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    i currently loop my cable through my VCR. since it is an old VCR (not hi-fi, no s-video), i'm not going to be able to get cable in dolby surround. right now i need to set my input on my reciever (yamaha rxv-620) to VCR1 to get any sound from there a way to bypass my VCR or do i need to upgrade to a newer model to get cable in stero?
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    If your cable comes through a set top box, then it probably has at least composite stereo out. If your VCR has composite stereo out, then that would give you stereo, but you would still have to turn on the VCR to hear it.
    You could use composite audio from the TV, if it is so equiped. Then anything you had on the TV could be heard through the stereo, but the sound tends to be a bit distorted when looping from some TVs (depends on the TV).
    I don't think there is an easy way to extract the audio from a coax cable system cable.
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