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Marantz 1602 Problem with LG Oled (1 Viewer)


Apr 21, 2024
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Ivan Gavran
Hello everyone.
I have recently acquired a little older AVR Marantz NR1602. It should be able to do DD Audio which for me is what i need, as i wanted only a little better upgrade from my Logitech Z906, in terms of speakers.

I have hooked it up to my LG B2 with HDMI cable but i cant get it right whatever i do. On TV is plugged on HDMI Arc port (HDMI3) and on AVR on ARC HDMI (i guess the only port meant for Tv? 😃)

AVR i habe set up from scratch doin factory reset and then with setup wizard. It is all quite straight up and not much i could ve done wrong.

Bit it seems sound simply dont get right. If i set on TV PCM then it works but apparently it is only Stereo and AVR cant do much. If i do Pass through which is logical and let AVR do processing i get extreme sound stuttering regardless of sound source, being just TV lame stereo or Netflix 5.1 makes no difference.

Now i got to mention to a tv i have also hooked up Xiaomi android box which i use occasionally.
Then i have tried with optical cable and have changed the setting in AVR settings as well.
Now i get sound regardless of my options only sometimes when i get to Netflix (apparently Netflix recognizes if you have 5.1 requirements) on TV shows 5.1 or if i change to PCM shows no 5.1. on the other hand on Netflix on Xiaomi shows Space Sound and instead of 5.1 shows Dolbi Atmos possible.
Regardless of all that when it is set on Auto on reciever recognize only Stereo. Which i need then manually change to PL2 or DTS Cinema which i dont think thats it…

What am i missing?
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Aug 1, 2023
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Since no one had any input I plugged it into paid ChatGTP to see if it can offer any help. Parts of it seem like things you may have tried out, but I'll put it here just incase any of it can be beneficial!

It sounds like you're dealing with a complex setup issue involving audio pass-through and ARC (Audio Return Channel) functionality with your Marantz NR1602 AVR and LG B2 TV. Here are a few suggestions to try resolving the sound stuttering and setup issues:

  1. Check HDMI Compatibility: Ensure that both the HDMI cable and ports on your TV and AVR support ARC functionality. Sometimes older HDMI cables don't support ARC or newer audio formats like Dolby Atmos.
  2. Configure AVR and TV Settings Correctly:
    • AVR: Ensure that the HDMI settings in the AVR are configured to use ARC. This might be under HDMI Control or a similar section in your AVR's settings.
    • TV: Set the sound output to HDMI ARC and check the digital sound output settings. You might have options like Auto, PCM, or Bitstream. Set it to Auto or Bitstream to allow the AVR to decode the audio.
  3. Audio Format on TV: Some TVs need to be set to output in a format that the AVR can decode. You mentioned that setting it to PCM works but only gives stereo. PCM typically does this, so setting the TV to output in Bitstream or Auto might help.
  4. Try Different Sound Modes on AVR: Since the AVR might not automatically detect and process certain formats, manually switching the sound mode to Dolby Digital or DTS might yield better results.
  5. Firmware Update: Check if there are firmware updates available for both your AVR and TV. Updates can resolve compatibility issues and bugs related to HDMI connections and audio processing.
  6. Cable Check: If issues persist, try a different HDMI cable to rule out the possibility of a faulty cable.
  7. Test with Optical Cable: Since you mentioned trying an optical cable, ensure that the digital audio output setting in your TV is compatible with what your AVR can decode when connected via optical.
If the problem continues after trying these steps, it might be helpful to consult the user manual for both devices or reach out to customer support for more specialized guidance.

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