Def Tech dilemma or?

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    my present set-up is Def Tech:

    BP 2006 Tl mains, CLR2002 center and BP 1.2X rear
    (Rotel RSP 1066 and RMB 1075),.

    It is great for the room of the size 13 x 15 with 8 ft ceiling. Now I am going to buy a house in which the dedicated HT and music room is of the size 20 x 16 x 9 ceiling and I think that (taking into account shortcomings of my budget) the bet I can do is to add BP 3000 TL asd mains and CLR 3000 as the center moving 2006 to surround and then I can use:

    (a) CLR 2002 as the rear 6th channel


    (b) BP BP 1.2X as 6 and 7th channel.

    What do you think?

    One of the crazy ideas is to buy Infinity Intermezzo 4.1T as the mains (you can have them for around $4000 and use them as the mains and move BP 2006 to the rear?????

    I'd rather go with Def Tech set-up though?

    Any comments are welcome?


    P.S. I cannot stretch budget over $4000 thousands so just forget it.
  2. Karl Englebright

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    I would sit tight with your current equipment/speaker combo and maybe just try to get a capable subwoofer (or two). I know the BP3000's will definitely have a lot low end, but you should really get a dedicated subwoofer. That way you can move your speakers around to get even better soundstage and imaging and then place the subwoofer in a spot where it gives you the best/tightest low end. I would also look at getting two rear speakers instead of one. That's usually the recommendation from companies like Dolby and THX.

    I initially bought my BP2004's because of the subwoofers (and they do a great job at that) but it's the inmense soundstage and great imaging that really has me addicted to them.

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