New Yamaha DPL II Receivers

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  1. Jay_E

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    Sep 14, 2000
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    I just got a flyer from a local AV store that features 2 new Yamaha receivers that have DPL II. The RXV1200 lists "DTS ES", "Dolby Digital Matrix 6", and "New LCD remote with macros" for $899 (no power spec stated). The RXV2200 lists basically the same features except it states "Output: 100 watts x 6" and "7 digital inputs, fixed or assignable" for $1199.
    Does anyone have any more complete info on these new receivers?
  2. GregK

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    Nov 22, 2000
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    Hi Jay,
    I'm just glad to hear confirmation that Yamaha is
    catching up in the fast pace of surround sound.
    I had (tried) to read a usernet post on two new
    Yamaha units w/DPL-II and DTS discrete(?) ..but sadly
    the post was in German, which I am poor at translating
    to english. [​IMG]
  3. Charles M

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    Jun 7, 2001
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    That's good news. I was getting worried about Yamaha. I sent them an email a moth ago when I found out that the RX800 was being discontinued. The reply I got was quote: "athough we are discontinuing the RX800, we currently have no plans on a replacement at this time" . Which usually means yes, but we don't want to give any info right now. Only time will tell when pricing, specs and all that good stuff is announced. Horay for Yamaha.
  4. Karl Erik Sylthe

    Dec 14, 2000
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    This is a babelfish translation of the content regarding Yamaha RX-V1200 from the German webpage
    New also of the RX-V1200: The first AV-Receiver of the house, which can decode also DTS IT Discrete 6,1, is equipped also with Dolby ProLogic II. The presumably starting from October/November available device is to cost approximately 2000 DM and is available in two color remarks: Beside classical black the AV-Receiver can be ordered also in the Yamaha typical housing colour titanium. For bake Surround channel orders with 6 x 80 the W (RMS) output stages equipped RX-V1200 over an own rework field. Developed Yamaha Cinema DSP chip comes with 44 DSP programs. 6 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs are available, the operation effected by means of a pre-programmed and adaptive remote maintenance with LC display. The basic adjustments can be made via OSD.
    Also, at there has been some info in Japanese about the new line DSP-AX1200/AX2200/AX3200.
    In normal Yamaha-terms, this should be tuner-less variants of RX-V models, but not this time (the model specs have tuner info). Also, I am a bit confused about the effect-specs. The RX-V1200, with a pricetag that gives associations to the existing RX-V1000, has a rated output power of 6x80W in 6 ohms, substantially lower than the RX-V800/1000, and even lower than the RX-V620.
    I would also expect the top-model to have front-effect-channels, but the specs for AX3200 indicate there are none.
    It seems that Yamaha is refurnituring their ancient model/name policy.
    To read an English translation of the Japanese Yamaha info,
    go to:
    Then enter this link to the translation request:
    and ofcourse choose Japanese to English.
    Have a nice time.
  5. Laurent Balloy

    Apr 28, 2000
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    According to AreaDVD, a new flagship A/V amplifier will be released in 2002.
    Yamaha: No update for the DSP-AX1, successor in the next year
    05,09,2001 (CR)
    For the Yamaha DSP-AX1 a Upgrade kit is available, beside armament on the AAC in Japan (Advanced audio Coding) Tonformat of the Japanese HDTV standard also still DTS IT Discrete and Dolby ProLogic II covered. Since the AAC compatibility is very important for the Japanese market, one wanted to enable the there DSP-AX1-Besitzern to be able to show the AAC Tonformat with the amplifier. In this country one is not offered the Upgrade kit however, and that has the following reason: Thus it concerns not a firmware update which can be implemented easily, with which the AV amplifier is attached by means of RS232 interface to a PC with the appropriate Upgrade d in the drive, but also around far going hardware change, then for example also the allocation of the digital inputs and outputs with is changed. This has the consequence that the Upgrade kit is to be installed only direct in the factory in Japan, additionally still extensive measuring and quality inspections is executed. But Yamaha rigs 2002 also in Europe: Then a new device comes in the performance class of the DSP-AX1, which is to control all current tone standards.
    (translated from German by Babelfish / Altavista)

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