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Yamaha RX-V1300 Subjective Observation Review (1 Viewer)

Phil Iturralde

Oct 7, 1998
FYI: The following was originally published @ Epinions.com - copied here completely with minor edits & formatting, for the HT Forum Members interested with this particular Yamaha RX-V1300 AV Receiver:

====(start of copy)

Received: 14 APR '03
Review: 23 APR '03 - Replaces Yamaha RX-V995 DD/DTS-5.1 AV Receiver
Price Paid: $510.99 + S/H


The RX-V1300 is a full-featured home theater receiver ready for all formats and for custom installation. Major features include 6-channel discrete amplification (100W x6), Yamaha's Digital ToP-ART design concept, Quad-Field CINEMA DSP, 25 surround program, SILENT CINEMA, and learning-capable/present remote control. It delivers high power to six channels and provides DTS ES, Neo 6 and DTS ES Matrix 6.1 decoding as well as Dolby Digital 6.1 and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding. MSRP: $799.99

NOTE: The supplied RX-V1300 Remote is a Learning-Capable and Preset Remote Control Unit with LCD Display - though the buttons are not back-lit, it's very easy to use and all the 'important' buttons glow from the exposed lights. Feels nice when held with the most commonly used button's within a very nice group arrangement.


My RX-V1300 has the usual Yamaha Quality feel throughout (compared to my Yamaha RX-V995 & R-V905/RX-V595) - so, no surprises here. All controls knobs & push-buttons feels solid with firm & positive tactile feel when selecting the desired options. The front Oil-Damped Hidden Control Panel adds to the quality touch not usually associated in this price range. The RX-V1300 weight (33.1 lbs.) bears witness to the fact that this AV Receiver is heavy weight contender.

What adds to the weight is the 10.3 lbs. Extra-Large Low-Impedance Transformer - an important factor in the RX-V1300's extremely stable power supply. To insure superlative sound quality that I've heard the first time I listened critically to my 2-channel CD Music, ... Yamaha developed specifically for the RX-V1300, the Extra-Large Custom Made 12,000mF Block Electrolytic Capacitors which use low-magnification foil. The AMP Section is a 6-Channel High Power Discrete AMP Configuration (100w x6) - as well as being a High Dynamic Power, Total Low-Impedance Design.


1) AM/FM TUNER SECTION: It was very sensitive and captured all my usual AM/FM stations with the familiar & excellent stereo separation like my ole' RX-V995 AM/FM Stereo Tuner - so fortunately, no impact on previous performance.

2) RX-V1300 OWNER'S MANUAL: Well written, detailed enough w/illustrations to setup all the necessary features of the RX-V1300. I was already familiar with Yamaha AV Receivers, so I didn't have to reference the RX-V1300 to initially setup the Speakers, powered-sub and their respective Levels. I did reviewed the Manual to understand the different Sound Formats, specifically Dolby Pro Logic II / DTS NEO 6, and to set the SP (speakers) DELAY via DISTANCE's. When I get time, I will consult the RX-V1300 Manual again to setup the Learning Remote.

OWNER'S MANUAL NOTE: DVD player owners with a COAX digital output only, ... will be pleased to know that you can re-assign that selected coaxial digital input = DVD (Manual - page 61)

Dimensions (W x H x D) 17 1/8" x 6 3/4" x 17"


Yamaha's heavy-duty binding post speaker terminals accept banana plugs, spade connectors, and a variety of speaker wire, including heavy gauge cable.

SEVEN DIGITAL INPUTS, TWO DIGITAL OUTPUTS With seven digital inputs, six fully assignable digital inputs (4 optical and 2 coaxial), the RX-V1300 can accommodate digital sources such as DVD, CD, LC, Cable/Sat, D-TV and MD. Two optical digital outputs assure the finest possible signal leaving the receiver for your other components.

S-VIDEO AND COMPONENT VIDEO INPUTS AND OUTPUTS - The RX-V1300 has six S-video inputs and two S-video outputs. The receiver incorporates two component video inputs and two component video outputs.

FRONT PANEL A/V INPUTS WITH OPTICAL INPUT For simple temporary connection, the receiver is equipped with a set of front panel A/V inputs, including a digital input and S-Video Terminals.

