1. Wes Candela

    General Discussion Digital Review Theatrical What movies, cinema, films do you recommend that you watched this week? (1 Viewer)

    OK question What movies, cinema, films do you recommend that you watched this week? That you highly recommend And why do you recommend it? I figure with everybody on this site there’s gotta be amazing answers here, gateways for us to all see some amazing visual media so I’m looking for...
  2. F

    The future of United Artists under Amazon's ownership of MGM

    Why did Amazon think they're smart enough to finally kill off United Artists Releasing by merging it into Amazon Original Movies or whatever after buying out MGM? Was it all because of COVID-19 leaving UA a faltering distribution company ever since all movie theaters closed in 2020 and that No...
  3. U

    My wishlist of Disney films needs to be released on 4K Blu-ray?

    Hi. Forgive me if i introduce myself to all of you guys first. I'm Callum and i'm new to this forum. So while most of the Disney films have already been recently out on 4K Blu-ray as the company turns 100 this year, there are my wishlist of some of the Walt Disney Pictures films that are yet to...
  4. Winston T. Boogie

    For the love of movies: The Past, Present, and Future of Cinema and what makes us fans

    The reason I am starting this thread is I do enjoy discussing cinema from various angles and I feel like these conversations get going in other threads about specific films and can end up derailing the thread for people looking just to talk about that specific film. This thread will be meant...

    What Classic Movies, TV Shows,& Animation would you like to see on Bluray ?

    Here are a Few of mine :)
  6. John*Wells

    TV reunion movies you wanted

    That never happened? Mine would be Gomer Pyle USMC. I think it would have happened but for the death of Frank Sutton (sergeant Carter) Remember in the episode Nobody Loves a Sergeant, Gomer suggests a platoon reunion at the Cigar store across from the main gate of the base where they had boot...
  7. David Weicker

    Fred Willard passes away at 86

    Fred Willard - talented comedian passes away from natural causes. I think my favorite of his many, many roles was Fernwood/America 2Night and Best In Show
  8. B

    Is there anywhere to buy dci quality 4k movies yet?

    Is there anywhere that sells dci standard / digital theater quality movie content yet? I know some people think that having 4k Blu Rays and 4k Netflix means we have digital theater quality at home but we don't... 2k and 4k movies at the theater stream off local media servers at bitrate of...
  9. A

    only for movies: yamaha yht-4950 vs onkyo ht-s3910

    Hi, in Angelo from Italy! I want buy my first home cinema (in very newbie) and have a doubt between yamaha yht-4950 vs onkyo ht-s3910, i see only movie (BR, Netflix, D+) Tanks of all for help
  10. Garysb

    Was 1962 the Best Year For Movies? A New Book Says Yes

    From Deadline From ‘Lawrence Of Arabia’ And ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ To The Debut Of James Bond, Was 1962 The Greatest Movie Year EVER? A New Book Says Yes Looking for some good movies to keep you occupied while self-quarantining at home these days? How about watching some certified classics...
  11. Stonesfan

    Black and white movies and OLED banding

    I watch a lot of older black and white movies and just wanted to ask about people's experiences with b&w films and OLED's issues with near black uniformity and banding. I'm coming from a 2012 Samsung E550 51" plasma, by no means the end-all-be-all of plasma picture quality, but it's a TV I've...
  12. M

    Blu-ray movies from Twilight Time (SOLD OUT)

    Continue reading...
  13. BobO'Link

    How do you see the state of SF on TV and in Movies?

    I couldn't find a forum that really seemed to fit this as it covers movies and TV series so it's here. The discussions in the "For Those Who Still Think Physical Media Has No Place in the 21st century..." thread turned to SF and the quality, or lack of, in the past 20 or so years. I *love*...
  14. Movies R Great

    Disney's The Lion King (2019) - Full Code for Sale VUDU, iTunes, Movies Anywhere, etc.

