off for all S-video and component signals.

Sharpness (video only): changes the clarity of the edges of a video image. Choose Softest, Softer, Standard, Sharper, and Sharpest.

Color Space: applies to component video and computer sources, allowing you to select a color space that has been specifically tuned to the input signal. You can select Auto (standard determined by the projector) or RGB (computer), REC709 (component 1080i or 720p) or REC601 (component 480p or 576p).

Color Temperature: changes the intensity of the colors. Select 6500K, 7500K, or 9300K.

Color Control: allows you to individually adjust the gain (relative warmth of the color) and the offset (the amount of black in the color) of the red, green, and blue colors

Video Standard: When it is set to Auto, the projector attempts to pick the video standard automatically based on the input signal it receives. If the projector is unable to detect the correct standard, the colors may not look right or the image may appear "torn." If this happens, manually select a video standard by selecting NTSC, PAL, or SECAM from the Video Standard menu.

Overscan (video only): removes noise around the video image

Sync Threshold Adjust: select this option if a hardware device, such as a DVD player, is not syncing properly with the projector

Phase (computer only): adjusts the horizontal phase of a computer source

Tracking (computer only): adjusts the vertical scan of a computer source

Horizontal/Vertical Position (computer only): adjusts the position of a computer source

White Peaking (computer only): increases the brightness of whites that are near 100%

Settings Menu: The Settings Menu gives you the following options:

Audio: allows you to adjust the volume of the internal speaker, and allows a chime to play when starting the projector.

Sources: determines which source the projector checks first for active video during power-up. When Autosource is selected, the Source Enable feature indicates which sources the projector attempts to lock onto. You can use the Source Enable feature to eliminate certain sources from this search, which will speed the search. When Autosource is not checked, the projector defaults to the source selected in Sources.

System: You can adjust the following System settings:

Rear: reverses the image so you can project from behind a translucent screen

Ceiling: turns the image upside down for ceiling-mounted projection

Low Power: turn this on to decrease the light output of the lamp. This also lengthens lamp life and decreases fan noise. Lamp output is 200 watts in high power and 160 watts in low power.

Display Messages: displays status messages (such as "Searching" or "Mute") in the lower-left corner of the screen

Screen Saver Off: prevents the screensaver on your computer from being activated if the USB portion of the M1 is plugged into the computer.

Screen Trigger: turns on the 12-volt DC output switch on the connector panel

Power Save: when On, the lamp is automatically turned off after no signals are detected for 20 minutes. After 10 additional minutes with no signal, the projector powers down. If an active signal is received before the projector powers down, the image will be displayed.

Startup Logo: allows you to display a blank Black, White, or Blue screen instead of the default screen at startup and when no source is active or detected

Blank Screen: determines what color displays when you press the Blank button on the remote or when no source is detected. You can choose one of the following colors: black, white, or blue.

Language: allows you to select one of 12 languages for the onscreen display of menus and messages


Factory Reset: restores all settings (except Lamp Hours) to their default after displaying a confirmation dialog box

Lamp Reset: after replacing the lamp, you can reset the lamp hours used counter in the About menu to zero.

Service Code: only used by authorized service personnel

about: provides information about the projector and the active source

Security Lock: The ScreenPlay 4805 has a security lock for use with a PC Guardian Cable Lock System.

Focus: Using the thin ring around the lens, you can adjust the projector's focus.

Adjustable Height: If necessary, you can adjust the height of the projector by pressing the release button to extend the elevator foot. Once the foot is extended, you may need to adjust the leveling foot located at the rear of the projector.

Remote Control: The supplied remote allows you to control all the projector's functions, except focus, and zoom. Using the backlight button, you can make the buttons illuminate for approximately 10 seconds.

Mounting Options: The optional SP-CEIL-011 Digital Projector Mount lets you mount the ScreenPlay 4805 to your ceiling.

Projection Lamp: The projection lamp is rated for about 3000 hours average lifetime, or 2000 hours in the high power mode. The lamp hour timer in the About menu counts the number of hours the lamp has been in use. About 20 hours before the lamp life expires, the message "Change Lamp" appears on the screen at startup. The replacement lamp is model #SP-LAMP-021. Once the lamp has been changed, you can reset the lamp hour timer.


Picture Resolution: 854 x 480 (16:9)

Contrast Ratio: 2200:1

Brightness: 750 ANSI Lumens

Inputs and Outputs Notes

Four Inputs: The ScreenPlay 4805 is equipped with 4 discreet inputs allowing you to connect various video and computer sources. The inputs include:

M1-DA (DVI): You can plug in a DVD player or HDTV receiver with a DVI connector into the unit's M1-DA jack. Using the supplied computer cable, you can also connect your computer to the projector using this input and your computer's VGA and USB connections.

Component Video Input: The unit has an Extended Definition and High Definition-compatible component video input. The component video jacks will accept 1080i, 720p, 480p, 480i signals. Note: The projector's built-in scaler will output all signals in its native resolution (854 x 480).

S-Video Input: One S-video input let you connect a component with an S-video output. (A 13' S-Video cable is supplied.)

Composite Video Input: This input features a composite video jack, which allows you to connect a source with a composite video output.

Audio Input/Output: A pair of stereo RCA jacks is provided to input audio to the projector. For mono connections, you can use either the left or right RCA jack. You can use the built-in speaker, or output the audio via the supplied stereo 3.5mm (1/8") mini-jack to self-powered speakers or an amplifier.

12-Volt Trigger: A 3.5mm mini-jack trigger output provides constant a 12-Volt DC/500mA output while the projector is on. If you connect your projection screen to the trigger output, when you turn on the projector the screen will move down; when you turn the projector off, the screen will return to the storage position.


The projector is covered by a 2-year parts and labor warranty, while the lamp is covered for 90 days or 500 hours, whichever comes first. Your projector screen has a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee and a 1 year Warranty


This combo package is not able to be returned save for an even exchange due to product malfunction. To return the unit you must retain all packing materials and ship the item back to us as it came to you. The return of the display is the sole responsibility of the customer to provide shipping and insurance back to the warehouse. An RMA number is required on all defective returns. Please call to obtain one before shipping. Please note: If you notice there is any damage to the unit you must let us know immediately. DO NOT we repeat DO NOT accept the shipment if you think that the unit is damaged or has visible damage. Make notation on the shipping bill but do not sign to accept the shipment and have them return the item to their facilities for evaluation.


Two Boxs. Screen ships in 2 weeks (or 1 week with $50 expedited shipping)


10 lbs for projector 15 lbs for screen (varies on type)


Special Shipping on this combo is $39.95 for both units

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