PRE-OUTS FOR ALL CHANNELS INCLUDING SUBWOOFER - All channels and the subwoofer have pre-out connections. This allows you to add outboard amplification and direct subwoofer connection.


After switching places with my Yamaha RX-V995 DD/DTS 5.1 AV Receiver (going up to my vacation house {to replace my DD-5.1 only Yamaha R-V905/RX-V595} & JBL NSP1 w/AudioSource SW15 200w 15" sub), ... I played my Jazz CD music (Stereo / 2-channel) @ slightly above normal and ...

... adjusted the "SWFR" Level (Remote) down, ...

... until I heard the seamless lower bass blend (acoustic/electric bass; bass drum; tom-toms; etc.) from my SVS 25-31PCi up to my JBL S26's** super flat Studio Monitor like mids (voices; piano; keyboard; etc.) & crystal clear highs (cymbals; violin string section; bells; triangle; etc.).

**FYI: Read my JBL S26 Epinions Speaker Review by clicking here ...

*^*Yamaha RX-V1300 Analog Subwoofer Results:
1) Volume @ -35.0
2) SPL Fast Peaks = 96 dB (RS Meter Dial = 90 / Weight = "C" / Speed = FAST)
3) SWFR = -8.5 (Final adjustment - perfect lower frequency blend; bass not boomy or bloated)


After I finished installing my Rear Center Speakers (two JBL S26 wired in-series - 20' from the front wall - 20' x 30' w/10' high vaulted ceiling HT/family room) ....

.... I was ready to REF Calibrate my 6.1 HT Setup including my Digital LFE bass!


1) I changed the Speaker Setup REAR CT SP = SML (was NONE)

2) REFERENCED Calibrated using Dolby Labs - "Explore Our World" DVD DD-EX Test Tones:
.... a) Dolby Digital EX HT Speaker Test Tones = 75 dB
.... b) Dolby Digital EX LFE Test Tone = 77 dB AVG (highest RS SPL Meter needle swing = 78 dB / lowest = 76 dB)


Volume Control Display = -20.0
(REF LEVEL MARK - was -18.5 see "May 4th, 2003 05:45 AM" post below)
- CENTER:... -7.0
- R SUR:....... +2.5
- REAR CT:.. +5.0 (pair wired in-series)
- L SUR:........ +2.5
- SWFR:....... -8.5*

- LFE:............ -9*

*The Bass support is 100% A-OK when switching between my DD/DTS DVDs Digital LFE bass to my analog bass 2-channel Music CD's (DPL TV shows, VHS tapes, etc.)!!!


During the critical listening phase of my familiar Jazz CD's by Bob James, Diana Krall, David Benoit & Dave Grusin (about an hour or so), ... my first impression was that the RX-V1300 raised the level of imaging, soundstage presence, instrument location(s) and musical depth. I was hearing details that I don't remember hearing with my RX-V995 playing the same familiar Jazz Music CD's, in 2-channel @ the same above AVG. Fast Peak SPL's(*^* see above). Or maybe my impression was biased on the fact that I am playing with a new toy!!!
Whatever it is, I was totally impressed on the 2-channel soundstage and excellent CD Music recording mix that I was listening too!!! Even my daughter heard the clarity, improved details, imaging and overall linear dynamic music presentation.


The RX-V1300 2-channel (Stereo) playback thru my JBL S26 & SVS 25-31PCi ...

... more revealing, w/improved imaging, vocal / instrument presence/location/placement; more dynamically linear, w/expanded soundstage & depth

... vs. my 3 year old Yamaha RX-V995 2-channel (Effects Off) playback playing the same familiar Jazz Music CD's thru my JBL S26 / SVS 25-31PCi @ approx. the same above AVG. SPL's.

It's as simple as that! Yamaha has improved it's output AMP circuitry*** while adding a 6th AMP for the Rear Center Channel, new latest DSP's / sound formats and at the same time, ... lowering the RX-V1300 MSRP by $200.00 ($799.99) vs. RX-V995 MSRP $999.00.

***My brother (SR. PC Designer for Linear Technology) told me after reading over the Yamaha RX-V1300 AV-IT News Release (see below for PDF link), ...


I know why the preamp is so good. They use polypropylene capacitors and materials found in high end amps. That explains it's high performance. Those sucker caps cost.