    For sale digital HD code for Disney's The Lion King (2019) - $6 Taken from Blu-ray set. [This is the "live action" version not the old animated version.] Payment via Paypal Friends and Family only. Please send me a pm if interested. Thanks!
  15. ScottJH

    Joker 4K UHD Digital Code for Sale

    $14, Paypal friends and family only.
  16. S

    7.1 Signal into 9.2 Receiver

    Hello all. I am new to the site, and this is my first post on HTF. So thanks in advance for any and all feedback, My apologies if this is not the right area to post this topic. I am finishing my basement and have decided to put in a dedicated home theater room. The decision came to me a...
  17. V

    3D FandangoNOW is Now Offering 3-D Movies on Oculus VR Headsets

    Here's an article about it: FandangoNOW is a streaming service region-locked to USA, so can't offer my thoughts on their 3D selection nor encode quality. Might peek at it with a VPN sometime... Anyway, if...
  18. TJPC

    Flat Blu rays of 3D Movies

    I collect every 3D Blu ray of every 3D movie I can, especially if I have seen it theatrically. I believe if the movie was shown in the theatre in 3D, that is the way it was meant to be seen. (I wouldn’t watch a wide screen movie in Academy ratio at home either). Increasingly however more 3D...
  19. TJPC

    Classic Movies I’ve Never Seen and Will Not See

    (This thread was suggested to me by the “Gone With The Wind in 4K” thread.) I have never seen The Godfather or Apocalypse Now.
  20. Peter M Fitzgerald

    Adam at 6 A.M. (1970)

    I just saw this page at Amazon, with a street date of July 16th-- Appears to be a DVD-only release, from Paramount...
  21. Cranston37+

    NY Times: How Will Movies Survive the Next 10 Years?

    Pretty massive article about how streaming will effect the future...
  22. Nick*Z

    GREAT MOVIES from 1970-2000 still MIA on Blu-ray

    There are, of course, a good many classic movies that remain MIA on Blu-ray. Whether out of studio shortsightedness or merely what is perceived as a lack of interest from the public, or further to the point of some costly restoration, certain never to yield the badly needed dollars in return to...
  23. M

    4K Digital Movie Copies

    The following are all from 4K Blu ray purchases 4 Movie Predator Collection $19.99 Mortal Engines $9.99 Mission Impossible Fall Out $7.99 Venom $6.99 Dredd $3.99 The Predator (2018) $5.99 PM...
  24. DFurr

    Besides movies what are your other hobbies?

    I did a search but couldn't find an existing thread that covered "other" hobbies. So I'm curious what other hobbies movie fanatics have. I've been an organist since high school when I switched from piano to the organ. I'm currently the substitute organist for a church in Riverside, Ca. A year...
  25. dpippel

    Some Poster Art Broken in Movies Forum

    Hey guys, I'm seeing a lot of broken poster art thread thumbnails in forum view in the Movies forum. This is happening in Chrome, Chrome Canary, Safari, and Firefox on my MacBook Pro running Mojave 10.14.3 and has been going on for a few weeks now:
  26. Egreat Richard

    Does anyone watched the Chinese new movies : Wondering Earth

    At Wikipedia says : The Wandering Earth The Wandering Earth (Chinese: 流浪地球) is a 2019 Chinese science fiction film directed by Frant Gwo, based on the novella of the same name by Locus Award and Hugo Award-winning author Liu Cixin. It stars Qu Chuxiao, Li Guangjie, Ng Man-tat, Zhao Jinmai, Wu...
  27. D

    For Sale: Bohemian Rhapsody 4K (and a Sale on Multiple Movies)

    These codes come directly from official 4KUHD or Blu Ray Home Video releases that I have personally purchased recently. If not marked 4K - it comes from a Blu Ray. Purchase 3 movies, get $1 off Purchase 4 movies, get $2 off Purchase 5 movies or more, get $3 off If you would like to purchase...
  28. Dick

    Albert Finney RIP...Which Of His Movies Is Still Missing On Blu-ray?

    SHOOT THE MOON. This one's in your court, Warner Bros. Archives. One of the late actor's best performances.
  29. MartinV

    For Sale: Sony UBP-X800 4K UHD Blu-ray Player (includes 2 movies)

    *Sold item*
  30. TJPC

    Why I do not redeem those free digital movies.

    Ok, this is a typical example. I have been buying Blu rays for years now, and most come with a card for a “free digital download”. Every 6 months or so, I have tried to do this, and end up giving up in disgust. Today I was at the computer and decided to try again when I was entering the title...
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