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Paradigm Monitor 11 vs. Monitor 90P v.3's HELP!!! (1 Viewer)

Dan V.

Jun 21, 2002
Yet another cry for help in order to help a poor misguided soul finally make up his mind on some speaker choices!
I've listened to a sh!tload of speakers in the past 2-3 weeks and I'm on the final stretch. To date, nothing impressed me more than the Paradigm Monitor series (for the price, let's keep in mind!). I've had the chance to compare the 7's vs the 11's, and the v.2's vs the v.3's, and the verdict is out: there is simply no comparing Paradigm's clarity and precision in the high frequencies with those new v.3 tweeters. And the Monitor 11 vs the 7 is a no-brainer.
Here's my dilemma. I've heard the Def. Tech. BP2006TL's and they are a cut way above the Monitor 11's when it comes to bass output, but they don't come even close to their clarity. Then it dawned on me: the Monitor 90P! Quasi-same speaker as the Monitor 11, but with powered sub's like the Def. Tech.'s.
I'm wondering, does anybody own these illusive Monitor 90P's? I've been trying to give them a listen and nobody holds 'em. Is it cause they're not up to par, they just don't sell, or Paradigm dealers are just ignorant?
Even better, if anybody has ever had the privilege of test comparing the 11's vs the 90P, your feedback would be invaluable!;)

james e m

Second Unit
Jun 3, 2001
I have the Monitor 11s and I love them. They are a wonderful speaker. I would say if you are going to be using a sub with your speakers I would buy the 11s. If for some reason you didn't want a sub or you don't have room for one, buy the 90p. Take the money you save by buying the 11s and put it towards a good sub like the pw2200 or an svs.

John Dunlap

Stunt Coordinator
May 8, 2002
IMO-The Monitor 11's are just about in a class by themselves at their price point. I heard the 90P's and I really don't consider them to be on par with a floorstander + dedicated sub combo. I second the vote for the Monitor 11's.


Supporting Actor
Jun 1, 2002
I have not a/b'ed the 11's to the P90's. However, I recently (5/02-6/02) owned the 90's ver.2 for about 2 months.
My take on the 90's ver 2 was they were fine speakers for the money. One of the reasons I purchased the 90's was because as James has pointed out, no need for a sub.
I liked them a lot, but they were buggers to find the proper placement in my room. Once I was able to find that spot, I enjoyed listening to them in my home. Fine soundstage, a nice musical presence and everyone who I had in myw home ith some audio experience, liked them. Just an FYI. The price on these puppies in the states was $1400 and I shopped around for the best price. I am sure you will pay less in Canada even with the conversion.
One of the items that I felt was lacking for my ears were the highs and the mids. I had Studio 20's in this room with a PDR-10 sub and wanted to make some space and thought the 90's would do the trick. The 20's were moved to another room.
The low end on the 90's was more then enough for my room size, which is 16 X 20. The walls vibrated, had the home theater feeling and was quite musical for my tastes. However, The bass was boomy in the beginning until I found the right spot for them and changed my crossover on my processor and set the parameters on the amp in the speaker to the proper setting for my room.
Yet, I missed that Reference/Studio sound that I was accustomed to from the past. I returned the 90's and wound up with the Studio 100's as it was the only way to get a fair trade in at the same dealer where I bought them.
If I did not have the cash flow to do what I did, I would have been very content with the 90's. They are very nice speakers. However, if the Monitor 11's are as good as John and James have noted, then perhaps you might want to go with the 11's and the sub.
Just another thought. The ver. 3 of the P90 should be available so perhaps they are much better then the ver 2. I have not listend to any ver 3 here in the states. Most dealers do not stock the 90's. I bought mine without listening to them.
Here is a comment from the Paradigm tech support about the changes in the ver. 3. I also think they made some cosmetic changes.
The Monitor Series v.3 was just recently released for distribution and the most significant improvements to the 90P are a new generation tweeter and new, carbon-infused cones for the subwoofer drivers.
One other item to consider is the resale value and finding someone to buy the 90's if you choose to upgrade in the future. I talked to the Paradigm rep and he told me they are more of a "niche" speaker and it is more difficult to find someone who wants to buy them.
Here's a review on the 90P ver 2 if you have not seen it. They are not many of them available.
Link Removed
Again, I liked the 90's and would have kept them if I was not accustomed to the Reference sound. If you are pressed for space, they are a great speaker on their price range and perhaps ver 3 may have addressed some of the sound quality that I thought was missing.
I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me on here.
Good luck and let us know what you decide,


Supporting Actor
Jun 1, 2002
Also, forgot to mention. That link to the review also has information and a review on the Monitor 11's and the 90's. Both are version 2 editions.

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