MULTI-CHANNEL SOUND PERFORMANCE - SUBJECTIVE NOTES: Not concise, but brief summary / observation. 5-Stars AVG for all formats.

- DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1: I briefly sampled some of my DD/DTS-5.1 DVD's and was impressed with the discrete surround effects and overall intricate ambience details. My impression again vs. my RX-V995 is that the RX-V1300 raises the HT bar, like w/my 2-channel observation, with more revealing, improved imaging, vocal / instrument presence/location/placement; while improving the Theater SPL linear dynamics, w/impressive 3-D like expanded soundstage & depth!

So that's cool, but now, let's add the REAR CENTER Surround Channel to the experience ...


DVD: Star Wars Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones - Dolby Digital EX

1) Verified the Sound Option (DVD Menu) - DD EX (default)

2) Started the Movie ...
.... a) The RX-V1300 didn't switch to DD EX - remained to NORMAL Dolby Digital

3) So, I manually selected DD EX (Matrix 6.1) via the RX-V1300 Remote (one button option)
Sampled: Opening credits up to starship explosion; asteroid attack
.... a) Volume Control = -25.5 (approx. -7 dB below REF Level)
.... b) LFE Fast SPL Peaks = 108 dB (RS Meter Dial = 110 / Weight "C" / Speed = FAST)

Observation: VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! :emoji_thumbsup:
YES!!! Overhead / behind rear effects details are audibly linked to the on-screen action. The sonic effects environment completely surrounds you seamlessly with various panning sounds not limited within a DD-5.1 setup. Having six identical voiced-matched speakers around you recreates 360-degree seamless effects encoded by the Mixing Engineer, raising the level of realism and drawing you into the Movie's reality and action.

I've got to find time to re-watch my Star Wars Episode 1 and Episode 2 DD-ES DVD's!!!!!!

- DTS ES-matrix/discrete

DVD: Chicken Run - DTS ES-matrix 6.1

Observation: WOW!! Like DD-EX, the rear effects details are audibly linked to the on-screen action. The mix maintains all the detailed discrete INFO while including the Rear Center seamless surround effects impressively with this very funny & adventure oriented animated DVD movie!!!

DVD: Rush Hour 2 - DTS ES-discrete 6.1

1) Selected the Sound Option (DVD Menu) - DTS ES 6.1 (default)

2) Started the Movie ...
.... a) The RX-V1300 instantly switched to DTS ES Discrete (switching was not audible)

Sampled: Opening credits up to night club - Chris Tucker imitating Michael Jackson Karaoke / dance scene (then had to get ready for work)

Observation: GREAT!! I didn't have enough time to fully evaluate the DTS ES Discrete 6.1 Mix, but from what I heard, ... it sounded GREAT!!!

- Forced DOLBY DIGITAL EX (5.1 source)

DVD: Spy Kids 2 (encoded = DD-5.1) - Watched the entire Movie - last weeks Friday NITE DVD presentation.

Observation: OUTSTANDING!! One notable scenes is when the kids were thinking/talking to each other inside the cavern w/golden large statue on the left side of the screen, ... the side surround effects added perfectly to the REAR Center Channel and filled the entire HT room, which had a more impressive audible large cavern effect vs. the NORMAL 5.1 format!!


... Music: Nicely implemented with 2-Channel CD's, DPL TV broadcasts, recorded VHS Hi-Fi tapes and Laser Disc.

... Movie: Sampled Romancing the Stone (Dolby Surround) DVD - but felt the encoding sounded better in DTS NEO 6 - Cinema (see below)

- DTS NEO 6:

... Music: Nicely implemented with 2-Channel CD's, DPL TV broadcasts, recorded VHS Hi-Fi tapes and Laser Disc.

... Cinema: Nice implementation :) adding some key side ambience surround effects to the REAR Center Channel - i.e. sampled Romancing the Stone (Dolby Surround) DVD) - "Raining" [after escape] effects scene, just before Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner finds the dead drug runner pilot behind the cut branch and plane! The added subtle raining effects to the REAR Center Channel seamless blended-in with the side surrounds and made me imagine that it was really raining outside! Also, I did a A-B loop to critically hear the dialog (Turner & publisher @ a bar) and the DTS NEO 6 Center channel dialog actually sounded better vs. DPL-II and vs. NORMAL Dolby Pro Logic, which did sound somewhat better but the regular DPL had a slightly constricted soundstage, especially in the surround locations - so, ... DTS NEO 6 shines here when decoding the Romancing the Stone DVD movie soundtrack/effects.


