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Old Onkyo Integra/B&W and New KEF - how to best integrate? (1 Viewer)

What should be the proposed setup?

  • B&W's as Front L/R

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  • B&W's as Side L/R

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  • B&W's as Rear L/R

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  • Sell B&W's - they're 20 years old, antiquated and obsolete

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  • Other - make a comment in thread

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Nov 17, 2021
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Hi Guys,

Hoping to get some help. I'm very new to the HT scene.

I had recently bought the KEF Q750 for front L/R, and KEF Q650 as centre, and a Yamaha RXV-2085 AV receiver.

I've now only realised behind some boxes in the basement, were a pair of Onkyo Integra TX-DS989 (apparently top of the line in its time) and a pair of B&W DM604's which belonged to my dad.

From the AV side of things, I'll try and sell the Onkyo? Because given it's almost 20+ years old (albeit very powerful), it lacks Dolby Atmos, etc.

Regarding the speakers, my ears are ... to say the least, not audiophile grade and these speakers both sounded very similar to me - the B&W's had bit more bass it seemed or were a tad boomier. Both seemed quite bright. I believe the B&W's have 7" drivers, versus the Q750's 6.5" drivers. It would seem the B&W would be able to drive a larger room better / more efficiently than the Q750s?

I was thinking, should I sell the B&Ws, or should I use them as side L/R, or even front L/R? My plan was to actually buy the KEF Q150s and use those as sides (before I discovered the B&Ws existed in thebasement).

My understanding is that the KEF's Uni-Q drivers would do quite well from a wider soundstage perspective, versus the B&W's which would be more narrow. Thus, if I was using the speakers at 65% movies, 35% music - what setup/arrangement would you suggest?

I've read about timbre matching and it would be ideal to have front L/R and centre all the same brand, and driver size, etc - but is this moot or something definitely to consider here?

Does anyone have experience with these speakers and have any suggestions too?

Thank you all, really appreciate everyone's help and suggestions as I'll take them all into consideration!

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