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hooking av receiver (1 Viewer)


Feb 25, 2011
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hi I am new to the forum and hope someone can help me with this.

I have a Mitsubishi M-VR600. The mitsubishi does not have any hdmi connections but alot of svideo connections as well as rca type. It is an older unit but still works really well and I like it.

I am trying to hook it up to to my tv which has the following connections on the rear:

1. 2 HDMI

2. 1VGA

3. 1 PC line in

4. 1 component video with red, blue and green rca type jacks

5. 1 audio with red & white rca type jacks

6. 1 ear phone

7. 1 av with red, white & yellow rca type jacks

8. 1 s video

9. 1 vhf/uhf coaxial cable

10. 1. USb cable

I am trying to hook up the following:

1. 1dvd player

2. 1 Roku instant downloadable wireless box

3. 1 Fios cable box

4. Bose Accoustamass system

5. Mitsubishi center speaker

The way it presently is set up I have the speakers working only when it is on the dvd not when I watch my tv or instant movies through the Roku box. Presently I am using one of the hdmi's on the tv to the Roku box and the other tv hdmi to the Fios box.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.




Nov 20, 2008
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Welcome Steven

I assume you purchased a new HDTV and don't know how to connect it up to your existing equipment. While your TV has plenty of connections they tend not to be a good hub to connect your equipment together. The reason for that is the fact that regardless of the connections used to your new TV the vast majority of those on the market will only pass a stereo audio out signal when any source other than the TV's internal tuner is used.

Since we don't know all of the connection types for all of your equipment the connections from your Roku Box and Cable box to the TV with HDMI cable looks ok. To get sound from those two box's you are going to have to connect them to your receiver with digital cable or optical cable if you have them and RCA cables if you don't.

While you say your are attached to your functional older receiver, it is the weak sister of your system as it can no longer function as the hub of your system. A new 7.1 receiver can be purchased for under $400 these days. Add a universal remote and you will have complete control over all of your equipment.

If you are happy with your Bose Cubes then keep them but I am sure the Mitsubishi center speaker is not timbre matched with the cubes and you might find a significant improvement in audio quality may be available to you for a fairly reasonable price with a speaker upgrade.


Feb 25, 2011
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It might also work if you simply buy yourself a switch box. Depending on what you have, referring to hdmi or rca components there is different types of splitter boxes out there. Some will allow you to connect multiple devices to your tv while only taking up one slot from your tv, and by that all your components may share your tv's sound system.

The following are links to different signal splitters:

For HDMI: http://www.emtcompany.com/4-input-rocketfish-hdmi-splitter-box/rfhdmi4.html

For RCA:http://www.emtcompany.com/audio-video-3-input-selector/1001694.html

S-Video: http://www.emtcompany.com/audio-video-4-input-selector-with-s-video-input/1001692.html

Hope this help.

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