Although I'm still experimenting with these two sound formats - DOLBY PRO LOGIC II & DTS NEO 6, I can honestly say that the audible improvement that these formats give within their Music and Movie/Cinema modes respectively, more than justifies the cost for the upgrade since it has added more excitement to my older DPL DVD's/Laser Discs, as well a level of more enjoyable HT surround sounds to my DPL & 2-channel program sources!

As far as the overall Multi-Channel DSP & Sound Formats Performance = OUTSTANDING!!! The sound quality that I heard in the 2-channel evaluation session carries over to ALL Multi-Channel Formats with excellent, near 3-D like precise discrete imaging, outstanding 360-degree surround effects, quiet - hiss free environment @ REF Level and expanded soundstage depth!!!

The RX-V1300 can effortlessly playback your better recorded 2-Channel CD Music LIVE very clearly and/or your blockbuster Audio Reference DD/DTS-5.1/6.1 DVD Movies w/Cinema Theater SPL Levels with impressive linear dynamic range. I'm extremely pleased with Yamaha's goal to provide outstanding high sound quality at an affordable competitive price.

Performance, Power: 100w x6, THD: 0.04%; High Quality Parts; Pre-Amp selectivity/adjustments w/Super QUIET operation - Signal-to-Noise Ratio (IHF-A-Network) CD, etc, Input Shorted (Effect off) 100dB; includes all the latest popular DD/DTS-5.1/6.1 Sound Formats & 25 DSP's (45 variations) ...

... the Yamaha RX-V1300 is A Solid Value w/Excellent Performance!!! :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:

Associated equipment:
SPEAKERS: JBL Studio Series CENTER: S-Center (Feb. '02) / FRONTS (Apr. '03); SURROUNDS & REAR CENTER (Feb. '02): S26
PWR-SUB: SVS 25-31PCi 320w 12" Sub-woofer (Apr. '02)
DVD PLAYER: Panasonic DVD-RV56 Progressive Scan (Aug. '02)
TV: Toshiba 50H81 50" 16:9 HDTV (Aug. 2001)
CD: Technics SL-MC410 110+1 Mega CD Changer
DUAL CASSETTE DECK:Teac W-505R Dolby "B" AutoReverse
VCR: Panasonic PV-8661 4-Head Stereo HI-FI
CABLES: Monster & Interconnects


- See Yamaha's RX-V1300 website for more Product INFO by clicking HERE.

- For more Insight on the RX-V1300 Design, read Yamaha's very detailed AV-IT News Release by clicking this LINK. ... (requires PDF viewer)

=====(end of copy)

The following update 04/29/03, adds more subjective observation w/6-channel stereo and a couple of DD/DTS-5.1 DVD's w/forced Matrix-6.1 encoding ...

====(start of copy)
... I finally set the 6-channel levels a few days ago to:

1) CT Level = 85%
2) RL Level = 80%
3) RR Level = 80%
4) RC Level = 100% (default for all Levels)

... and that balanced the sound in my HT/family room. Stereo sounds great and especially mono AM news stations where I don't have to really turn up the sound to hear it in the kitchen since all the speakers are contributing to the mono output.

Anyway, I'm still playing with my new RX-V1300 and I did find some time to sample a couple more DD/DTS-5.1 movies w/forced Matrix 6.1 encoding respectively to hear how it translates.

• 1) "Spiderman" - (forced DD-EX) scene where Willem Dafoe hears the voice of the Green Goblin for the first time!!!

Surround Effects: One of the GG voice panning effects started just beyond / behind my Left Side Surround and panned back slightly towards the REAR Center Speaker and continued to move towards the Right Side Surround speaker.

The difference between the 5.1 & 6.1 is ...

.... a) 5.1 - the sound visually moved from the Left Side Surround, across / behind and towards the Right Side Surround - basically sounds like a straight line pan from left to right.

.... b) 6.1 the sound visually moved in an arc shape panning effects line, enhancing the depth of the rear soundstage - described in the Surround Effects above.

