1. Ronald Epstein

    Hardware Review Secretlab Omega 2020 Gaming Chair: Dark Knight Edition

    A look at my new gaming chair from SECRET LAB This is a non-compensated review. I actually bought this chair after doing a lot of research on office seating. You can view my video below...
  2. K

    ISO Split Screen Receiver

    I am looking for any sort of hardware, (preferable receiver with 5+ HDMI inputs) that will allow me to split screen between two HDMI inputs. With 4K UHD pass-through, any up-scaling would be a bonus. No picture cut-offs or stretching, only original size. Please tell me something like this...
  3. Dave Upton

    The Best Value Loudspeaker Available? Meet ELAC's New Debut B6.2 by Andrew Jones

    Dave Upton The Best Value Loudspeaker Available? Meet ELAC's New Debut B6.2 by Andrew Jones I spent last weekend in the chilly environs of Chicago, attending AXPONA 2018 and listening to all that is new in the world of audio. On the first morning, I was fortunate enough to stumble into...
  4. Dave Upton

    Oppo UDP-205 UHD Blu-ray Player Review

    Dave Upton Oppo UDP-205 UHD Blu-ray Player Review Flagship products are generally harder to evaluate for reviewers like me, since they cost a lot more than their capable siblings and generally offer only incremental improvements. Thankfully, in Oppo’s case it’s not nearly so hard, because...
  5. D

    speaker options to replace Bose Acoustimass 10 system (same expectations, only smaller)

    Hello all, So I'm trying to setup my speakers for 5.1. I have a Bose Acoustimass 10 series III that I'm likely going to put on Craigslist (the module, the special wires, etc, are too big to hide). Any recommendations on what hardware? I'm hoping any system will be: 1) As good or better of...
  6. Ronald Epstein

    Hardware Review Eero 2nd Generation Review: Now Twice As Powerful! On Top Of The Connectivity Revolution

    2nd-Generation Reviewed by Ronald Epstein August, 2017 Though it may not be the fastest device I have tested, its overall reliability and improvement in speed should make this your first choice when considering a WiFi mesh network. There's also a bigger story here. It's about how though...
  7. Ronald Epstein

    Hardware Review Caldigit TS3 Thunderbolt Station 3 Review

    CalDigit TS3 Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station Review by Ronald Epstein July 2017 To understand why the Caldigit TS3 has become an essential part of my portable office, I need to show you how inconvenient my computing experience was before discovering their docking stations. (Click on above...
  8. Sam Posten

    Spring hardware refresh

    It's happening! https://www.macrumors.com/2017/03/20/apple-online-store-down-march-21/ Could be just iPads, hoping for more.
  9. Dave Upton

    Vizio 65” E Series E65u-D3 Review

    Dave Upton Vizio 65” E Series E65u-D3 4K UHD TV Review With the 65” model currently on sale for $899, Vizio’s E series TV’s represent their value play – a TV that while affordable tries not to compromise too much on picture quality. In this case, Vizio has stripped down the built-in apps...
  10. Dave Upton

    Oppo Releases UDP-203 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

    Dave Upton Oppo Releases UDP-203 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Oppo has announced that the much anticipated UDP-203 Ultra HD Blu-ray player will go on sale starting today. The UDP-203 is the successor to the widely acclaimed BDP-103, and features a proprietary video processor that performs...
  11. Doug Hess

    Hardware Review RSL C34E In-Ceiling Speakers: Are they good at least or great Atmos?

    You have to feel a little bad for in-wall speakers. They can be made with the highest-quality components and yet will never sound as good as their boxed brethren for two reasons: Almost nothing about the “speaker cabinet” they’ll be put into is known when the speaker is being designed. The...
  12. Sam Posten

    Hardware Review Yamaha YSP-5600 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar - Official HTF Review

    Yamana YSP-5600 MusicCast Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™, paired with Yamaha NS-SW300 Subwoofer HTF Review http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/digital-sound-projector/ysp-5600_u/ http://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio-visual/speaker-systems/subwoofers/ns-sw300_w/?mode=model With...
  13. Dave Upton

    D-Sonic M3-5400-7 Amplifier Review

    Dave Upton D-Sonic M3-5400-7 Amplifier Review The longstanding debate of integrated receiver versus a separate pre-amp/processor and amplifier will probably survive as long as home theaters and living rooms exist. For your average consumer, separates either don’t exist or are a myth, the...
  14. Ronald Epstein

    I am doing a rather special hardware review. Take a guess!

