1. Adam Lenhardt

    General Discussion Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 5 General Discussion (Spoilers discussed for All Films -- Please Read First Post)

    MCU Phase 1 MCU Phase 2 MCU Phase 3 MCU Phase 4 This thread will contain spoilers so if there is any MCU film you haven't seen yet, the reading of this thread is at your own peril. Again, MCU spoilers will be discussed in this thread without any warnings. A general thread for discussion...
  2. Adam Lenhardt

    Disney+ Agatha All Along (MCU)

    A spinoff of “WandaVision,” "Agatha: Coven of Choas" centers around Agatha Harkness, a centuries old witch who was Wanda's primary antagonist on that limited series. Jac Schaefer, the head writer for “WandaVision,” is also the head writer for this new show. Casting: Kathryn Hahn reprises her...
  3. Adam Lenhardt

    Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 4 General Discussion (Spoilers discussed for All Films -- Please Read First Post)

    MCU Phase 1 MCU Phase 2 MCU Phase 3 This thread will contain spoilers so if there is any MCU film you haven't seen yet, the reading of this thread is at your own peril. Again, MCU spoilers will be discussed in this thread without any warnings. A general thread for discussion related to...
  4. Sam Favate

    Daredevil Disney+ Series (2023)

    Variety confirms what has been suspected for a while: A new Daredevil series is in the works for Disney+. This one will be written by Matt Corman and Chris Ord, and will star Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio. THR calls it “a new but continued series.”...
  5. Adam Lenhardt

    Disney+ Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

    When we met the MCU's version of Spider-Man in Civil War, he had already been at it a while. The Homecoming trilogy of movies covers his sophomore, junior, and senior years of high school. This new animated series fills in the gaps, covering the origin story of the MCU's Spider-Man from getting...
  6. Sam Favate

    Chris Evans to return to MCU as Captain America

    No word on whether it’s a movie, Disney+ show, or what, but it sounds official. Would love to see Steve Rogers returning the stones and going to live with Peggy Carter in the past...
  7. Adam Lenhardt

    Disney+ Armor Wars (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    What happens if Tony Stark’s tech falls into the wrong hands? Find out in the newly announced series, Marvel Studios’ Armor Wars, coming to Disney+. Revealed during The Walt Disney Company’s 2020 Investor Day presentation by Kevin Feige, president, Marvel Studios, and chief creative officer...
  8. Adam Lenhardt

    Disney+ Ironheart (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    Genius inventor Riri Williams creates the most advanced suit of armor since Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. Dominique Thorne (If Beale Street Could Talk) will play Williams.
  9. Wayne_j

    SONY names their marvel universe "SPUMC" SONY Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters "Well it’s set, Sony’s Marvel film properties have an official name – the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (SPUMC). In recent times people have been labelling the films – which include “Spider-Man: Into the...
  10. Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

    Title: Spider-Man: No Way Home Genre: Action, Adventure, Science Fiction Director: Jon Watts Cast: Tom Holland, Zendaya, J.K. Simmons, Marisa Tomei, Jacob Batalon, Tony Revolori, Jon Favreau, Benedict Cumberbatch Release: 2021-12-17 Plot: The sequel to "Spider-Man: Far From Home."
  11. V

    Infinity Saga (23 Marvel Films) 4k Digital Code lot for sale!

    Infinity Saga 4K codes for sale!---------------SET HAS BEEN SOLD Marvel Cinematic Universe (all 23 films) $130.00 Came from the just released yesterday and already out of print Marvel Studios box set. I purchased the set Brand New and Sealed and went to Movies Anywhere for entered all 23 codes...
  12. Neil Middlemiss

    UHD Review X-Men: Dark Phoenix UHD Review

    Continue reading...
  13. Adam Lenhardt

    Disney+ She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    Lawyer Jennifer Walters was transformed into a Gamma-powered Super Hero thanks to her cousin Bruce Banner, and backs up her sensational strength with her savage wit and confidence as She-Hulk! We'll see how her story unfolds on Marvel Studios' 'She-Hulk', streaming exclusively on Disney+.
  14. Adam Lenhardt

    Moon Knight (Disney+)

    Long rumored as coming to Netflix from Marvel Television before that partnership collapsed, the television adaptation of "Moon Knight" is instead coming to Disney+ from Marvel Studios.
  15. Adam Lenhardt

    Disney+ Ms. Marvel (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    At D23, it was announced that a Ms. Marvel series, centered around the Kamala Khan iteration of the character, will be coming to Disney+ at an unspecified future date. In the comics, Khan is a Pakistani American teenager from New Jersey. Her powers mostly relate to transformation: she can grow...
  16. M

