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Any help with Samsung HTTX75 Remote Replacement (DLPII) (1 Viewer)


Feb 17, 2024
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Hello, currently I have been trying to connect my (older) home theatre system to my new Roku TV but all I can get is for two speakers to work (front left and right) and the SW. After doing some research, it seems like this can be fixed with the simple push of a button specifically, the "Dolby Pro Logic II Mode button. The issue is that the original remote that came with this system is no longer functional and it seems like the actual remote that comes with this unit is no longer being manufactured.

So, after doing some more research, I bought the closest "identical" remote for my Samsung device. The replacement remote looks almost identical to the original but does not have the "Dolby Pro Logic II" button. It does have the "DSP/EQ" button but it's labeled as "V-H/P" on the replacement remote. How can I get this function on this remote?

The main unit is connected to my TV via HBMI and Optical cord. I don't think this device supports ARC or eARC which could be the root of this problem. Also, all 5 speakers and the SW are working because when I perform a test tone, they all work.

I also hooked up an Amazon Fire Stick to the TV and can get an Audio and Video Diagnostic through the Fire Stick's settings.
It detected this:
Dolby Atmos (Pass-through): No
Dolby Digital Plus (Pass-through): Yes
Dolby Digital (Pass-through): Yes
PCM Audio: Yes
(If you are familiar with this tool, you can play a short looped clip to test the audio and when I do that, all the speakers work, but that is the only instance where I can get them working.)

The audio settings on my Roku tv are:
Audio Output - Auto, eARC (Reciever), TV Speakers, Optical
Preferred Streaming Format - Auto, Dolby, DTS
Digital Output Format - Auto, Passthrough, Stereo, Custom -> Dolby (Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus) // DTS (On, Off)

The function the Home Theatre unit is set to is Digital In
I will attach a photo of what the display on the Samsung Home Theatre usually shows versus what it shows when all five speakers and SW work simultaneously. The photo with the blue mark is the 5 speaker + SW display.

Thank you so much!


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Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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Aug 5, 1999
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Since your system doesn’t support eARC, I’d set the TV output to either AUTO (which will hopefully let normal HDMI work), or Optical. One of those should work. Don’t have both connections in place at the same time though. Unplug the one you’re not using.

There are no shortage of replacement remotes on ebay. Search Samsung HT-TX75 (complete with the hyphen). You can zoom in on the pictures and hopefully find one with the DPL button you’re looking for.

Good luck!

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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