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HDMI ARC not working with Apps w/Samsung 85" TV, Onkyo Receiver & DirecTV mystery solved!!! (1 Viewer)


Sep 20, 2022
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John Bzdel
Long story short...I bought a new 85" Samsung AU800D TV and connected it through my Home Theatre System consisting of an Onkyo TX-NR5009 receiver and DirecTV cable. Virtually EVERY TIME almost without fail, when switching from cable TV to Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Discovery +, etc the sound would not come on through the HT speakers using the HDMI ARC....BEYOND frustrating! I went so far as to connect the DirecTV box through the receiver HDMI ARC directly before the TV (since it has 4K upscaling) and this still didn't work. I tried using an optical cable and this didn't work. 50% of the time I had to hard power down the TV/System by holding the TV power button until the TV shut off and then came back on to get the sound to work on Apps.

I had Samsung send out a Technician twice, they replaced the sound board on the TV and no change...Samsung was kind enough to replace the TV with another unit and still no proper sound. Samsung and the TV Tech's were convinced that since my Receiver was 12 years old that it had the problem, I didn't agree because it has worked great with my plasma TV for 12 years with ZERO issues!

Fast forward to a couple months ago when I noticed that DirecTV was offering a free "Gemini" minibox that would control all Apps on your TV by using one remote so that you didn't have to change between TV remote and the DirecTV remote....well guess what...THE FRICKIN SOUND WORKS FIRST TIME EVERYTIME when switching between Cable and the Apps!!!! Bottom line, this is a DirecTV issue, not a fricking Samsung or Onkyo receiver issue!!!
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