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    I'm just about to embark upon my first journey into the land of DIY speaker construction ! Woo! (had to get that out of the way). I'm just looking for some quick advice before I take the plunge.
    I picked up one of the Shiva Sub-V kits last summer and just finally getting the free time to put it together. I'm wondering if anyone else has used the designs from the Adire (formerly Avatar) webpage? My choice is between the 85L and 95L designs. I think I've pretty much decided on going with the smaller 85L box because of it's response curve (I listen to audio on my system as well as home theater applications)
    As of right now, I will be powering it with my trusty NAD 2200PE amp until I'm satisfied ith the sub's performance...then I will be getting a plate amp. I am trying to plan ahead for that day... should I add a layer of plywood to the back of the box for easy mounting of the plate amp ? or will MDF be able to take screws that will handle 25lbs+ of amp ?
    The box construction looks pretty straightforward... I'm just wondering what brands of glue I should be looking for...and maybe some ideas on how to finish the box (right now the #1 candidate is black spraypaint)
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    The MDF is plenty strong to take the screws that will hold the amp in place. What you have to watch out for is overtightening them or multiple insertions/removals of the screws, both of which will strip the holes.
    Some people like to use regular wood glue while other like polyurethane glue so it is up to you. The finish is also up to you since there are countless ways to make it look good. You can try anything from veneer to paint to the all time consuming piano black finish that I did.
    Good luck and have fun [​IMG]
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