It's exactly what I remember when we saw this movie @ one of the better 6.1 Cinema Theaters in Santa Clara - AMC Mercado 20. Yeah - I'm super excited that the Spiderman DD-5.1 DVD decodes very nicely with DD-EX. - YES! :emoji_thumbsup:

• 2) "Pearl Harbor" (forced DTS-ES) sampled the scene where Ben Affleck flying his Spitfire in defense of England over the ocean and initial Pearl Harbor attack up to just after the Arizona is sunk! That's all the time I had to sample the scenes.

Anyway, this is another DTS-5.1 DVD that decodes very nicely by sending directional panning effects correctly from the Front(s), or Center, or either Side Surrounds towards the Rear Center & visa-versa.

One of the most impressive effects is when you first see from the air panoramic Hawaii surrounded by some clouds and the Japanese Zero, etc. planes starts roaring overhead you from a number of different rear, rear side, rear center, etc. locations, ... starting from the right rear.

Some of the action where the plane shows up directly overhead the screen, the DTS-ES correctly decoded the associated panning effects to start in the Rear Center area and move overhead towards the screen, matching the assigned Japanese plane on-screen action precisely! Very nice!!! Another YES, YES, ... this is soooo super cool!!!! :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :)

So, right now I'm just having fun, enjoying and discovering the sonic discrete panning effects that my RX-V1300 is decoding from my existing DD/DTS-5.1 DVD's and so far, it's very impressive.

====(end of copy)

All comments and questions welcome!

This Friday NITE DVD presentation is "X-Men" (original movie) which is DD-EX (for some family / friends that never seen it - really!!!)- should sound glorious!


Frank Carter

Mar 12, 2002
It seems like an impressive piece considering how good the RX-V995(my 2nd receiver) already was. I'm looking into receiver's now and this was is one of the contenders.

Thanks for the review Phil.

Phil Iturralde

Oct 7, 1998
GREAT effort, thanks Phil!
Your welcome RobCar! Just sharing some subjective comparisons vs. my very fine DD/DTS-5.1 3-year old RX-V995 AV Receiver.


Just Calibrated my Radio Shack Analog Meter to my Brothers - which was Calibrated by a friend that works for Dolby Labs, ... so later, ... I re-checked my REF Calibration and the only change was my REF Calibration MARK using Dolby Labs DVD 6.1 EX test tones (75 dB):

WAS: -18.5

NEW: -20.0 (updated subjective review above)

ALL other HT Speaker Levels were the same!


RX-V1300 Remote PROGRAMMING - Model: RAV234:

Easy as 1-2-3!!! (actually 1 to 8...)

Required Tools:

A) All Remotes that you want to "LEARN"

B) Small tip like a pen, or what I used, my PalmTop Stylus Tip Pen

Programming Process:

1) RAV234: Press the desired INPUT DEVICE you want to "LEARN"
... a) (example: TV) Pressed: "D-TV/LD"

2) Put the 'TV Remote' within 1" of the RAV234: IR window.

3) RAV234:
: Using the Stylus tip, press down & activate "LEARN"
... a) The RAV234: LCD Display switches between "D-TV/LD" and "LEARN"

4) RAV234:
Press the button you want to learn - TV Power -
... a) The RAV234: LCD Display no longer switches but stabilizes = "LEARN"

(Press the button you want to "LEARN" within 30 secs.)

5) 'TV Remote':
Press and HOLD the TV Power Button until you see OK in the RAV234: LCD Display
... a) You're done

6) Repeat Steps #4 and #5 until you completed All the TV Buttons you want to "LEARN"

7) RAV234:
Using the Stylus tip, press down to turn-off & save the "LEARN(ed)" mode.

8) Follow Steps #1 to #6 until you've programmed All your different Remotes.

I programmed 4-Remotes - Programming time approx 20 mins. (approx. 5 mins. per Remote):

1) HDTV (I re-named it; was "D-TV/LD")
2) DVD
3) CD
4) VCR-1 (VHS)


Phil Iturralde

Oct 7, 1998
More Blockbuster DVD DD-5.1 > Forced Matrix-6.1 observations:

o Armageddon: Criterion Collection - DD-5.1 (May 5, 2003 - approx. 7pm PST)

Opening credit / narration INTRO scenes up to the arriving clients helicopter, ... right after Ben Affleck is wounded by Bruce Willis!