    I am very, very excited about this product I am now writing a review for. The entire system is costly. However, I have seen dramatic improvement over what I used to have. It is probably the most exciting product, for me, that I have ever reviewed. I paid for it out of pocket, too. So this...
  15. Sam Posten

    BenQ HT4050 DLP Home Theater Projector Review

    Official1 by Sam Posten posted Mar 17, 2016 at 9:41 PM http://www.benq.us/product/projector/HT4050 Honestly, it’s kind of a weird time to buy a projector. :wacko: Oh sure, if you have $20k to spend you can find a monstrous 4K projector in your budget that will most meet your needs for the...
  16. D

    How to convert DTS -> AC3 with hardware

    Hi, I'm new here. I have a surround system that only accepts AC3 through its Toslink port. I didn't realize this limitation when I purchased the equipment, but now I'm hoping to find some way to play DTS surround material with my system as well. I'm connecting a number of devices to the...
  17. Grady Hollums

    Can I connect my Mac to my Denon AVR-S910W via HDMI?

    So, I just purchased my new Denon AVR-S910W, and finished mounted my Swan Diva 2.1 speakers as my front height L&R channels, and found out my Xbox One will not send out the proper signal for me to enjoy an Atmos decided Blu-Ray. So, until I can buy a new Blu-ray player (going cheaper and saving...
  18. Sam Posten

    Hardware Review Official HTF Review: Logitech Create Keyboard Case for iPad Pro (Very Highly Recommended)

    Logitech Create Keyboard Case for iPad Pro Review There seems to be a lot of confusion about what, exactly, the appeal of the iPad Pro is supposed to be. If it's designed to be used as a 'lean back' content consumption device then its huge 12.9" size and awkward hand-holdability seem to hold...
  19. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review Pro Control Pro24.z and ProLink.z Review

    Anyone who shares this hobby can smile knowingly and nod when asked about control frustrations. Whether it’s the IR universal remote that doesn’t remember if a device is on or off, running out of batteries, or never being able to get the macro quite right on your Harmony remote, you’ve been...
  20. Todd Erwin

    CinemaNow app dropped from Sony devices, including PlayStation

    Sony and CinemaNow have parted ways, meaning the CinemaNow app is no longer available on any Sony TV, Blu-ray player, and even PS3 and PS4 consoles. What does this mean, exactly? It means that any content purchased on CinemaNow that is not UltraViolet can no longer be viewed on these devices...
  21. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review Samsung UN65JU7500 Curved 4K LED TV Review

    Since last year, display manufacturers have been doing their best to convince the consumer that Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K is the future. The plethora of technological advancements behind these ultra-high resolution displays give manufacturers an excuse to sell a large and avid market of...
  22. N

    Sony Blu-ray remote overrides Sony TV remote

    I have a Sony Bravia 40" TV (KDL40W705CB). I also have a Sony Blu-ray player (BDP-S7200). The OPTIONS button on the Blu-ray remote offers (among other items) some preset viewing modes (Theatre Room, Brighter Room etc). The same button on TV remote offers the chance to adjust colour, brightness...
  23. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review Elite Prime Vision DarkStar 9 Projection Screen Review

    Most enthusiasts have heard of Elite Screens, well known for their tremendous bang for the buck projector screens. Those same enthusiasts may not have heard of Elite Prime Vision, a divison of Elite Screens dedicated to the custom install and system integrator markets. Basically, you can’t buy...
  24. Todd Erwin

    Sony Expands PlayStation VUE Service Area and Will Add a la carte Channels

    Sony has expanded the service areas for their PlayStation VUE streaming service to now include Los Angeles and San Francisco, in addition to the launch cities of Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. Starting in July, some channels will be available a la carte, beginning with Showtime, Fox Soccer...
  25. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review Legacy Audio Metro Subwoofer Review

    It’s difficult to explain exactly why I am obsessed with subwoofers. It’s not necessarily the sound that interests me; it’s the tactile aspect of accurate and powerful bass reproduction that truly engages my interest. Anyone who has attended a live concert or played on stage in a large band...
  26. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review Power Sound Audio T-18 Subwoofer Review

    Power Sound Audio (abbreviated to PSA for the rest of the review) started small, manufacturing a couple of solid 15” subwoofer models in their Mineral Ridge, Ohio facility. Despite just launching it didn’t take long for co-founders Tom Vodhanel and Jim Farina to begin working on bigger things...
  27. Dave Upton

    Hardware Review SurgeX SA-1810 Standalone Surge Eliminator Review

    Surge protectors fall squarely in the list of most important yet least sexy products we purchase. An investment of hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars in AV equipment should be well protected, yet often isn’t. In most cases we buy a generic surge strip or maybe splurge on a higher end home...
  28. J

    Looking for Blu Ray player with smart features

    I am looking to upgrade my Blu Ray player. Here is what I got: Verizon FIOS Denon AVR 1909 receiver 5 SVS speakers and sub (love'em!) Samsung LN46A750 TV (not smart, but awesome picture) Sony BDP S350 (pretty slow blu ray player) I want to get "smart" features on my system. I am a...
  29. New TV

    New TV

    I bought a new Samsung 85 inch 4K TV. Thought I would update one of the pictures. I work on updating some of the others later as I added a new receiver as well.
  30. Don.l

    $1500 for TV, Receiver, and Speakers

    I am wondering what I could get for a small 10x18 room for a budget of $1500 for a TV, receiver, and speakers. Anyone have any suggestions?