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Dishnetwork people. Please Help! 115 signal on 119 - Nothin' on 110 (1 Viewer)


Feb 9, 1999
OK. I have the 6000 receiver and a Twin 500 dish - only one receiver.

Now this system worked up until two weeks ago when a nearby tree decided to take a growth spurt. No big deal I say - I will just relocate the dish.

Well, now I have the dish up in its new spot and everything seems to be going fine. I am getting a great signal on 119. I go to the next step where it checks the switch - again, it detects a Twin 500 switch and all is OK.

Then at the next step where both signals 110 and 119 are shown, I have all red NOT LOCKED and no blips from the 110 meter. 119 is still at a 115 signal. Strange that I am getting absolutely zero out of 110

So I go out and makes sure the skew is correct - it is.

I have no in-between connections from the dish to the receiver. Meaning I have one 15 foot cable going from the dish directly to the receiver. I took the LNBF off of the dish assembly to make sure everything is as it should be and it is.

So I start moving the dish side to side at very small incrememnts to see if I get something. Still nothing at 110 and 119 fluctuates as I move the dish side to side.

The elevation is set correctly. But I decide to move it up and down just a tad. Again, 119 drops and nothing with 110.

So I unplug the receiver for about three hours and let it reset. I check the switch again a milion times and it checks out OK.

Again, this exact setup worked perfectly two weeks ago, so I would think all is ok on the hardware side of things.

Is there anything else I can do? Any suggestions?


C. Ryan


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Aug 22, 2000
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Is you mast plumb? With any dish that has a skew/tilt setting, it has to be exactly plumb. You may have to unplug the receiver to do a hard re-boot. Also try a switch test or two.


Charles L.

Dec 21, 2001
getting you're dish aligned with a twin 500 can be tricky. once you've established the 119 is green, do a check switch and set it to the 110 location. If you can get a signal then go to the dish 500 screen where it shows both locations at the same time. Adjust the dish to get the highest level from both at the same time. A single lnb is a little easier you basically do the same thing,but you move the the lnb from the 119 slot to the 110 and don't do a switch test untill you've gone back and forth and satsified with the srenght of both locations. usually the strenght will be more after you've ran the switch.


Feb 9, 1999
Yeah, I meant to state in the above post that the mast is plumb - perfect all the way around.

Also, I have ran a switch test a million times. Everytime I go between signal meters the things runs a switch test. If it tests the switch one more time, I may just shoot myself.

I am a fairly experience dish installer - this will be my fifth time placing a dish. I have used a Twin on the last three installs.

Update: The 110 is now saying "wrong satellite-119" and giving a signal but staying red of course.

Not sure why I cannot get 110 at all.

Thanks again,

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