1. A

    Best Audio Bluetooth compatibility / setup for an Epson Projector ?

    Hello! As I don't want to run cables through my place, I am thinking to buy a bluetooth sound bar to connect to my Epson 2250 Video Projector, having the soundbar under the screen would be the best option without having cables running through my room :) I am new to video projectors so I am...
  2. R315r4z0r

    LG TV audio will not play through reciever.

    I've been racking my brain around this for way longer than I care to admit and it's really frustrating me. I am no expert in this field, but I'm also not completely illiterate. First, what I'm using: TV: LG 65UH6030-UH Receiver: Yamaha YHT-5920UBL So, I have a setup with various devices...
  3. jim1174

    Does a Christmas story come with lossless audio

    I know the steel book has loosless audio but does the non steel book also have it ?
  4. JohnRice

    A Playback System for HD Audio (and Maybe A/V in General

    iPadOS 14 seems to have bricked the Oppo app. I don't know if it's going to be fixed. I've been wanting a new way to play back HD audio anyway. I've been using an Oppo BDP-103 with music on an SSD, controlled with the iPad app and sent to an external DAC. So, I'm looking for a new playback...
  5. WilliamG

    LG UM7300PUA 65” Lip Sync Issues- Audio AHEAD of Video

    First things first- I’ve been away from this forum for many years, but now am back after recently upgrading most of my system. Regardless of the merits (or demerits) of my system (yes, I’m aware of most of them-and too late), I’m having issues that are really upsetting to me because I can’t...
  6. L

    Syncing audio on Blu-rays

    Hi. My BDs come out slightly out of sync; enough to be annoying. I synced streaming content easily enough with a sync video on YouTube. But for discs, I haven't been able to sync properly. I've tried to use a scene with a slap or a car door slam, but going back and forth again is difficult. Is...
  7. G

    HDMI Audio Extraction functions ... for hearing aid gizmo

    I know HDMI audio extractors exist. My question is, can they extract audio to send to a hearing aid device AND SIMULTANEOUSLY allow the audio to pass through to the home theater receiver? We want the the hearing aid device and the receiver both getting the audio signal. Can that be done? If so...
  8. K

    IGood 5.1 audio on PS4 and TV, but cable box (receiver) blocking audio output (idk why)

    Hi everbody. I'm new to this world, and I bought recently a Sony RT3 (5.1). As a newcomer, I liked to start with a "basic" 5.1 system. I wanted a real surround system. After studying all options available in my country, I decided to give a try to that system (i's old, but a good budget...
  9. A

    Getting audio out of TV speakers from non-HDMI inputs on Sony STR-DN1000 Receiver

    Hi friends! I've been setting up my partner's theater system for her new house, and am having some trouble with the audio from her DVD player. Setup is as follows: TV: -Phillips 55" 4K TV 55PFL5402 Receiver: -Sony STR-DN1000 Receiver (HDMI out goes to the TV's HDMI 1 ARC) Inputs: -Fire...
  10. JessicaN

    Horrible audio distortion from blu ray player

    My sister bought a Samsung 4K TV along with a LG 4K Blu Ray player (UBK 80) last September. The Blu Ray player has HDMI, and also a USB connection. Hooking up was simple and everything; CD's, DVD's, USB and Blu Rays, played great. We connected pair of THX-certified speakers we had though an...
  11. ENDEE666

    Hum issues hooking up Pro Audio (Crown) amp to Home Audio Receiver (Yamaha)

    Hello everyone. Hoping someone can help me solve an issue I am having. I am expanding my sound system in my den at home. Mostly with stuff I already own, while adding a few new items. I have done a lot of troubleshooting already, and wanted some guidance before I started throwing more money and...
  12. U

    Outdoor Audio for Backyard with a Pool

    I'm trying to plan a wired 2-4 zone outdoor audio setup. I'd like to have a receiver in the house with wifi control with Alexa (via phone). In a couple of weeks I'll be pouring concrete in the backyard and I want to make sure I have all of the conduit/buried cables taken care of ahead of time...
  13. Todd Erwin

    Pass through audio on Fire Stick 4K

    I've been having an issue with both of my Fire Stick 4K devices. The issue is mostly with Netflix, but there is a minor but similar problem with other apps on the device. When watching a program on Netflix that only has a stereo soundtrack, the Fire Stick, regardless of what audio setting I...
  14. A

    need some help with audio sync

    Okay, so this is driving me nuts. First my equipment: Denon avr x 2300w with Atmos surround speaker setup Sony 75x900e tv Home theater pc with Intel i5, 16 gb ram, Asus mobo with on board graphics 4k full sound, etc. Hookup goes from computer>denon>tv with high quality HDMI cables. For...
  15. D

