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Elementary (Final Season 7)

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Robert Crawford, May 10, 2019.

  1. Timothy E

    Timothy E Screenwriter

    Jul 20, 2007
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    Timothy Ewanyshyn
    I was not home on Thursday evening so I relied on my DVR to record the final episode. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that my CBS affiliate chose to air a New York Jets football game and join the episode "in progress" for the final 20 minutes!

    I would be furious if we did not live in a technological age in which "On Demand" allows us to see recent episodes that we might have missed.

    I believe that TV viewers of the New York Jets football game on November 17, 1968, must have been similarly chagrined to miss the final minutes of the game that were never televised on the East Coast so that the Timex sponsored Heidi starring Jennifer Edwards could begin on time. This scheduling priority caused irate football fans to blow out all of the switchboard fuses of the network's phone lines in a bombardment of complaints at missing two touchdowns scored by Oakland in the last minute of the game to give Oakland a 43-32 win in a major upset.

    I find it amusing that a network airing another Jets game more than 50 years later is more willing to upset fans of Elementary than fans of the Jets.
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  2. NeilO

    NeilO Producer

    Aug 30, 2002
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    Just watched the final two episodes. I wish I had not seen the guide description of the final episode. The title of the penultimate had me thinking that was going to be the end of Odin, but that finale description had me thinking Moriarty was.going to play a hand in his ultimate fate. It was disappointing that we didn't even see her on screen. The grave was a big fake-out making me think for a minute or so it was Watson. I am glad they did not do that.

    Overall, it was a good finale and final season. Morland's death was the biggest surprise of the season, especially it showing his failure. I also would not mind a few movies down the line.
  3. Robert Crawford

    Robert Crawford Moderator

    Dec 9, 1998
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    You brought back an unpleasant memory of mine from my childhood. I grew up in the NYC Metro area with a Jets fan as a father and me being a Raiders fan. When they cut away to go to Heidi, I wasn't happy, but the Raiders were losing so I meekly went to my bedroom and laid on the bed for a while before turning on my transistor radio. Imagine my surprise when I turned on radio station broadcasting the game and hearing the final score. Lesson learned for young Crawdaddy about a game not being over until the game is actually over. About five years later, it happened to me again in a matter of few seconds during the "Immaculate Reception" game in which my emotions shifted from the thrill of victory to agony of defeat. I hate sports!:)
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