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Nov 2, 2002
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I posted a rant earlier about how atrocious the UI and manuals are for audio equipment. Not just the device I own now but pretty much every receiver or after-market car audio I have ever owned.

I decided to take a cue from Apple and describe what a car would be like if it were assembled with the same principles as our stereos.

Page 77: Moving the vehicle
1) To start the car - press and hold 'on' for three seconds.
1b) To put the car in standby mode press and hold 'on for one second'. If the car is in standby mode you will be able to start the car by pressing 'on' for only one second.
2) To put the car in drive, turn the selector dial to Drive, or All-wheel drive, Drive DD, or Drive reverse. You also can select Idle, Idle quite mode, Idle fuel savings mode. Idle XD, Drive Stationary, and Drive Stationary XD.
3) Before engaging the engine you must also select economy mode, power mode or regular mode. To do this turn the selector dial whole holding your blinker lever to the up position. Power mode does not work in drive reverse. If you do not select one the car will not move. For information on Power mode GT see 'blinker lights' section b 'seat controls'.
4) Before attempting to move you must decide if you will select the high speed, regular speed, or high torque gear. To select this you must turn the selector dial while holding the blinker lever to the down position. Note: high speed will not work in drive reverse. Hi torque will not engage if the car is set to economy mode, except in XD mode.

Page 184: Opening the Trunk
1) To open the trunk be sure that the drive setting is set to 'stop'. See page 77 'Moving the vehicle for more' information.
2) Press the multi-function button twice - once while holding the blinker lever up, and once with the blinker lever down. This will deactivate the trunk lock.
3) Press the multi-function button two more times, without the blinker lever engaged. This will cause the trunk to open.

Page 185: Opening the glove box
1) Turn the selector dial to 'other'
2) Press the multi-function button twice.
3) Turn the selector dial to 'glove box'
4) Press the multi-function button twice.

Page 325 Closing the trunk.
1) Press the multi-function button twice. If the trunk is open it will close the trunk.

Page 326 Accessing the engine compartment
1) Press the multi-function button two times. This will open the hood of the car - unless the trunk is open. See 'trunk functions, page 284.

Setting Cruise Control
1) Press the multi function three times to start the cruise control routine.
2) Use the selector dial to select the desired cruise speed.
3) Press the multi function button twice. This will hold that speed.
4) To disengage cruise control press the brake pedal firmly for three seconds.

go ahead - add your own section.

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