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Aug 15, 2018
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I am finishing remodeling my basement and will be buying audio/video components in the next month. The living room area is a large open floor plan, see PDF attached with layout and pics. The living area will be our primary area for movies, TV, and gaming; but will also be used by whole family has a typical living room. I have a wife and 3 young kids. I have very little experience, this is my first "nice" theater setup. The tower speakers in the pictures attached (cheap Kenwoods) are from high school and have been my only set of speakers I have ever owned.

Little bit about the basement:
The basement has windows but I will install blinds to help with light control. Also, the can lights are all wired so they can be dimmed separately as needed. The floor joist in the ceiling is filled with mineral wool insulation for sound proofing between the main floor and the basement. The drop ceiling also has acoustic panels to help absorb the sound. The flooring is luxury vinyl and walls are typical 1/2" drywall. I plan on installing some type of decorative acoustic panels as needed once the system is installed. But, I've been very impressed with how much the drop ceiling absorbs the sound while I have been using power tools.

Below is the setup I have come up with after researching online. I am looking for a movie theater type of experience. I have been emailing with SVS and I am very impressed with their customer service.

Video: Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 5040UB projector with 120" CineGrey Elite Screen (Gain of 1.2) $2,800

Receiver: Denon AVRX4300 - $1,000

Speakers: 7.1 System - (2) Prime Towers, (1) Prime Center, (4) Prime Elevations (SL, SR, RL, RR), PB-4000 Sub - $3,850

Total price: $7,650

I would like to stay around this price point, or under it. It is already more than my wife wants to spend. :)

But, do you think the spread of the money is reasonable? Should I spend more on receiver and less on speakers, etc? Also, I have also looked at getting 2 smaller subs (PB-2000) instead of the larger sub - any opinion? The SVS rep said he would rather have 1 PB-4000 instead of dual PB-2000s. Any other opinions.

Ultimately, I'm a little leery of dropping almost $8K on a system when I have very little experience. I've just been trying to read a lot of forums and educate myself. So, I wanted to run it by some experience people to make sure I don't have something out of line or am missing something big.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post - but I wanted to provide a lot of information.


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