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Discussion in 'Music' started by Eric_Connelly, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. Eric_Connelly

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    Nov 25, 1999
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    I bought my first 5.1 DD today, NIN's With Teeth.

    I'm having a very strange problem with it. My setup is as follows:

    Yamaha DVD-C950
    Yamaha RX-V2600
    Definitive 7002's Fronts
    Defnitive CLR2002 Center
    Defnitive BP2X Rear's
    Outlaw ICBM inbetween the 950 and 2600

    I brought it home, put it in the DVD player DVD side down and , picked the Surround list and hit play. Turned it up to around 85db and listened to 5-6 tracks. I turned it down to talk to the wife and when I get to low sound levels it pops and cracks pretty loud out of the fronts, around 65-70db. Turn it up past a certain point and no problem.

    It only starts to happen on track 4 very rarely like 2-3 times in the entire song and keeps going. By track 6 its very 10 seconds and Track 7 every 5 seconds. By Track 8 the problem is gone.

    I changed to another DVD-A and no problem...switched back to NIN and the problem came back.

    When you turn it up the problem goes away and I have a pretty decent ear, its not being masked as far as I can tell. As you go up in volume the frequency of the pops goes down. By the time I hit 75-80db its totally gone.

    The only other DD I have is System of a Down and I can't find the disc, think I left it in the car at work so I can't test.

    If it happened no matter what I would say bad disc but it going away and coming back deppending on volume is odd. It also only happens on the 5.1 mix, it does not happen on the stereo DVD-A mix at all.

    Anyone heard of something like this or have some suggestions? This was the last DD copy they had and if they don't take my word for whats going on I can see this being a fun return.

  2. Grant B

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    Sony Electronics used to have a warning since DD do not follow either the DVD or CD standard.
    Mostly it was the thickness of the discs which would jam their Megachangers.
    might not have anything to do with yours but it's good to know
  3. mylan

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    Jan 6, 2005
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    My Denon 2910 actually has a warning about DD and says that if one breaks your player, the warranty is void. It is a single disc player, I haven't tried one and really don't plan on it. Its a shame, you should only play SACD or DVD-A but then those formats are dying.

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