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Apr 4, 2002
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anyone out there have the Mission 782s? or for that matter the big-brother 783s?

I've been thinking about getting the Mission cinema 8-series, but today a friend brought me to another shop, where the sales rep told me the Missions weren't good for HT. he claimed that because the cones are ceramic, they can't handle HT and get cracked, and that he's had a number of complaints/returns for repairs. part of the problem was because the speakers had been set to "large", but even with a subwoofer and "small" setting he claimed they wouldn't work very well in an HT setup.

I'm not sure what to make of this. I am slightly skeptical, because the price he quoted for a cinema 8 speaker package alone (2 782s + the 2 surrounds and centre) was about the same as the price as the usual shop I've been visiting would charge for the package inclusive of a Marantz 7200 receiver!

he was pointing me towards the Paradigm Studio 60s. I will consider these in due course, but for now I'm just looking for feedback on his claim that Mission 782s will "crack" under HT conditions.

if this is true, it's somewhat disappointing, since the Missions, IMHO, also go some way towards WAF, since they're quite slim for floorstanders, and the surrounds are nice and flat, and relatively unobstrusive.

I believe the 780s and 781s have the same drivers, so comments from owners of those would I think also be much appreciated. many thanks.

Willem Vos

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Nov 14, 2000

I don't own the Mission 782's, but I've seen/heard them in action, and I have to at least partly admit that these speakers won't do well when set to "Large"

IMO, they should do very well (including HT), providing they are set to "Small", since they are known for their excellent midrange and highs.

These are definitely NOT speakers made for low bass under 60Hz.

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