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New Home Theater/Music Room build with questions on components. (1 Viewer)


Jun 14, 2012
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Jared Guess
I am working on designing the best setup for a 900 square foot "Man cave", if you will.
This build/setup has several uses, one of which isn't as common as most other typical setups.
1) This room is used for viewing movies and to play console games on the Pioneer KURO television.
2) Also we have jam sessions and band practice in this room. At all times there is a full drum kit (set), and several other instruments.
Currently , as was mentioned, the room is 900 squarefeet, has 9 ft ceilings (approx), is insulated.
The room has a 60+inch Pioneer KURO mounted on the far wall.
Attached to this television is a playstation 3, an LG Bluray player (which has some internet capabilities.. ie: Netflix, basix youtube, etc.),.. and Direct TV.
I have WIFI that extends into this room. The home is limited to 6-8Mbps DSL.
The goal is to get a set of speakers that will first be loud enough and sound excellent to be able to play a normal drumkit and the drums not overpower what the speakers are delivering.
(Other instruments will be played along with this at times,.. but the drums are generally the loudest common denominator.)
The intention is to have an easy access computer next to the drummer, to his left (as that is where a counter/bar) is located to position the computer for the easiest access.
On this Computer we intend to mainly access a universal service of songs. (I am unsure of the best service or method for this) -- Spotify? Opinions?
The idea is to be able to easily pull up songs, on the fly, even during play.
So I was thinking of going with an all-in-one PC with about a 24inch display, TOUCH screen,.. to easily navigate these things.
My idea is to purchase the Touch screen all in one -- ,.. run an HDMI out to a receiver, and of course the components, to the receiver and receiver to speakers and television.
Is there a better way?
The keys here are ease of access -- cost is of some factor but ease of use is worth the investment.
In the main living room (separate from this room) -- I have anther pioneer KURO identical to this one (I really like this specific TV line) -- and I setup a Klipsch 5.1 surround system with a 12inch Klipsch powered sub. Went with a Pioneer amp of the same line as the Television just for quality and any potential compatibility it may have had. (Any other amp would have worked fine, just relaying what I did).
I am highly satisfied with the result from the living room setup.
In this room I am trying to piece together the design on -- The complete "surround sound" is *NOT* necessary. I have no real desire to mount rear speakers,.. as it isn't utilized in the same capacity for general television and movies as the main living room.
That said, the idea is to put speakers in that will enhance the movie capability already (which anything will beat the standard speakers on the sides of the Pioneer TV in the room) -- and moreso be of quality and volume to play drumkit/set, guitars, bass, etc along with with volume to spare.
I was thinking that a 2.1 setup,.. two front speakers positioned on wall of the Television (and component stack) with a 10" sub would work well for this purpose if they are of the right brand/quality, and I suppose wattage (power).
I am attempting to make this done 'right',.. but not overly complex on trying to fish wires through walls and so on. With a 2.1,.. the wires could be run under the baseboards to the speakers from 5-10 ft apart (depending on placement) .
So let me lay out some questions:
1) What speaker types, sizes, brand would you recommend? (Links would be great) -- as well as general specifications to go by (wattage? Size? )
2) Position of speakers -- Say two towers are placed on this wall with the television and sub in the corner -- is this "good enough" ? Or do I need to go to the extra mile of running wires through walls and then mounting large speakers say in the two corners near the ceiling?
Remember, perfection of a movie sound isn't desired.. just a healthy balance here with sufficient volume/power.
3) What do you think about the 24" all in one PC ran to a receiver for the input device to access song services like Spotify, Itunes, (and any others that may serve an easier purpose.) ?
4) Is there something I'm missing -- ie: Some software for the computer to utilize the navigation of the touchscreen for this Internet driven music search so that accessing via a touchscreen of 24" is the easiest?
(With the touchscreen there is going to be a wireless keyboard and mouse but the more the screen can be used to easily find and access songs the better the project will work. (Though the caveat here is to access any song out there.. not just stored songs on a hard drive.)
5) The PC can be used, secondarily for other functions of course -- To stream movies (which would be a redundant backup to the LG blu-ray internet player.. but may work better in some instances) -- Otherwise any other use will be like a standard computer and has little bearing on this project.
6) Headphones. If any of you are drummers this will make sense -- but otherwise, the option of using headphones to play with on the drumkit is essential. I mention this simple concept because it seems I am getting conflicting reports of being able to run an HDMI out from a computer and ALSO, concurrently have headphones operating from said computer.
What do you guys know about having two sources of audio output (one to headphone and other to receiver) in such a setup?
I've thought that perhaps certain receivers would be better than others if they had any features that allowed for the addition of the headphones that did NOT mute the speaker output.
IE: Plugging in headphones to the headphone jack of a receiver and the speakers by default are muted and only headphones operate.
Thus I thought at worst case I could run a line from the headphone input back to the area of the Drumkit and Touchscreen PC so I wouldn't have to run two audio outputs from the Computer itself. (I've read windows 7 does not allow two audio sources simultaneously).
7) Again on headphones. How would you set it up? And would wireless headphones be a benefit? Easier? Do they become a hassle with batterylife, quality?
Here is a very rough sketch of the current room layout, that may help visualize what I am referring to:
Thanks for any help, opinions, and advice you guys may have/give.


