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Chuck L

Feb 12, 2001
While it is nice to know that this unrated group is back together, now functioning as a trio, it is great to know that Mary Fahl, now solo, has her first major label disc coming at the end of this month entitled "The Other Side of Time" on Sony's Odyssey label.

Has anyone had the opporunity to hear this disc yet, other than "Going Home" from Gods and Generals (which I believe will be the first and possibly only song worthy of an Acedemy Award in 2004...simply beautiful and amazing with her voals)? Or October Project 3...I do know that both acts are out on tour right now and just interested in how things are for these folks now.

I honestly don't believe that either gotten the credit that they are due. Hope these two albums do it for them.


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May 12, 2000
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Well, Mary's disc isn't out yet, and the only song on her web site is "Coming Home". I do agree that it would be a crime if she didn't at least get a nomination. (Even more of a crime if that horrible Bob Dylan song got nominated. Yuck.)

She has announced tour dates for the northeast. (In Annapolis on June 1. Yay!)

As for the new October Project, I don't have it, but I know a few people who do. The general consenus is that it is disappointing. They aren't impressed with Marina's vocals, a bit annoyed at Emil's extensive use of loops, rather than the organic nature of the band, and that the production is pretty bad. I'm still going to pick it up eventually anyways, since it is still October Project, but probably not as much in a hurry to do it.

BTW, it is worth it to seek out the November Project CD if you can find it. It is what the post-Mary Fahl era should have been. Maryanne Marino was an amazing singer, in a different way than Mary Fahl, but worked quite well with the October Project sound. Too bad that all fell apart.


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