    Dumbo, Disney, Marvel, Other $3 codes

    Dumbo (2019) - HD iTunes (transfers to MA/Vudu/GP) - $9 Dumbo (2019) - HD Google Play (transfers to MA/Vudu/iTunes) - $8 HD Vudu or iTunes (transfers to MA/Vudu/iTunes/GP): Beauty & The Beast (Live) - $3 Coco - $3 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - $3 Star Wars: The Last Jedi -...
  17. Philip Verdieck

    How to Start a Marvel 4K/HDR collection

    So I have been wanting to get the various Marvel Universe movies (or at least most of them) on Blu-Ray. I done a bunch of browsing on Amazon. I see various options. There are the individual movies. There are a few collections out there...
  18. M

    Game of Thrones 1-7, What Men Want, Miss Bala, Marvel, Disney

    Game of Thrones: Seasons 1-7 - HD Vudu - $25 What Men Want - HD UV - $6 What Men Want - HD iTunes - $4 Miss Bala - HD MA - $7 Beauty & The Beast (Live) - HD Vudu or iTunes (transfers to MA/Vudu/iTunes/GP) - $5 Coco - HD Vudu or iTunes (transfers to MA/Vudu/iTunes/GP) - $4.50 Doctor Strange - HD...
  19. Y

    Looking For Marvel! Iron Man, Iron Man 3, Thor, Incredible Hulk

    Hey! I am trying to complete my digital marvel collection. Let me know if you have any of the four listed in the title. Looking for iTunes or MA copies. Thanks!
  20. Radioman970

    Amazon UK has Marvel 3D 2 for £18

    They come up as £10 each in the cart.
  21. dpippel

    Amazon UK Region Free Marvel 3D Blu-ray Sale - 2 for $30.50 Shipped

    A very good deal if you're looking to round out your Marvel 3D collection:
  22. Sam Favate

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season Six (2019)

    Agents of SHIELD doesn't return until this summer, but ABC has posted a trailer for the new season. Obviously, we see that Clark Gregg is still around, despite the trailer telling us his character died after season 5. I wonder how they'll pull this off, but I hope it is not a new character...
  23. Neil Middlemiss

    Blu-ray Review Once Upon a Deadpool Blu-ray Review

    Neil Middlemiss submitted a new blog post Once Upon a Deadpool Blu-ray Review Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  24. Sam Favate

    Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney+ - General Discussion

    Variety reports that Marvel will produce shows for Disney's new streaming service. One will feature Tom Hiddleston as Loki and another will have Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch. There will be others too. Each series is expected to have 6 to 8 episodes...
  25. Dick

    Anyone else here just not buying new Marvel titles anymore?

    I was buying up every Marvel title even before Disney got hold of the company. I have all of the 3D releases (now pretty much coming from Europe) up through BLACK PANTHER and will pick up INFINITY WARS, but I have decided to stop buying them. I haven't even watched a half-dozen of them yet...
  26. Adam Lenhardt

    The Gifted: Season Two

    Season 1 thread The first season ended with Polaris and Andy Stryker defecting to the Hellfire Club. Season two picks up with Polaris at full-term with her mutant baby. Skyler Samuels, who recurred in the first season as the identical telepathic Frost sisters, has been promoted to series...
  27. Adam Lenhardt

    Marvel's Iron Fist (Netflix) Season 2 - September 7

    Season 1 Thread The entire second season of "Marvel's Iron Fist" will go live on Netflix on September 7th. The first season got the worst reaction of all the Marvel/Netflix collaborations. Iron Fist Season 2 features Danny Rand (Finn Jones) as he fights against the criminal element...
  28. Adam Lenhardt

    Marvel's The Punisher Season 2 (Netflix)

    Season 1 Thread Returning Cast: Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle, reprising his role from the second season of the Netflix original series "Marvel’s Daredevil." Ben Barnes as Billy Russo, Frank’s Castle’s best friend from his days in the Special Forces. He ran a successful private military...
  29. Sam Favate

    Marvel's Luke Cage (Netflix) Season 2 - June 22

    Trailer for season 2, which drops June 22 on Netflix. Looks great, with Cage evolving from the brooding character of season 1 to a more open, humorous character.
  30. Radioman970

    2 for £18 Superheroes 3D!! 2 for £15 2D...and the REST! Are heeere...

    amazon uk and zavvi are having a sale on stuff like Thor, Ant Man, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for just £18 Observation, I notice Dr. Strange is listed at Region B/2 but the back of the box says Region ABC (cheapest choice) Blu ray (2 for just £18)...