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Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Ian_J, Oct 15, 2003.

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    I’ve been searching the web for a couple days and I finally came across this site. What a great source of knowledge it has been! .

    The time has come for me to replace my Nak AV-500 (which I love) and upgrade to a decent 6.1 system. I have some equipment but will need to buy much more. The system will be used for movies but also with my Sony changer.

    I have the following components:.

    Eosone Main RSF1000 (w/ Dual 10” subs – 225/120W)
    Klipsh RF-35 Mains
    Eosone Center RS series
    Sony 32” WEGA w/ Digital Comb Filter
    Sony 400 disk CD juke box

    I was considering the following new components.
    HK AVR-230 or 330
    HK DVD-101
    SVS PCi 25-31
    In- ceiling mounted surround & rear center – Maybe Polk or Paradigm?

    The room:
    This is a large room but the viewing area is across the width (15’) of the room. I’d like to mount the rear channels & center channels in the ceiling (center channel slightly behind the couch and the rear surround to the sides of the couch). It would be possible to mount the center channel on the wall but it would need to be wedged between the ceiling and wall.

    So, now for the questions:

    1)Should I use the Eosone Mains or the Klipsh?

    2)If I use the Eosones, the powered subs (sensitivity 89dB – adjustable 50 to 100hz) would be used in conjunction with the SVS PCi 25-31. Is this over kill? My assumption is that the lower range of the SVS will compliment the powered Eosones.

    3)Also, the Eosone’s recommended amplification is 40w min – 175w max. Should I go with a bigger receiver if I use these speakers?

    4)What speakers would you recommend for in-ceiling mounting? Although it is possible to hang rear speakers on the wall, my wife would prefer that they be hidden.

    5)And of course, what would you do different? Am I missing something here? Would you change, add or subtract anything?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Welcome aboard, Ian. Note that I slightly modified your thread title since your post mostly concerns speaker systems. And since you're asking for brand-specific recommendations, the post is more appropriate to the Speakers/Subwoofers section. Best of luck on your system.

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