1. Ronald Epstein

    Denon Introduces 8K AVR-X6800H

    Immerse Yourself in Denon Legendary Sound and 3D Audio with Its New 8K AVR-X6800H September 5, 2023 – Denon, a world-renowned leader in high-quality audio equipment, announces the launch of the AVR-X6800H audio/video receiver (AVR). Designed and manufactured to the highest standards in...
  2. BluHT

    Trying to Play PC Games at 4K and 120Hz on my Denon AVR-X4700H.

    Hello. I prefer to play my games, which are all on my PC (Windows 11), using my 77-inch LG C1 OLED TV. Both the computer and the TV are connected to my Denon AVR-X4700H receiver. The computer's graphics card is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090. I've been noticing that there has been some image...
  3. edo31

    Denon AVR doesn't respond to remote control + HELP Newbie

    HI. Lately I've been trying to roll back the home theater system in our basement to 2023. The projector was replaced with a qn900b and I did some cleaning up of old hardware in the avr cabinet. I have a Denon AVR 1705 (with some 5.1 Bose from the same years) which I connected via optical. I need...
  4. Wookie Groomer

    Anatomy Of My Home Theater - From Concept to Completion [PART 1]

    Follow along as I show you my journey from raw unfinished basement, to completed home theater and everything it took to get there in this first part of a three episode series.
  5. P

    AV receiver HDCP issues

    Hi all, seeking your advice! I connected a new Denon AV receiver with 2 HDMI outs to: A TV (full HD - no 4K) A 4K-60Hz beamer through a 4K -60HZ capable HDMI extender. (to another room) and this gave HDCP issues: the receiver did frequent drop-outs. (I used brand new HDMI 2.1 cables to...
  6. pws442

    Denon AVR-X2700H Rear IR Control Jack

    I have Zone 2 speakers on the patio. If I plug an IR extender into the rear jack on the Denon, and use its remote outside (with the IR extender's mate), will I still be able to use the IR in the room where the Denon is located?
  7. pws442

    Denon AVR-X2700H Web Browser Functionality

    Just got the Denon AVR-X2700H. Replaced a 15 year old 3808CI. Disappointed in the web browser control functions. I could control both zone volumes, and the second zone source before. I don't see that with the 2700; just a Setup page. The Denon AVR Remote app is OK, but I don't always have my...
  8. Wookie Groomer

    My Home Theater and Media Room walk through tours!

    I've been asked by those following my home theater build videos over the past couple years to post a current and complete walk through video. I finally got around to documenting the completed basement build. It took me over two years from design to final build of what you see here and I did it...
  9. Wookie Groomer

    Home Theater and Media Room builds. Entire process documented from scratch.

    Hello, It's been years since I posted on here. Someone on this forum said it was ok to call a soundbar a home theater and I ran away screaming in terror. I hope things are more sensible now. I started construction of a complete home theater project in 2018 but was designing and planning since...
  10. H

    Why Isn’t My Denon AVR Decoding DTS?

    Background I'm in the middle of upgrading my home theater setup, and am having some issues with audio decoding on my AVR. For context, my TV, speakers, and laptop are connected to my AVR. I'm playing DTS and DTS-HD MA encoded movies on my laptop, its video is outputted to the TV, and its audio...
  11. Julie L C

    Does the Denon AVR-S960H support Bi-amping?

    Does the Denon AVR-S960H support Bi-amping? One Amazon reviewer says it does not but I can't find official specs that say whether this is the case or not. Does anyone have this receiver? Can you confirm if this is a feature? Thanks
  12. jazzman

    Old Denon Turntable - Need New Cartridge

    Hi, Have a Denon turntable, model D45F, that I need to replace the cartridge. Have not been able to find a compatible cartridge, any suggestions would be appreciated. Sal
  13. LeRoy_W

    Denon AVR-2807 has no sound

    I have did a factory reset and even got new speaker wire to test on 2 speakers. I can't hear anything from the tuner aspect and when I do get it to test tone of speakers, there is the blank sound so they are hooked up, but no audio from tuner. Any ideas?
  14. Osato

    Denon 4k receiver recommendation

    I have an older denon avr 2112 receiver from 2012 or so. I upgraded to 4k last year but held off on upgrading my receiver. I since purchased an Apple 4k tv and I would like to now upgrade. I looked at some newer denon receivers (650 and 750) earlier this year. I also considered the 540 but the...
  15. George LL

    4 vs 6 Atmos Speakers

    I’m deliberating between installing 4 or 6 Atmos speakers in my dedicated 13x18 theater room. The bigger picture here is, this decision will also help me decide whether to purchase a Denon 6700 (13 channels) or the $800 cheaper 4700 (11 channels). Does anyone know if there’s an appreciable...
  16. Robert_Zohn

