A WWII soldier, in a foxhole, falls on a grenade...

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    Dear Home Theater Forum Members,

    The Web has given me new opportunities to reconnect with a lot of old TV memories -

    but this one - may be too old for anyone to remember. I think it was one of those 30 minute,

    Black & White dramas you would see on Playhouse 90 or Studio One - in the 1960's.

    A WWII soldier falls on a grenade in his foxhole, thus saving the lives of 3 other soldiers -

    but he loses an arm in the process. Years go by, only to find him totally discouraged and

    at the end of his rope. He decides to visit the soldiers whose lives he had saved. He finds

    the first one sweeping the floor of a laboratory. This discovery really pisses him off - saying

    to himself - I gave up my arm so this guy could become a janitor.

    What he does not know is that the man he came to visit was preparing "his" laboratory for

    a press conference to present to the world a new drug that would not have been discovered

    if he had died in that foxhole.

    The other 2 soldiers also had similar success' in their lives that were not obvious and could be

    misconstrued. And in the beginning of the show, to him, they were. In the end the one-armed

    man ended up pretty proud of himself.

    I remember surfing the channels and was going to change the channel but got caught up in the

    storyline. I am sure the message of the story seeped into my character. I now tend to wait for

    all the facts to come in - before making a final decision about anything.

    I am now 65 years of age and I would like to see this TV show again before I kick-the-bucket or

    at least get to read the manuscript.

    Does anyone - have any idea - where I can relive this memory?

    Thank you in advance, Fred R. Way, Jr.
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    Mr. Way, welcome to the forum!

    Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you, but this sounds like a terrific and inspiring program. Thanks for spoiling the ending (just kidding, of course)

    Do you remember any of the cast of this movie? If you do, checking their credits at imdb.com may help provide an answer.

    The other option is to look at online episode guides of the most likely series and see if any episode synopsis matches this.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I wish you all the best in solving this. Hopefully one of the many vintage TV experts on this forum will be able to point you in the right direction.

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    Rensselaer, NY

    Welcome to the HTF!
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    I'm not familiar with any particular episode, but it struck me that it might be the religious themed Crossroads. It's just a guess, but you might be able to find episode descriptions online somewhere.


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    Thanks Steve!

    Freddie's memory is not what it used to be.

    If the cast had any stars in it they would have been just starting their careers.

    I went to IMDB.com first in my search for this show. But I did not come up

    with the proper search parameters to get a successful answer.
    I will try them again.

    I am going to try to recreate a TV listing for 1960 - 1965. I joined the

    Army in 1966, so I had to have seen it before then. Then I will review

    the episode guides of the shows it could have appeared on.

    Finding a "Vintage" TV Expert would be a blast. I hope it happens.

    The Web was nice enough to refresh my memory of:

    Jackie Gleason's GIGOT (1962 Movie);

    Gene Roddenberry's Questor Tapes (1974 TV Movie);

    The 27th Day (1957 Sci-Fi Movie) with Gene Barry;

    Heaven Only Knows (1947 Movie) with Robert Cummings & Brian Donlevy;

    TRIPODS (1984 British TV series) and

    GOG (1954 Sci-Fi Movie) with Richard Egan.

    O.K. Crackerby (1965 TV Pilot) with Burl Ives

    Still on my want list is:

    Gauguin the Savage (1980 TV) with David Carradine;

    Shannon (1961 TV Series) with George Nader as a insurance investigator with

    really cool spy gadgets;

    Working with Fred Savage (1997 TV Series)(I really enjoyed the "Working In A Coal Mine"

    theme song by DEVO - it defined the show perfectly and made me aware of the

    group thus I bought all their albums);

    the Girl From U.N.C.L.E. (1966 TV Series)

    & of course -- WKRP in Cincinnati (1991 TV Series) years 2, 3 and 4.

    Thanks Again, Fred R. Way, Jr.

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    Sep 18, 2010
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    Thanks Mike!

    I am one of those people who believes -

    "if you reach out to others -

    they will be more than willing

    to help you out".

    I also believe -

    "if you build it - they will come".

    Thus I built: www.SerendipityGame.BIZ

    with that thought in mind.

    Thanks Again, Fred R. Way, Jr.

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    Thanks Jeff!

    I will check out the Crossroads link you sent me.

    It is "thoroughly" possible that it is a religious themed show.

    I was only searching the easy channels, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11 for it.

    I am going to try to find the TV Guides for the early 60's

    and hope to find it.

    I am sure I did not have a remote control to change the

    channels back then. So I would have had to get up to turn

    the dials manually. Maybe I was so lazy I stayed with the show

    because I did not want to get up off the sofa.

    I just thought of 2 other shows I would love to see again:

    LIFE STORY (1987 TV) the story of Jim Watson and

    Francis Crick who found the structure of DNA.

    And GOOD MORNING, MISS DOVE (1955 Movie) with

    Jennifer Jones, Robert Stack and Chuck Connors.

    I am almost finished with finding all the "MILLIONAIRE" (1955

    TV) shows with my favorite humble servant: Michael Anthony.

    The Iris Millar Story, which aired on October 19, 1955, featured

    DeForest Kelley playing Dr. Michael Wells. DeForest playing

    a doctor is not too surprising. But when he uttered his Star Trek

    catch phrase: "I'm a doctor - not a politician!" in this 1955

    episode, I was floored. It really caught me, pleasantly, off guard.

    Thanks Again, Fred R. Way, Jr.

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