Outlaw 950 or Yamaha 1400?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Massimo N, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Massimo N

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    I would like some advise on what upgrade path to take. I would like to upgrade my receiver and I'm having a tough time deciding what is the best route.

    Here is my audio rig as it stands today:
    Receiver: Yamaha RX-V995 (Using solely as Pre-pro)
    Amplifier: Anthem MCA50
    Speakers: Paradigm Reference 40s v.2 (x4)
    Paradigm Reference CC
    Subs: Dual SVS20-39PC

    As you can see my Yamaha is on Pre-pro duty. While it's a decent receiver, I know I can do much better.

    Some of the things I would like to improve on:
    -Lower floor noise
    -Better sound (how that for descriptive :b )
    -Digital volume read-out with small volume increments (preferably analog control)
    -Assignable inputs
    -DPL II (DPL IIx)
    -Control of levels over various inputs
    -Bass Management for DVD-Audio/SACD

    I don't have a need for Component video switching, as I'm using an Audio Authority 1154.

    The only pre-pro I've been able to demo in my area is the Anthem 20 (very nice pre-pro) buy it's way out of my price range (here in Canada it lists for $4700).

    The new Yamaha 1400 has a nice feature set, but I'm wondering if it's an upgrade or if I'm going to downgrade my sound. Aside from the very generous features, is basic DD/DTS/2ch going to sound better/worse than my 995?

    I've read numerous reviews on the Outlaw 950, and with the price drop (and all of the initial bugs worked out) it appears it'll improve my overall sound.

    It this a no-brainer and I should go with the Outlaw and forget about the Yamaha?

    Any advise anyone can provide is appreciated.
  2. NickSP

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    The Outlaw is a decent prepro at that price and the Yamaha would make a very decent prepro also. With that said, the Outlaw won't give you DPL-IIx while the Yamaha won't give you Bass Management on DVD-A/SACD. You will have to put your own value to that and listen to both of them to see which one you'd prefer.
  3. Jeff Aguilar

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    I upgraded from the Yamaha 992 to the Outlaw 950. BIG improvement in every way. I really, really loved my Yamaha and cannot say anything bad about it. But the 950 made 2 channel music sound better and my DD material had more seperation and clarity.

    I was using my 992 as a pre-pro only. I had two parasound amps running everything. My parasound amps are still running everything. The only thing I changed was the pre/pro part.

    The one feature I really liked on the Yamaha that I do not have with the Outlaw is the Sports DSP. But I really like having the DTS, DTS-ES, DD-EX, Circle Surround, 5 and 7 channel audio and better all around sound.


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