    Audio Delay

    Hello all, I have been reading here a lot, but first time writing because I have thought a lot about to hook up my stuff, but I am still lost. I had an Insignia TV, not 4K, had a HDMI switch to the ARC on TV, the switch to the ARC in on soundbar, it is a Vizio Smartcast 38" 5.1, and everything...
  16. J

    Please help with audio latency

    So in the hopes of making this explained as simple as possible I won't describe the exact hardware details because I feel it's irrelevant to the question. So basically I have a Rockville 5.1 surround sound connected through my tv with a 3.5mm aux cable. While I also have a Samsung soundbar and...
  17. KTS

    Audio from LG TV's ARC HDMI send to VSX-74TXVi

    Hi all, I tried to let my theater system VSX-74TXVi plays the audio of my LG TV. To do this, i connect the ARC HDMI of my LG TV with the HDMI Input of my theater system. I also make sure the TV's speaker output is set to be ARC. However, it does not work. For the similar scheme of connection...
  18. C

    Marantz SR6014 audio output

    Greetings All, I'm hooking up this AV receiver and would like to output audio to an amplified whole house stereo (Nuvo amp & tuner). I used the 2 Pre-Out Front RCA outputs for line out, but the volume coming out of the Nuvo speakers is very low. Can anyone reccomend which output I'm supposed to...
  19. S

    THE LAST WAGON (1956) audio issue (from Germany).

    Just purchased this blu ray, with the original 4.0 English track indicated, only to discover that the configuration is L/R Stereo on the front channels and L/R Stereo music and effects on L/R Surround channels, instead of what I hoped would be the original Left, Center, Right and mono surround...
  20. Osato

    LG OLED surround audio HDMI ARC issue and not passing 5.1 audio with streaming devices??

    I have an LG OLED 65 inch TV. It is the OLED 65B7 a model. I am having an issue with streaming services and audio. The first issue involves the use of HDMI ARC. When Enabled my television eventually times out from the Internet and I am forced to disable HDMIARC before it will allow me to...
  21. Johnny Angell

    Sharing the iCloud?

    I have a bunch of photos I'd like to share with someone. Can I put them in a folder and share only that folder with the other party? And do they have to have an IOS device to access the photos?
  22. Kirilli

    need info for new polk audio system

    Hi there. I currently have a Pol Audio home theater (this one to be precise, and i just saw that there is a bigger polk audio system...
  23. Robert_Zohn

    November 2019 New York Audio Show

    This year marks our 7th year exhibiting at the New York Audio Show and we caught the attention of Steve Guttenberg.
  24. Grady Hollums

    Selling all audio gear from my HT, SVS, Emotiva, Crown, Infinity, Denon

    For any photos, please just message me and I can send them over. Thank you. I’m deciding to sale all my audio equipment. My wife and I have decided to live more simply and that means changing my lifestyle away from the living room theater and more to contemplative photography so with this sale...
  25. Nico Morgan

    Yamaha Receiver registering audio as video - Can't use Pro Logic

    First of all, apologies if this is the wrong forum, it could have fitted in several. I have a simple system based around my PC. I watch video on a second monitor attached to the PC but also listen to music through the same system. My PC has on-board sound with three output jacks. It also has a...
  26. NoodlesMcBobski

    No audio from PS4 through Pioneer reciever

    Hi, I have just purchased a PS4 and as it doesn't have toslink/digital optical audio output I have had to run HDMI to my Pioneer VSX-917V receiver, then out to my Toshiba CT-90329 HD TV. I get video and audio to TV, but no sound through the Pioneer receiver, and can't get my head around why. The...
  27. A

    Monitor audio BR6

    Is a 2 year used good conditioned 2 Monitor audio BR6 with 2 bronze fx bookshelf speaker a good deal for USD1000??
  28. CanadianClub

    Audio Wall Plate (no exit)

    I have a wall outlet in my living room for 2 red and black audio cables right beside my TV. I figure its for running the cables inside the interior of my living room walls in order to install satellite speakers. I cannot see any other audio wall plate like this in my living room or house. I'm...
  29. A

    Do i need dolby atmos speakers for dolby atmos audio??

    If i have an A/V receiver which supports dolby atmos... Can i play dolby atmos audio at any speaker ?? Or do i need to get specific speaker model which support dolby atmos??
  30. David Norman

    Import - Region Free, English Audio: Gnome Alone 3D and Son of Bigfoot 3D

    A couple Brazilian 3D discs. I made a few orders from Brazil during a recent sale with a major Retailer there which has been difficult to do. Ebay prices are rather exorbitant ($45-70ea) even when Ebay has anything. This is the only 3D in the world with English Audio tracks for Bigfoot...