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Press Release Kino Lorber Announces New Digital Releases For March 2024 (1 Viewer)

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T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets​

March 7
Beyond the Visible: Hilma af Klint (Dir. Halina Dyrschka, 2019)
Hilma af Klint was an abstract artist before the term existed, a visionary, trailblazing figure inspired by spiritualism, modern science, and the riches of the natural world around her. This dazzling, course correcting documentary describes not only the life and craft of af Klint, but also the process of her mischaracterization and erasure by both a patriarchal narrative of artistic progress and capitalistic determination of artistic value.

Flaming Ears
(Dirs. A. Hans Scheirl, Dietmar Schipek, Ursula Puerrer, 1992)
Super-8 DIY flmmaking at its most audacious, Flaming Ears is a pop sci-fi lesbian extravaganza set in the year 2700 in the fictional burned-out city of Asche. This story of obsession and revenge is also an anti-romantic plea for love in all its many forms.

March 14
T.S. Eliot's Four Quartets
(Dir. Sophie Fiennes, 2023)
Ralph Fiennes’s exquisite performance of T. S. Eliot’s poetic masterpiece is dynamically translated from stage to screen by director Sophie Fiennes (Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami, The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology). During the early days of COVID, the Oscar® nominee set himself the challenge of committing Four Quartets to memory, and in 2021 he brought it to the London stage followed by a tour of theaters across the UK.

(Dir. Anna Biller, 2007)
In this cult retro spectacle, a bored 1970s housewife who gets sucked into the sexual revolution. Whether you're looking for naked people dancing, alcoholic swingers, stylish sex scenes, a sea of polyester, Hammond organ jams, glitzy show numbers, white horses, blondes in the bathtub, gay hairdressers, or psychedelic animation, Viva has it all!

March 21
Fiddler's Journey to the Big Screen
(Dir. Daniel Raim, 2022)
Narrated by Jeff Goldblum, this documentary from Oscar-nominee Daniel Raim captures the humor and drama of director Norman Jewison's quest to recreate the lost world of Jewish life in Tsarist Russia and re-envision the beloved stage hit as a wide-screen epic.

Ballad of Little Jo
(Dir. Maggie Greenwald, 1993)
Suzy Amis, Ian McKellen, Bo Hopkins, Heather Graham, and Carrie Snodgress star in this modern twist on the classic Western. A society girl leaves home in disgrace after bearing an illegitimate child, and, disguising herself as a boy, Little Jo heads out on the road and confronts all the dangers the Wild West has to offer before falling in love with the one man who discovers her secret.

March 28
Eden and After
(Dir. Alain Robbe-Grillet, 1970)
From the darkly erotic imagination of Alain Robbe-Grillet comes this a dreamlike fable in which a group of decadent French students are drawn into the psychological and sexual games of a mysterious Dutchman (Pierre Zimmer). Once they imbibe his "fear powder," the students experience a series of hallucinatory episodes: reminations on death, explorations of sexual curiosity, and striking tableaux of sadomasochistic fantasy.

Hold Me Tight
(Dir. Mathieu Amalric, 2022)
This virtuosic, daringly fluid portrait of a woman in crisis alternates between Clarisse (Vicky Krieps), on the run from her family for reasons not immediately clear, and her abandoned husband Marc as he struggles to take care of their children at home.​



Fear and Desire: Premiere Version​

Available to rent or own on Kino Now and Amazon March 5
(Dir. Guy Maddin, 1990)​
In 1919, Lt. John Boles arrives in the northern Russian town of Archangel and encounters Veronkha, becoming convinced that she his dead wife Iris. But Veronkha is already married to Philbin, who suffers from amnesia. What follows is a twisted love triangle infused with infatuation as each person forgets who it is that they truly love.​

Household Saints
Available to rent or own on all major VOD platforms March 12
(Dir. Nancy Savoca, 1993)​
Joseph Santangelo (Vincent D’Onofrio) is a butcher with a wicked sense of humor who “wins” his wife Catherine (a stellar Tracey Ullman) in a pinochle game. Over the protests of his mother (Judith Malina) who talks to ghosts and makes deals with saints, Joseph marries Catherine. When the old lady dies, her spirit is channeled into her granddaughter Teresa (Lily Taylor) who yearns to serve God.​

The Soldier's Tale
Available to rent or own on all major VOD platforms March 19
(Dir. R.O. Blechman, 1984)​
Stravinsky's legendary fable comes alive in this Emmy-winning animated program. When the common man is faced with the devil's temptation, can he make a deal with the devil and win? The soldier in this tale believes so, and tragically spends his life learning otherwise in this legendary fable.​

Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell
Available to rent or own on all major VOD platforms March 19
(Dir. Pham Thien An, 2023)​
Winner of the Camera d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival and the prestigious André Bazin Prize from Cahiers du Cinema, both celebrating outstanding feature debuts, this enthralling work from Vietnamese filmmaker Pham Thien An is a reverie on faith, loss, and nature expressed with uncommon invention and depth.​

The Invisible Fight
Available to rent or own on all major VOD platforms March 19
(Dir. Rainer Sarnet, 2023)​
USSR-China border, 1973: Young soldier Rafael is on guard duty when the border falls under attack from flying Chinese kung fu warriors, leaving him as the sole survivor. Utterly fascinated by the long-haired martial artists who easily dispatched his fellow guards, all while blasting forbidden Black Sabbath music from their portable radio, Rafael is struck by a revelation: he too wants to become a kung fu warrior.​

The Whip and the Body
Available to rent or own on all major VOD platforms March 26
(Dir. Mario Bava, 1963)​
Horror legend Christopher Lee stars as Kurt Menliff, the sadistic son of a wealthy Count, who returns to the family castle, much to the dismay of his family, their servants, and the beautiful woman with whom he shares a fondness for the lash. When Kurt is found murdered, it brings no peace to those who had feared him, as his vengeful spirit cannot be contained by the grave, and he returns to torment those unfortunate enough to remain within Menliff Manor.​

Fear and Desire: Premiere Version 4K
Available to rent or own on all major VOD platforms March 26
(Dir. Stanley Kubrick, 1952)​
In the ambitious first feature film by legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick (Paths of Glory, Full Metal Jacket), four soldiers return to their senses after crash-landing in a forest behind enemy lines. This is the original 70 minute premiere cut, which has not been seen since its interrupted theatrical run in 1953. Now, we can finally see Fear and Desire as it was first released, and witness the blossoming of a 23-year-old cinematic genius.​


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Vincenzo Malinconico, The Italian Lawyer​

MARCH 2024 - Key Premieres and Returning Series


CRIME SCENE CLEANER - Season 3, Episode 8
(Özgür - pronounced “Oscar” of course)​
Crime Scene Cleaner (2016, original title: Der Tatortreiniger) - Oscar® nominee Sandra Hüller appears in this episode as Silke Hansen, the pregnant roommate of a B&B proprietor where a double murder has taken place. While crime scene cleaner Heiko "Schotty" Schotte tries to do his work, Hüller’s character becomes preoccupied with baby names…​




March 5
(Original Title: Vincenzo Malinconico, avvocato d’insuccesso
8 X 60
Country of Origin: Italy
Language(s): Italian, subtitled in English
**Based on the popular novels by Diego De Silva**​
Synopsis: Vincenzo Malinconico is a semi-unemployed lawyer. His client portfolio is light and his work is less than stimulating. After a series of chance events, Vincenzo finds himself intrigued about a case and ends up defending the mob. Based on the popular novels by Diego De Silva.​

March 12
PRISONER – New Series (Original Title: Huset)
6 X 60
Country of Origin: Denmark
Language(s): Danish, subtitled in English
**Premiered at CANNESERIES 2023**
**CANNESERIES Nominee - Best Series, Best Screenplay**
**Jury Award, Geneva International Film Festival**​
**Starring International Emmy Award nominee Sofie Gråbøl, who played Detective Sarah Lund in the original Danish series The Killing (Forbrydelsen) and The Shift**
Synopsis: Looking the other way to keep the peace is the modus operandi of a run-down Danish prison, but not for long. Under threat of closure, the guards have to restore order against the current anything-goes approach. This is welcome news for Miriam (Sofie Gråbøl), a veteran guard who brings a touch of humanity to her work. She along with the other prison guards have dimensions to their characters outside the prison walls, which turns daily life into a battle for survival.​

March 26
THE KING – New Series (Original Title: IL RE)
8 X 45
Country of Origin: Italy
Language(s): Italian, subtitled in English​
Synopsis: From the producers behind “The New Pope” and the star of “Detective Montalbano” comes this Italian prison drama. Bruno Testori, the prison director, is played by Luca Zingaretti, best known for portraying the beloved Detective Montalbano. In this role, we see a darker, more brooding dimension to Zingaretti as his character Bruno deals with the murder of his good friend and prison guard commander Nicola Laccarino (Giorgio Colangeli, Imma Tataranni). Nicola’s murder tears at Bruno’s old wounds while state prosecutor Laura Lombardo (Anna Bonaiuto) begins to suspect Bruno’s successful reputation as being too good to be true.​

Also Coming This Month:
Mar. 5 - Alice Nevers: Season 6
Mar. 5 - White Sands Season 1
Mar. 12 - State of Happiness Season 2
Mar. 19 - Tandem: Season 7
Mar. 19 - The Returned Season 1
Mar. 26 - No Place Like Home Season 2​

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