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Discussion in 'Computers' started by TweakGames, Aug 27, 2006.

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    Hello all,
    I just got a nice x-plosion DTS connect card, and some DTS logitech z-5500 speakers, but I was wondering, what software do I need to run and how do I need to run it in order to get the full features? I have this ac3 filter thing that I am supposed to install for my winamp to do dts or something but I cant quite figure it out.

    I know what good sound sounds like and and I have had these speakers only do it ONCE! When I was playing a DVD and I have dolby surround sound on, I was watching the movie "waiting". Its basically a movie in a restaurant, and I could hear peoples plates and such clicking and moving in the background. That is the only time I have heard surround sound so far. Help me guys what do I need to do in order to get everything working good? I was using PowerDVD when I noticed the good sound, when I played it in WMP it sounded like the same sound was coming out of each speaker, no special surround sound. I could hear voices in the rear speakers that time instead of only in the front like I think it should be.... maybe im wrong and just a big noob. Is there a way to test every thing out?
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    "Media Player Classic", along with ac3Filter, should be enough for is for me. You add whatever filters you want depending on what you want to achieve...enhanced image, enhanced sound, etc.

    Winamp only outputs DTS in stereo, not surround, as far as I know. Not a Winamp fan.

    Another filter, called ffdshow, is good for both video and audio as well. Makes a good image scaler.

    I have a simple 'sound blaster live!' surround sound card, and using the software I mentioned above is all I need to enjoy Dolby or DTS 5.1 surround.

    PowerDVD is good for its audio capability - it features both Dolby, DTS, and Pro Logic, and you can use it to play DTS CDs and DVD-A discs.

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