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Design a new subwoofer box for HT. Triple chamber anyone? (1 Viewer)


Jul 31, 2018
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I got a good deal on a THX approved EV TL440 cabinet from a theater. I've been using it as a HT sub with the step down kit installed and active EQ. (Lowers box f3 to 24 from 33hz, 6db boost at 29, and 12db rolloff below). So far it's working pretty good with being driven by a Crown cTS 1200 in mono mode it gives plenty of rumble and doesn't lack SPL when needed. But... always a but...

I managed to get a second EV driver sans cabinet, and that is fine as I don't really want two of those big boxes in my home theater (9cu ft).

I'm looking for ideas on how to implement the second.

1) I thought of dropping it in the front of the current box, mounted externally, put a spacer and have an isobaric TL440. Change the 1200 watt amp out for a 3000. Isobaric on ported is nothing special.
2) Make a single cabinet, two driver in common space and using it for the lower cabinet of my AV shelving. Keep them on separate amps, 1200w each.
3) Same as #2, one cabinet but divided space.
4) Make a TCB. Yes peaky, but limited freq range and just wonderful to rattle the neighbors windows. Many years ago I had a JBL one but I wasn't doing home theater then.

I'm leaning towards number 4. I don't do music through the subs, my normal monitors handle full range just fine. The bandwidth for the box is limited to below 80hz. I've tried doing some 6th order design in WinISD but not having much luck. These drivers seem to want a big box.

Any suggestions or other ideas? It would be appreciated.


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