1. A

    sub and speaker setup beginner

    PLEASE HELP I am currently using a REL 5 subwoofer that has high level connection so the bass from my left and right speakers comes out from the sub and also using LFE cable I have upgraded sub to SVS PB1000 and want to do the same left and right speaker bass to come from sub and also use LFE...
  2. SVS PB-1000 Pro - Published Frequency Response.PNG

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - Published Frequency Response.PNG

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - Published Frequency Response
  3. SVS PB-1000 Pro - Lead Picture.jpg

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - Lead Picture.jpg

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - Lead Picture
  4. SVS PB-1000 Pro - Front.jpg

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - Front.jpg

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - Front
  5. SVS PB-1000 Pro - Exploded View.png

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - Exploded View.png

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - Exploded View
  6. SVS PB-1000 Pro - Driver.jpg

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - Driver.jpg

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - Driver
  7. SVS PB-1000 Pro - App.jpg

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - App.jpg

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - App
  8. SVS PB-1000 Pro - Amp.jpg

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - Amp.jpg

    SVS PB-1000 Pro - Amp
  9. John Dirk

    SVS SB-4000 Subwoofer Review

    Introduction: I’ve been a Home Theater nut for over 20 years but didn’t build my first dedicated room until around 2006. Even back then, when I went looking for a subwoofer it didn’t take me long to narrow my choices down to only one, and that was the SVS PB12 Plus/2. Arriving at my home on a...
  10. T

    FS: Two SVS PB16-Ultra - Piano Gloss Black

    I have two PB16-Ultra's Piano gloss black for sale both are in excellent condition no scratches or blemishes. One was purchased May 27, 2020 the other April 28, 2020 the 5 year warranty comes with them. You can buy just one if interested. They also both come with the 6 svs soundpath isolation...
  11. Sam Posten

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! SVS Memorial Day sale is ON! If you are going to buy anything SVS now is the time to do it!
  12. J

    SVS + which in ceiling speakers?

    I am putting together my Atmos system I plan to buy as soon as things return to normal. Pretty much settled on SVS ultra bookshelf, center, and surrounds but for my elevation channels I am wanting to use in ceiling speakers. Any recommendations? My main concern is getting something that...
  13. autoengineer_70

    2 Polks or 1 SVS

    So my Phase Tech Octave Power 12 sub gave it up a few weeks ago. It’s about 10 years old so it had a good run and I’m ready to upgrade now. I’ve talked the wife into spending about $750. Both Polk and SVS have some discounts going on. So what’s the better move. Get 1 SVS PB-2000 for $700 or...
  14. T

    Svs sub older but capable pb2-isd

    Running 5.1.2 . Klipsch all around (rf3's and rc3 rs3.. Klipsch ceiling heights) Denon 3500x. My sub sounds good most of the time. Music bass sounds tight and clean. For movies most of the time bass is good. But at times(hacksaw ridge gunship shooting scene for example). I get some rattling when...
  15. Roger_M

    Paradigm SVS Denon

    SVS 20-39PCi $250 + shipping Paradigm Monitor 7 v3 in black ash $250 + shipping Paradigm CC370 v3 $150 + shipping Paradigm CS 60r $150 + shipping Denon 3803 $200 + shipping We can talk about a package deal if you want all of it or all the speakers. Local pick up in NE IL
  16. JoelM

    Anyone upgrade from SVS subs from 20 years ago?

    I built a HT room in the basement with 120 inch screen and have a 7.2.6 system with 2 SVS 25-31 CS+/1000watt Sampson amp. It's about a 14x18 room. Well, I need to upgrade my subs and was looking to buy 2 PB3000's. I could do 2 PC4000s but I think the 3000s will be better suited size wise as...
  17. J

    Need help building Karaoke System

    I am looking into putting together a Karaoke System for my wife for Xmas. I got a Hisense 65" H9F, SVS speakers and sub and a very old Denon AVR-2803 receiver. I read it is not a good idea to connect karaoke to a good AVR/speaker system, as the speakers could be damaged. But this is for my...
  18. B

