X-Files Series Finale - 5/19/02

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Jacob Perry, May 19, 2002.

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    I finally got around to watching the final episode this morning. I have to admit that I really enjoyed it - the quick rehash, the tip-of-the-hat to the major players through the past 9 years and most of all - an emphasis on the relationship between Scully and Mulder.

    The only issue that didn't seem to *jibe* was how they dealt with their baby. William was almost an after-thought rather than a central focus. Totally unrealistic any way you look at it.

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    Well, I got around to watching this tonight too, finally...

    I both enjoyed it AND hated it, if that makes sense...

    I enjoyed the overall structure of the episode, I didn't even mind the courtroom drama aspect of it, since that was a decent way to try and explain and tie up some loose threads. The conclusion with blowing up CSM and M&S on the run was was fine too.

    However, I HATED the fact that everything was done in such a sloppy manner. The trial should have been something else, not an obviously staged mock trial. Why would the characters even have considered parttaking in such a farce? They would have escaped right away instead of sitting there wasting their time.

    When Scully comes in and basically proves that there WAS no murder since there's no victim, how does the prosecutor and the panel react? "Oh, no big deal, bad procedure". Were both the prosecutor and the panel involved in the cover up? It didn't seem that way. The prosecutor would of course have made sure that it would have been declared a mistrial, or whatever the term is.

    Mulder's "visions" were ridiculous, only there to squeeze in some old characters.

    When Skinner, Praise and the others are outside the alien guy's office, they loudly proclaim that Hirst(?) helped M&S escape. Gee, maybe it's not the best place to say that, right outside the office of the enemy and inside the most likely bugged FBI building?

    Lots of stupid details like that damn near ruined the episode.

    But, overall it was a decent ending. I'm actually sad to see it go, I still think they should have made a fresh start with Reyes and Doggett (last week's "Brady bunch" episode was excellent, for example).


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