1. johndoe7999

    From TX-NR609 to Onkyo TX-RZ740

    Hello All, For the past 4 years i have been using the TX-NR609. I just upgrade to TX-NR609. All speakers calibration are at 12 but volume is terribly so low. With the 609, with the intellivolume at +12dB, my volume was always 20 - 25 With the 740 with (my input volume ?), i need to go till 45...
  2. Frugalfart

    Onkyo Network Connectivity Issue

    I've had an issue with my receiver which began maybe a year or so after I purchased it. Whenever I setup a network connection (Wireless), it may stay connected for less than an hour then drops. I'm usually able to unplug it, plug it back in, then connect again. Sometimes I have to get into...
  3. John-Miles

    Onkyo tx-nr905 video is scrambled need help

    So I turned on my system and the audio comes through fine, but the video is varying degrees of scrambled depending on the device I'm using. I am fairly sure after checking the inputs and the cables it is a problem with the receiver so I don't expect someone to solve the problem for me (but I'd...
  4. N

    Onkyo TX-NR696 questions...

    Just set it up & I noticed all 3 presets for the equalizer are all flat across the board. DO folks normally just leave it alone or adjust manually? If you adjust, what are your settings? It's a 7.1 system w/1 sub. Also, when playing music from my thumb drive via the rear USB port, I noticed...
  5. M

    ONKYO TX-8220

    - Own one unit TX-8220, powering on all buttons are functioning, no sound from any inputs, from time to time the message DAB Reboot! That shows on the display about every 30 seconds, Need help on this. No service manual in hand, Useless to say, reset to factory...
  6. A

    only for movies: yamaha yht-4950 vs onkyo ht-s3910

    Hi, in Angelo from Italy! I want buy my first home cinema (in very newbie) and have a doubt between yamaha yht-4950 vs onkyo ht-s3910, i see only movie (BR, Netflix, D+) Tanks of all for help
  7. S

    Onkyo TX-NR575-E

    Just bought the receiver. all connection via HDMI. Unfortunately there is lag with the lip sync. Any idea what to do? Onkyo support does not reply to mails or online logged cases
  8. J

    Onkyo HT-R560

    Please I have this only connected to DVD Sony Playstation Input 1 and Cable receiver Input 2 and change speakers but I can hear in tuner but I can't change the volume with DVD, tuner and cable show me volume in minimun and doesn't increase direct with the bis rotary button or the remote...
  9. D

    Onkyo SR606 playing music only which speaker input

    I have this receiver and I have two sets of speakers that are used ONLY for music that are controlled thru a speaker controller (A,B,C). The speaker controller connects to the receiver. Which of the speaker inputs: surround, surround back, front, or c enter should I connect the controller to...
  10. D

    Onkyo AVR606 setting for just music

    Hello. New here. I have an Onkyo AVR606 and I have to sets of speakers just to play music on my patio and by the pool area. I just bought some new Bose speakers and they sound "tinny". Not enough base. So I cannot figure out how to adjust sound on this AV receiver. No matter what I do...
  11. B

    Onkyo HT-R340

    My Onkyo receiver works well as hooked up now but only if we watch a movie using our DVD player. Is it possible to be able to listen to a tv show or sports channel through the surround sound speakers with the DVD player turned off? I have an LG tv and a Panasonic DVD player. The tv audio OUT...
  12. P

    Onkyo HT-R550 old receiver, new use

    Trying to use an old Onkyo HT-R550 for a dance studio that will need audio input from a 2.5 jack of a computer and/or ipad/iphone. I am looking for the best option to use and the best ports to hook the cord into. I see 2.5 to component cords online, wondering if that is the best option (or a...
  13. A

    Harman Kardon AVR 335 Vs Onkyo TX SR313 Comparison

    dears, I'm novice to here and I would like to get to know which is better in the following Harman Kardon AVR 335 Vs Onkyo TX SR313 your advices matter. Thanks
  14. E

    LG blue rar disc player will only work in Aux HDMI port with Onkyo TX-NR656

    I can only get my LG blue ray disc player to display on my Samsung Q70R tv if I plug the HDMI cable into the front Aux HDMI port. It used to work when it was plugged into the BD/DVD HDMI port in the back . I have tried all the rear ports and none work with the LG player. I also tried a...
  15. S

    I have an Onkyo receiver connected to a Samsung smart TV via ARC.

