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Just received a pair of Axiom's (M60's - long) (1 Viewer)

Sheldon C

Second Unit
Dec 27, 2001
Ok, let me start by giving a disclaimer. I am by no means a speaker expert. I have only heard the following speakers in a home environment: JBL (what BB sells, don't know the model), Infinity (CC sells, same), Klipsh rf 7, B%W (600 series, don't remember the exact number), and of course the speakers I have owned since college, cerwin vega. I do own a pair of Grado sr80 headphones which were what showed me that I need to upgrade all my speakers. So anyway, when I say I have never heard anything like the Axioms take that for what it's worth. I've never heard Ascends, Rockets, etc.

My speakers were delivered yesterday, and I had a chance to set them up and get a first impression. First of all, I was very happy with the color of the boston cherry because I have some wood paneling on some of the walls in my basement and the speakers are a near perfect match.

Calibration was a breeze because the m60’s sensitivity ended up being exactly 10db less than my old cerwin vegas. I had my cerwin vega mains set on –10db on the receiver to allow the rears and center to play loud enough so all I had to do was change the setting on the receiver back to normal and everything was calibrated correctly(according to the meter).

The first cd I listened to was Queensryche’s Empire on dvd audio because I had already thought that this disk was a little bright on my cerwins. I figured that since some people think that axioms are bright that this would be a good test for that. Well, the first thing I noticed was how C L E A R the sound was. I could easily follow the separate instruments and Tate’s voice has never sounded better. However, I could hear just a little bit of “ssss” at high volumes from his voice (not with the instruments). After listening to “Is there anybody Listenening”, I decided to try another disk. I was more excited than worried since the good things I was hearing were far outweighing the bad, and like I said, I think this recording is pretty “bright” anyway.

Next, I played Images and Words by Dream Theater which I think is the best cd I have as far as sound quality goes. Now I was truly floored! The mid bass from the drums on pull me under sounded so much quicker and smoother than what I was used to on my old speakers. I’m not sure if the overall huge improvement in bass quality was the bass coming from my m60’s, or if it was the bass coming from my svs 20-39pci that had formerly been covered up by my Cerwins, but in the end I guess it doesn’t really matter.

I was already in heaven, sitting there with a huge grin on my face when the vocals (James Labrie) came on for the first time. Wow. I have never heard the vocals sound soo separate from everything else. I just couldn’t stop smiling!! At the same time, I couldn’t believe that I have been depriving myself from this for so long.

Next, I listened to Fade to Black by Metallica. Once again the clarity and separation of the instruments made this great song a whole new experience. Cliff Burton’s bass has never sounded better, same for Kirk’s ending solo.

I forced my wife to listen to them hoping she could hear what I was hearing, but knowing she wouldn’t. She of course immediately said she didn’t hear the difference, but after awhile she asked if the center and surrounds were on too – she didn’t believe me when I said they weren’t until she checked.

I spent the rest of the evening listening to songs and playing movies and I went to bed thinking that I can't believe these speakers only cost 800 dollars! My cerwins cost 700 six years ago!

So in summary, I think this upgrade is tied for the best choice I have made in my ht. The other would be my svs. I was as blown away by how good these speakers sound every bit as much as when I first watched a bass heavy dvd after buying my svs. Now all I need is the big axiom center channel, the Q8 surrounds, and another svs cylinder and I will be done (for awhile).


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Jan 14, 2003

Congrats on making a solid decision. After about 40-50 hours the M60 will sound even better and that slight "sss" you referred to should begin to tame down and eventually dissapear.

Try the M60's without the sub....I think you might be suprised by the amount of bass they put out.

If you think they sound good on rock recordings, wait til you try a few jazz or classical CD's.....that is where the M60 really shines. I say this because many rock CD's just aren't very good recordings. I personally use a Neil Young CD as my rock reference CD.....most of his recordings are wonderfully done.

It will only get better when your center and surrounds arrive.....those QS8's are amazing. You will soon find out for yourself.

Out of curiosity, what are you powering them with?

Sheldon C

Second Unit
Dec 27, 2001
My receiver is a Yamaha rxv 3000, and I think the combination is great. I have to say that I don't hear this supposed brightness that Yamaha has a reputation for on either set of speakers (or maybe I just like brightness). On the "sss" sound, I should clarify. I only heard that on the Queensryche dvd audio and no where else.

I don't have any jazz, but I will soon try out some classical. I have a couple of dts cd's and a dvd audio that should sound great. I do think that there are a good number of rock/metal cd's that are pretty good recordings with Dream Theater being at the top of the list.

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