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Mar 25, 2024
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Including a crude illustration of my ht room. The small black box on the right is the sub and the large black thing next to it is the rack for housing the audio gear. that rack and the sub are not visible, that wall is the basement. the speaker wires all go to the rack. I have a 30 foot smurf tube going through the ceiling from the tv to the rack as well.
I am considering a PS5 (120hz gaming) and my TV supports 144 hz on HDMI1 which is also e-ARC
I do not yet have a surround AVR and am looking to get one but my requirement is one that integrates easily with Home Assistant (Denon ).

what are the recommendations as far as location of the PS5 and the cabling between the AVR (which will be located at the rack where the speaker connections terminate).
If I put the PS5 on HDMI1 on the TV then I lose the ability to use e-ARC for the TV to send audio back to the surround sound system.
So I could get a fire tv cube and connect that to the AVR and use an HDMI extender (or 30 foot HDMI) to run to HDMI2 on the TV so tv shows and movies would have surround sound.
Can I get an HDMI splitter that supports e-ARC, 4k and 120hz and connect the PS5 to that and send the signal to HDMI1 on the tv and also send it back to the AVR for gaming surround sound?
putting the PS5 at the rack would require the AVR to support 4k 120 hz passthru and an HDMI cable (or extender) to support 4k 120 hz to get that signal to the tv. that seems risky at best.
are there other options that I am missing?
thanks in advance and excuse the drawing.

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