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Garage Sale for my Home theater (1 Viewer)

Sandip Bhattacharya

Nov 10, 1998
I am having a garage sale of my home theater and I am looking for buyers for my BG808S with 904 hrs on the tube. A tech friend of mine inspected it and we were going to install it. I will sell the projector, the mount (Chief VCM-38B with 8"by 8" ceiling plate included), and the 110-inch HDTV fixed wall screen by VUTEC (black velvet frame and 1.5 gain fabric) at cost, since everything is brand new.
You may also be interested in my four subwoofers based on 18-inch dia. JBL professional 2245H driver, each housed in 46"x24"x29.5" enclosure ported by a meter long port with 10" diameter that I built myself. I also am willing to sell my klipsch Thx certified speaker set KT-LCR (3 speakers), KT-DS (pair) and KSP-S6 (pair, for back surround)(no subwoofer, I used my own), my amplifiers 5 crown PB-1 (200 watts rms at 8 ohms stereo, I use 3 of these in the bridged mono mode at 465 watts at 8 ohms and the other two in the normal mode, in stereo, for the surrounds, both side and back) and 2 crown PB-2 (used in the parallel mono mode at 1000 watts at 4 ohms, each driving a pair of my subs), my equalizers 3 ashly 31 band mono constant Q professional graphic eq(ASHLY GQX 3101), 1 stereo 31 band per channel ASHLY GQX-3102, one rane thx-22, and one subwoofer equalizer by ashly pq-6( it's a four band parametric eq factory modified to respond from 15Hz to 85Hz, with bandwidth (Q) from 3.3 octave to .05 octave). All of the above is up for sale at reasonable market value
The Items are
1 BG808S and flight case @ $3000+ shipping
1 VCM-38B with ceiling plate $350 + shipping
1110-inch HDTV screen (brand new still in its package) $500 +shipping
3CROWN AUDIO Amplifier PB-1 @$330+ shipping each
2CROWN AUDIO Amplifier PB-2 @$450+shipping each
3ASHLY AUDIO Professional Graphic Equalizer GQX 3101 @ $350 + shipping each,
1ASHLY AUDIO Professional Graphic Equalizer GQX 3102 $ 550 + shipping
1ASHLY AUDIO Professional Parametric Equalizer PQ-6 (modified) @ $150 + shipping
4 Subwoofer based on jblpro 2245H @ $800 each, you have to pick these baby
dinosaurs up yourself
1 Klipsch Thx speaker set(ready for 6 channel sound) @ $1000
3Each KT-LCR @ $200 + shipping
1pair of KT-DS @ $200 + shipping
1pair of KSP-S6 @ $200+ shipping
1Rane thx-22 @ $300 + shipping


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Aug 18, 2001
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I'll take the Klipsch KSP-S6 speakers

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