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Mar 10, 2007
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Wow, Kind of an involved question here. Gonna try to answer some of what I know. Given the size of the room I think you will need something pretty powerful. I would say that a 500 watt receiver would be minimum but a 700 watt would be better. As far as speakers go I would say to get any that are capable of handling the power from the receiver. They don't have to have big woofers or anything crazy as you will get your bass from the sub woofer. You probably want a speaker in all 4 corners of the room as well, just to make sure it fills the room evenly since it is so large. As for the sub woofer, You will need some power there, perhaps a 120 to 240 watt amplified sub placed in a corner for the best bass. On your computer thing for the HDMI audio output, it is possible if you have a sound card that is capable of it, or a video card from ATI in the HD Series that has HDMI out. I don't know if an all in one pc will have HDMI options on it though. Now for running audio from computer to multiple sources via headphone jack, that is possible too with a stereo mini jack "Y" or headphone splitter. Just keep in mind that it will divide the power between the two devices if they are both on, so that may add a bit of noise (hiss) to the signal due to having to turn volume up higher. On the looking for a receiver that doesn't mute the speakers when headphones are plugged in, look for a receiver that has the "speakers" switch on it. Could be a button for A speakers and a button for B speakers or a dial covering A,B, AB, and Off. Generally these receivers keep the speakers on even with headphones connected. As far as I know windows 7 does not restrict how many inputs you can have running at the same time. But then I use a sound blaster sound card. Maybe depends on your sound device more than windows. Well, that's pretty much all the info I have. I just seen that nobody had replied yet and thought I would take a crack at some of it. Hope this is helpful.


Jun 14, 2012
Real Name
Jared Guess
Hey, thanks for the reply. It seems this question is a bit complex for most to bother replying to. I posted it on two or three forums,.. and had one response that was quite rude in that anything other than a PA system wouldn't work and I was an "idiot" for considering going the route I did.
Some people..
Anyhow,.. I selected a Pioneer VSX-822 receiver, which is 140watts per channel, 5.1 -- So 700watts,..
I paired that with a pair of Klipsch Synergy F-30 Speakers, which are towers with a total of 4 - 8" woofers, 2 Horn tweeters, and a port hole at the bottom of the towers for bass. Specs below:
2-way • 1 "Tweeter • 2x 8" woofer • Frequency range: 35Hz-23kHz (±3dB) • Resilience: 150W/600W RMS/peak • Impedance: 8ohms • Sensitivity: 97.5dB • Dimensions (HxWxD): 1067x241x406mm • Weight: 27.2kg
I added a 10" Klipsch powered sub of adequate power to enhance the bass, even those these F-30's mentioned produce quite an amazing range of bass, mids, and the horn highs are incredible at near 100dB's.
I also matched the appropriate Klipsch Center with this configuration for Movie dialogue and to help with the vocals of general Music.
It does the job, and overdoes the job as I was hoping. Meaning these speakers have non distorted excellent sound quality on a broad range of frequency that is of a high enough volume/dB to overcome the sound of a drumkit and instruments.
So for movies I might be using 10-20% of the capability, if that, and with music I push the amp to 60-65% and anymore feels like it would be harmful to my hearing.. The difference in volume needed for regular tv/movie viewing and a music application with instruments is quite different and is why I needed to go a little higher end on the speakers to accomplish both.
So,.. for any wondering -- yes, you can produce the proper sound for this application with speakers designed for home theater (music) and not "just" a PA system designed for stage/audience use.
Given this is a 5.1 channel amp, I still have room to expand to 2 more towers (or whatever type of speaker I desire) for the other 2 corners in the rear of the room in the future, but at present this is impressive.
I still need to figure out what headphone type to use with this combination, because with a drumkit .. nothing replaces playing with headphones as it drowns out alot of the obvious noise of the kit that interferes with trying to hear just what is going on (no matter how many dB's of ambient music is played).
I have seen the "beats audio" headphones which are insanely priced at $300 or more in some retail environments. I've always used $50 or so Headphones, wired, with other kits that never gave me any issues...
What headphones would you recommend? It would be nice to have them cover the entire ear and not press against them (perhaps like the old school headphones) -- But that isn't a "must".. I would like a mute button and even a volume control would be handy.
These seem like they will have to be run out of the Receiver , which I will wire through the walls about 30 feet to the drum kit (I've been running alot of long wires to hide them) -- A wireless option would be convenient but from what I've heard the technology and quality of wireless headphones just isn't good at all, still to this day.
The computer, doesn't allow the HDMI out (that I'm using) to concurrently produce an output of audio with any other device. That is, I can't say plug in the Headphone jack on the computer, or even the output (green plug) from the sound card while the computer is outputting the video and audio from the computer via the HDMI out cable to the receiver.
That would be ideal, but if it can't be done, again.. I will have to run a 30-35ft cable from the Headphone input on the receiver front to the drumkit the best way I can.
Thanks for replying!


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Mar 10, 2007
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Wow, Sounds like you have built quite a system there, I bet it can shake the house. Wireless headphones just don't have great quality. I currently use a 20 dollar pair of koss over the ear headphones that I got from walmart. I have them hooked up to the receiver which is hooked up to my computer's speaker out. I love these headphones and they are actually my second pair, the last pair developed a short after 2 years of daily use. thats only 10 bucks a year though, so not bad. They also have an inline volume control. They are Koss UR21V , Can be gotten many places like here:http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/858640-REG/Koss_UR21V_UR21_Full_Size_Headphones.html . So yeah, most computers will not output via HDMI and still use analog output at the same time.

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