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Feb 23, 2002
After listening to Steve Simons' HT with his twin SVS's(I actually went there to audition the Outlaw 950), I decided to pull the trigger and purchase the 25-31 PCI Bstock. It arrived last Friday, just when SVS announced the summer sale. Unfortunately, SVS didn't honor the new pricing, but did give me a gift certificate to help make up for the pain. Anyway, even for the price I paid, the sub does rock.

I watched Star Wars Episode 1 and U571. The bass was somewhat different then the Paradigm PS1000 that I had for the past few years. It might not have been as loud, but it was somewhat deeper tighter and fuller, more felt then the PS1000. I'm not sure how to explain it, it just seemed better. I was a little disappointed that SVS wouldn't tune it to 22 hz (they don't do that on b-stock) but, maybe I'm better off since I do listen to music on the system as well. The sub does appear to integrate well with my B&W CDM7se's for music.

The 25-31 actually fits behind my TV and right speaker and is now almost virtually hidden. The PS1000 was not easy to hide and ended up doubling as a coffee table by my wife.

These guys did a great job and for $499, you really can't go wrong.

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