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Blu-ray Review The X Files: The Complete Season 5 Blu-ray Review (1 Viewer)


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Jun 9, 2008
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I just remember how set apart I always felt the mythology episodes were, how much gravity I thought they had, and how excited I was when they would pop up. Especially when the tag line would change.

There were some great monster-of-the-week episodes, but those don't stick in my memory the way the mythology arc does, as much of it as was clear to me, anyway.


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Nov 15, 2004
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Josh Steinberg said:
Travis, I feel like you answered this before but that you'd also be the best person to ask - how many times in the run of the series did they use a different tagline in the main title sequence? You had said the Blu-ray gets it right in all but two of the times they switched it?
Since I went back through the DVDs and my old VHS copies, my memory is sufficiently jogged to remember them. Going hardcore nerd and using the production numbers and episode titles, it's changed in:

1X23- The Erlenmeyer Flask (Trust No One)

2X06- Ascension (Deny Everything)

2X25- Anasazi (Ei Aaniigoo'Ahoot'E [Navajo for 'Far Away From Here Is The Truth'*])

3X10- 731 (Apology Is Policy)

4X01- Herrenvolk (Everything Dies)

4X04- Teliko (Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate)

4X10- Terma (E Pur Si Muove [Italian for 'It Moves'*])

4X24- Gethsemane (Believe The Lie)

5X02- Redux (All Lies Lead To The Truth)

5X14- The Red And The Black (Resist Or Serve)

5X20- The End (The End)

6ABX03- Triangle (Die Wahrheit Ist Irgendwo Da Drauben [German for 'The Truth Is Out There Somewhere'*])

6ABX20- The Unnatural (In The Big Inning)

7ABX04- The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati (Amor Fati [Latin for 'A Fated Love'*])

7ABX11- Closure (Believe To Understand)

9ABX02- Nothing Important Happened Today II (Nothing Important Happened Today)

9ABX05- 4-D (The Truth Is Out There in a mirror image)

9ABX08- Trust No 1 (They're Watching)

9ABX14- Improbable (Dio Ti Ama [Italian for 'God Loves You'*])

And yeah, Fox dropped the ball and the taglines on two of the episodes (5X02- Redux II and 9ABX05- 4-D) weren't changed on the Blu-ray.

* It's been about 20 years since some of those episodes aired so I did have to look up the foreign language taglines to get the spelling correct. Also, my Navajo, Italian, German and Latin are a little rusty (or, rather, non-existent) so the translations may be slightly off. :)

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