Correctly decoded & placed the identical Left & Right Side Surround INFO discretely*

* Means - no obvious Side Surround leaks or blends unless it's a 180-degree moving pan or ambience effects.

1) The asteroid & smaller meteors, back to front overhead sound effects during the narration - EXCELLENT!
.... a) You first hear the asteroid in the middle area of the back Rear Center Channel, before you see it on the top edge of the viewing screen.
.... b) The sound dynamically starts soft (Rear Center), gets louder (overhead) and then softer as it passes by, on its way to impact earth.
.... c) Sound panning effect sounds audibly correct vs. the asteroid path & screen action.

2) Meteors impact path sound effects on Shuttle craft EXCELLENT!
.... a) Some of the in-bound meteors lend itself for their sound effects to utilized the Rear Center Channel
.... b) Again, on some scenes, you'll hear the Meteors before they are seen on the screen - Astronaut repairing the satellite.

3) Meteors impact path sound effects @ New York City - EXCELLENT!
.... a) Several in-bound meteors lend itself for their sound effects to come from Rear Center Channel area.
.... b) Again, on some of the destruction overhead city scenes, you'll hear some the Meteors sound effects before they are seen on the screen.

4) Clients helicopter sound effects arriving to the oil-platform - EXCELLENT/OUTSTANDING!
.... a) The rotor blade sound effects starts from Rear Center Channel area ...
.... b) ... seamless pans around the Left Side Surround channel ...
.... c) ... continues to move toward the Left Front Channel - ... you finally see the helicopter enters the screen from the left side ...
.... d) ... and the helicopters sound effects follows the screen action, towards the Center Channel. :D

5) Ambience sound effects - EXCELLENT! (Blending any sound effects between the Side & Rear Channels)
.... a) Opening credits letters flying / panning towards you, overhead and to the Rear Center Channel area
.... b) Intercom voice - Billy Bob Thornton @ Houston which sounded impressive - the Side & Rear Channels blended together very nicely!
.... c) Shattered window glass falling effects from shotgun blast - some precise panning effects fall all around & behind you.

Last thoughts: If you got the budget & the room, I highly recommend upgrading to 6.1.

When I first ordered my Yamaha RX-V1300, as I mentioned above, I reviewed my library of 365 DVD's and found 18 DVD's encoded w/DD-EX & DTS-ES (matrix & discrete).

So far, when I had the time, I've sampled the following DD/DTS-5.1 DVD's (some mentioned above):

1) Spy Kids (forced DD-EX)
2) Spiderman (forced DD-EX)
3) Pearl Harbor (forced DTS-ES-matrix)
4) Armageddon (forced DD-EX)
5) Spirited Away (forced DD-EX)
6) Galaxy Quest DTS (forced DTS-ES-matrix)
7) Star Trek - First Contact (forced DD-EX)
8) Darkness Falls (2003) (forced DD-EX - borrowed from a co-worker)

... and in each DVD case listed above, the Rear Center Channel usage contributed to the overall 360-degree discrete and ambience sound effects during the movie. It did not detract from the screen action, ... it added to the Cinema Theater Surround Experience!!! I've yet to hear any broken panning sound effects that move, for example, from the Left Side Surround to the Right Side Surround. The inclusion of the Rear Center Channel & 6.1 AV Receiver seamlessly fills-in to any encoded panning moving effects with convincing deliberate purpose.

Those familiar with the Australian movie "Darkness Falls" (based on a actual Australian legend), let me tell you, if you were jumpy ... when the associated sound effects of the unknown (tooth fairy?) spirit enters and moves around you in those selected dark room scenes, ... adding 6.1 will down right creep you out and raise the hairs behind your neck!!! - rent "Darkness Falls" if you are a horror fan looking for a cheap thrill.

Anyway, ... with the right HT Speakers / Sub, (I use six identical JBL S26 speakers, timbre-matched S-Center & SVS 25-31PCi :D ), ... the overall HT experience easily surpasses any local 6.1 equipped Cinema Theaters!!! :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:

Unless otherwise requested, this is my last post in this thread.


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