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    My 7 year old daughter was watching GAS on tv lately. GAS for those who don't know is "Games And Sports" it is an offshoot of Nickelodeon. I get it on Dishnetwork. My daughter loves all of the games shows on it. One day I sat with her and watched them with her. It was funny because I noticed the clothes were very 80's. So I was trying to date the shows. And at the end of the show one of the prizes was some Nintendo games. The original Nintendo, not Super, not N64, the original. I watched the credits to the various shows and noticed they were from 1986-1990. Which made me feel old. Because, the 12 year old kids are now in the late 20's. But, some of the shows were kind of fun to watch. Nickelodeon is smart. They are getting free use of games shows to a whole generation who have never seem them.
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    I used to love all of Nick's game shows when I was a kid. I wish I got GAS, but unfortunately only have analog cable. Maybe some day.

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