    SVS PB-13 Ultra & Klipsch Rf-35 Towers

    Hello all, I used to be a member here many years ago but couldn't remember my screen name. As my family has grown, my HT interests have become less of a priority, and it's time to divest of my gear. I've only been running a 2.1 system, and sadly it hasn't even been used in the past year. I...
  19. Grady Hollums

    Selling all audio gear from my HT, SVS, Emotiva, Crown, Infinity, Denon

    For any photos, please just message me and I can send them over. Thank you. I’m deciding to sale all my audio equipment. My wife and I have decided to live more simply and that means changing my lifestyle away from the living room theater and more to contemplative photography so with this sale...
  20. Dave Moritz

    Klipsch or SVS Subwoofer to replace HSU subwoofer ?

    Currently I am waiting for my Klipsch RC-64 center channel speaker to arrive so it is time to research subwoofers! My home theater over the past year has gone through a big transformation! From a Marantz SR-8012 receiver to a Sony A9F OLED 4K TV and Panasonic DP-UB9000 4K UHD Blu-ray Player to...
  21. JohnRice

    Sprucing Up the Second System

    Like a lot of people, I have a main HT in a dedicated room, but also have a second system that gets more regular use, in a more central part of the house. In the past, this system was kind of a hand-me-down one, sort of cobbled together with stuff that was replaced in the main system, or was...
  22. iLIKEmovies

    Dual subs with different series SVS?

    I've had a single SB-1000 for a while now and just happened upon a SB-2000. I was planning on just swapping them out and using to 1k in my bedroom or something then thought about running both in the living room. I know ideally you want to run two identical subs, but is there still a benefit to...
  23. Divyam

    Subwoofer suggestion - SVS vs Rythmik

    I am planning to build a dedicated HT with a 7.2.4 setup. My room size is 21 ft x 15 ft x 9 ft. I will use the room for movies, music and games (33% each) I am confused between the following subs - A pair of the SVS SB 4000's or a pair of the Rythmik F18. I am getting both for a similar price...
  24. bscriv77

    Small Room Subwoofer Upgrade - Single or Dual?

    I had my home theater set up last October ('17) and have been enjoying it ever since. All the equipment was new with the exception of the subwoofer, which I had from my older set up - an HSU STF-2 Powered Subwoofer (10”). Now I'm itching for an upgrade... I saw that SVS released a newer series...
  25. B

    Dual SVS PB-2000s or Single SVS PB-4000?

    I'm looking at purchasing either dual SVS PB-2000 subs or a single PB-4000 sub. Which is better? The prices are similar, the PB-4000 is $300 more ($1,900 vs $1,600). This is for movie watching only and will be paired with a 7 channel SVS prime system. The living area is large and open floor...
  26. B

    Bookshelf vs Floor Standing Front Speakers

    So, the basement project is almost done and I need help setting up my speakers. I know I want a 7.1 or 7.2 system that can expand with ceiling speakers for Dolby Atmos later down the road. See layout and pic. I have already ran wiring for mounted speakers, (L,C,R,SL,SR,RL, and RR). I'm looking...
  27. B

    Need Opinion on System for Open Floor Plan

    I am finishing remodeling my basement and will be buying audio/video components in the next month. The living room area is a large open floor plan, see PDF attached with layout and pics. The living area will be our primary area for movies, TV, and gaming; but will also be used by whole family...
  28. John Dirk

    ***SOLD*** FS: SVS Prime Elevation Speakers ***SOLD***

    Hello HTF members. I have a total of 6 SVS Prime Elevation speakers available for sale. They are gently [less than 2 years] used and in excellent condition. Having just installed in-ceiling speakers, I simply have no further use for these. I have all of the original mounting hardware...
  29. C

    Did my dd. need Speaker advice/opinions for first system.

    Okay bear with me I will try to explain this is clearly as I can there is a lot to write so I may miss a few things along the way. So I've been doing DD for the past month and as far as AV units I've decided on the Denon x4400h. The price isn't too horrible I can get one for around a grand it's...
  30. V

    Awesome SVS PB-16 Ultra

    This is a wonderful subwoofer actual the best I have ever owned, hands down. I have moved to a condo and my neighbor doesn’t care for the sound waves too much... Asking price $1300.00 plus shipping or we can meet if not to far.