Toshiba 50HX70 problem

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Bob-B, Jun 1, 2006.

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    My Toshiba 50HX70 has served me well over that last 4.75 years. My 5 year warranty is about to run out soon! The last few months I noticed I get B&W pictures sometimes on all channels (I have Comcast). After a half hour or so, the color comes back. Sometimes the color flutters in & out. What specific things should I have the HiFi Buys tech check when he comes to the house to fix it, as it's still under warranty? I want to make sure he checks and replaces EVERYTHING that's needed, and hope he won't do a quick temporary fix to hold me until the warranty runs out in a few months. Then, I'll have to buy a whole new set which I can't afford anytime in the near future. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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    Michael Chen

    How is the box connected to the TV? Component Video ... S-video ...

    If S-video ... could be damaged cable ... or plug ...

    Ditto for component ... try one of the other inputs and see if the tv does the same thing . If yes ... then the TV ... if no ... then it's the cable that is at fault.

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    Does the problem occur on all sources, ie. from the ComCast box, from DVD player, etc. If it occurs on all sources, then the problem is no doubt with the TV itself.

    At that point, follow Michael's advice...check for bad cables.

    If it is in the set, perhaps there is a cold-solder problem. Does this occur only when the TV has warmed up? If so, this would lead me to believe cold solder issues, as they are often aggravated by warm-up and cool-down, and can be intermittent. Now, I am not a technician, so I don't know _where_ the problem could be.

    Ideally the repair technicians should be authorized to service Toshiba TVs and thus should have access to service bulletins and service manuals for your set.

  4. DonnyD

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    I have the 55H70 which is also several years old but so far have had no issues such as you have, although sometime back, I had a component cable that had intermittant issues that cause a strong green tint to the display on dvds. Being a HD ready set with a 4:3 display, it has been a great set with a very good display with all sources especially the Dish HD feed and an upconverted dvd. Hope it's a cable!!!

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