First DIY sub with a Dayton 12" DVC

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Leon Van Dongen, May 24, 2004.

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    I'm finally going to be building my first sub. I'll be using the 250W plate amp from Partexpress (no bass boost) and the Dayton DVC 12" driver. From what I've read, the Dayton and the Shiva are almost identical. Can I use one of Adire's Shiva plans from their website with the Dayton? Will it sound the same as with the Shiva? I'm in Australia, and cannot get hold of a Shiva cheap enough. For my first effort, I'd just like to use an already proven design. I will be using the sub for movies, xbox and music equally. Any suggestions what box size to use? I was thinking the 85l Vented Shiva box looked the part, but unsure if a Dayton will slip in perfectly.

    Thanks for your time.


    EDIT: I cannot find the FP3 port on Parts Xpress that Adire recommend for this. Would it be ok to use and cut to length, or do I have to use the FP3 port? I'm guessing this one won't work as it's 9" and not 8 3/8"?

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    The drivers are close but certainly not identical. The Adire plans and build instructions are specifically optimized in LspCAD Pro for their drivers. This includes how/how much/where damping material is added to the box.

    This means that using a PE driver will get you in close. But it's performance won't be optimal if you copy the Adire design.

    Adire and PE sell different brands of flared ports.

    If you have MS Excel; and if you understand loudspeaker design, grab a copy of UniBox 4.0 and model your specific driver.

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