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Nov 10, 2017
Bavaria, Germany
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Hi there,
as introduced here, I am new in this forum.

In this thread I'd like to introduce my small homecinema, the "MinMax".

Let me start as a first time visitor would experience the MinMax.

The theater is in our basement, so when walking down the stairs, you'd first see autographs of a few Star Wars main actors, I was able to meet on the Celebration Europe in 2013, followed by my Master Replica FX Lightsaber collection an you'd be greeted by the illuminated logo.

Down in the hallway you'll see the rest of my autograph collection and some Sideshow/Hot Toys statures.

Behind the black noise insulation door the show begins.

You'll see two rows with four seats each, two double seats in the front and four single seats in the back.
Walls and ceeling are equipped with absorbers (Vicoustic), the required ammount was calculated by a sound engineer.

The screen is 3.1 meters wide (21:9) with manual masking on the sides.

On a typical event with frieds, everybody would now take a seat.
Lights dimm down and a short pre-show starts (app 15min) with a short trailer to welcome the guests in "The MINMAX!", followed by usually three up to date movie trailers seperated by funny commercials.
Last is always an ice cream commercial during which the lights dimm about half way up again and my wife or daugter come in with a vendor's tray full of sweets and of course ice cream. (obviously free of charge of course ;) )

After everyone has what he/she wants, the lights dimm off again and the movie starts.

Goal for me is to have an experience as close to a "real" cinema as possible for the guests, never breaking the illusion by showing menus or such things. Therefor guests will of course also get custom tickets for the show ;)

About the techical equipment:​

  • Projector: Sony VPL VW550​
  • Amplifier: Pioneer VSX LX89​
  • UHD Player: Oppo UDP-203​
  • Media player for Pre show: Medi8er 600​
  • Media player for streaming Fire TV 4k​
  • Speakers (7.2.4)
    Front: 3x Genelec 1032B (active studio monitors)
    Surrounds: 4x Teufel M620D (Di-pol)
    Subwoofer: 2x SVS SB13Ultra
    Ceiling: 4x Sonance VP66R TL​
  • Remote Control for automation: Logitech 895​

There is of course also an air conditioning system, one part is the actual A/C at the rear wall (the grey square), which is a "LG Art Cool Harmony". This works together with a selfbuild fresh air circulation. This constsists of an almost invisible opening in the upper right corner next to the screen and a second opening in the closet with all devices in the left rear of the room.
In the room behind this device closet a ultra silent ventilation sucks out the used air, sucking in fresh air from the room behind the screen. This works very well even with 8 persons in the room during along "lord of the rings"-style show and is barely hearable.

Except the installation of the LG-A/C module everything was done by myself with a lot of support by my wife and daughter, thanks again at this point.

Of course the whole installation developed over the years, this is the as-is status at the moment.

Hope you liked the explanation, feel free to ask any question on details.




Stunt Coordinator
Sep 30, 2010
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Hi Stefan... I love your theater. Some of the Star Wars objects that you have in there reminded me of a theater I painted recently that had a couple of things that you might like. They had some light sabers, as you had... but some other cool things too. Here are a couple of pictures. I think you guys would get along. :)


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