    Sound for is great for cable but will not play Amazon, Youtube etc through receiver on the different inputs. I'm sure its probably a simple solution but I haven't figured it out yet. Help?
  16. J

    Onkyo TX-NR686

    Does anyone own this receiver ? Have you been happy with it ? I'm thinking of buying one for our family room setup. Thanks.
  17. S

    Onkyo vintage with speaker hum

    I have an onkyo vintage av reciever. Has a two prong plug which is plugged directly into wall outlet. I get hum from my mains when I switch to THX or any kind of surround sound. No hum when using just mains for music. My input source is toslink from smart tv. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  18. A

    Sony vs polk vs onkyo home theater

    How is the quality of sony home theaters like n9200 comparing with onkyo or polk or yamaha at the same price range??? I will buy for watching movies in home and i want a true surround sound system.... Thnks
  19. Robert Crawford

    Onkyo having a big receiver sale!

    I got this in an email this morning. Look at the pricing for their TOL receiver. I just noticed it's an open box though...
  20. O

    Onkyo TX-NR676 Sound Is Hollow

    I have the Onkyo TX-NR676, My speakers are Fronts-Polk audio TSI200 Center-Polk audio CS10 Rears-Polk audio TSI100 Subwoofer-Polk audio PSW-505 I have done the setup with the room as quiet as possible, and everything sounds hollow and has no depth unless i put the equalizer at the settings i...
  21. Alamoudi.moh

    Help to choose Onkyo HT-S7800 vs Yamaha RX-V 685 with build

    Hi all, I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekends. I would like to upgrade my home theater set from my very basic LG to some of the mid-range sets. I have few options in mind, depending on where i live.Options are 1. Onkyo HT-S7800 2. Yamaha RX-V 685 with separate speakers...
  22. Bob Cashill

    3D Shutoff problem/Onkyo, Samsung, Epson

    For almost five years I've had a Samsung 3D Blu-ray player (FT5700 I believe) and an Epson 6030UB projector. It worked together flawlessly until my Yamaha receiver failed and I replaced it with an Onkyo TX-RZ810; after about 15 minutes of play everything shuts down, and I have to restart. Any...
  23. WinstonCely

    Onkyo TX-RZ610 Loss of OSD

    Yesterday, I tried to access the OSD to troubleshoot why I can no longer connect to my TX-RZ610 via the Onkyo app on my phone. To my surprise, all I get on screen is a "Please wait..." tag in the lower right hand of my TV screen, but nothing ever happens. Audio is fine. But I cannot access...
  24. M

    Onkyo Receiver Issues and Questions

    I just purchased a new Onkyo TX-NR575 receiver to replace my old Onkyo to use with my existing speakers. With this receiver, I have to have the volume at 60+ for the TV to be at a normal volume. My old receiver usually had the volume at 25 and it was almos too loud. Is it normal for the volume...
  25. A

    Onkyo HT-S3900 problems

    Sometimes when i watch an action scene on loud volume, the center speaker keeps turning down on me. Like... it doesn't mute. But it keeps doing that. Any fix please?
  26. R

    For Sale: Pristine Onkyo TX-NR1010

    Pristine onkyo TX-NR1010 for sale.
  27. C

    LG TV with Bluetooth — surround sound receiver

    I have a LG Smart TV. I am having issues running a sound cable to my receiver in another room...behind a wall. My question: is is “possible” to run my Sound from the TV, to the receiver for surround sound playback...by connecting over Bluetooth from TV to Reciever?
  28. C

    New set up nearly complete - one question

    Hi Thanks for the forum, I have been lurking around and learning many new things. For Christmas we are replacing a serviceable but unremarkable JVC dvd theater-in-a-box 5.1 system. It has done its job, but now time for retirement. I already have purchased an entirely new set up, and most of it...
  29. R

    Onkyo 656 PC connection sound issues (only from some sites)

    Hello all, A couple of days ago, my son was watching TV, and he told me the sound had stopped working. I checked a couple of things, thinking maybe he'd hit something on the remote control by mistake, and found out that what he said was only partially true. We have a mini PC in the living...
  30. Radioman970

    Onkyo HT-S5800 upgrade to 7.1.2

    The sound stopped working on my unit. PANIC!! But I learned to reset the receiver and it brought it back from the dead! It had been slow to start sound, like after a pause or when a disc menu begins. Up to 10 seconds or so. Hope that fixes it all. This horror got me thinking... Can...