    Denon announces new 2020 receivers with HDMI 2.1 and 8K 60fps/4K 120fps

    Just built our Denon 2020 webpage with all of the .pdfs. I'm a big Denon fan as they design and build the best price/performance receivers. Great audio fidelity, top features, excellent build quality and very reasonably priced in every category. The new flagship model, AVR-X6700H is built in...
  17. viduragarwal

    Advise on Zone 2 & 3 on Denon AVR

    Hello Friends, I have the following for the respective rooms - - Home Theatre Room: Denon AVR X4500H (11.2 channel + Zone2/3), Projector Screen, 11.2 Klipsch Speakers - Zone 2 Room: 4K TV, Stereo Speakers (2.0) - Zone 3 Room: Stereo Speakers (2.0) My question is - How do I connect the Zone 2...
  18. I

    Three issues with Denon AVR-X1600H

    I recently purchased a Denon AVR-X1600H. I'm having three issues. Does anyone have any feedback on how to address them? 1) When I enter Bluetooth Pairing Mode, my receiver won't show up on either my phone's or my laptop's bluetooth list. But I'm able to connect to WiFi and play music through...
  19. Roger_M

    Paradigm SVS Denon

    SVS 20-39PCi $250 + shipping Paradigm Monitor 7 v3 in black ash $250 + shipping Paradigm CC370 v3 $150 + shipping Paradigm CS 60r $150 + shipping Denon 3803 $200 + shipping We can talk about a package deal if you want all of it or all the speakers. Local pick up in NE IL
  20. John_Bilbrey

    Denon 710 lost monitor out/OSD

    So over the weekend my Denon S710 lost monitor out/OSD functionality. Over the past few months, I've noticed every once in a while it would lose monitor out - I'd have to switch inputs to another input then back to the one I was using for it to recover. On Saturday, it's totally out - nothing...
  21. Johnny Angell

    Upgrading to Atmos with Denon X6500H!

    I’ve got a 7.1 setup with my old Denon, an X4300H. All the speakers are Definitive technology. Front and rear ceiling are Pro Monitor 800’s. The left and right wall mounted speakers are also definitive but I forget the model number and with the center Definitive speaker. I thought I would do...
  22. F

    Denon x2600h vs [..?..]

    Hi all, I am new to posting here though I have been reading quite often this forum. I am Fabio from Rome, Italy and I want to starting building my home theatre dolby atmos system. These are my starting point thoughts: - A/V Receiver Denon x2600h DAB - Front Klipsch RP600m (which I will move...
  23. gembob

    Denon AVR-X3500 vs. Sony STR-DN1080

    I'm setting up a 5.2.2 system in my basement and debating between the two noted receivers. I was about to pull the trigger on the Denon, and was deciding between the Polk S55, ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2, and Wharfdale Diamond 240s or 11.3 and was told that the Denon could have trouble powering the...
  24. T

    denon 3500x hdmi monitor 2 out question

    So i have have everything running thru the avr using the arc out channel from avr the arc in channel on the tv. The one problem is the arc in channel of the tv doesn't support uhd deep color. This is primarly only a issue for my 4k samsung bluray. The hdmi 1 port on tv does support uhd, could i...
  25. P

    Best Older Denon That I have

    I just came across and purchased 2 older Denons, AVR-65 and an AVR-683. In your opinion, which would be the best one to use as I am an amateur at all this. Thanks, Paul
  26. P

    Older Denon Receivers

    I am brand new to this forum and am hoping someone with older Denons can help me out. I just purchased a avr-65 and a avr-683. Can anyone tell me which one is the best to use? Thanks in advance, Paul
  27. J

    Need help building Karaoke System

    I am looking into putting together a Karaoke System for my wife for Xmas. I got a Hisense 65" H9F, SVS speakers and sub and a very old Denon AVR-2803 receiver. I read it is not a good idea to connect karaoke to a good AVR/speaker system, as the speakers could be damaged. But this is for my...
  28. gleff

    Denon AVRX3600B Vs AVRX3600H?

    Hi all, Here in Australia we have a retailer selling the Denon AVR-X3600B as opposed to the AVR-X3600H. I asked them about this and they said it’s the same thing, and that they confirmed this with the manufacturer. Being sales people, I have my doubts. Does anyone know if there is any...
  29. T

    Dolby Atmos upgrading? From older Denon

    Hello I have a older Denon avr 2803. I have been running a 6.1 setup. Two fronts front center left and right rear surround and a single rear channel and a svs sub. The speakers are Klipsch rf3s. I was looking at the avrx3500h. Which is a 7.2 channel. I alreadly have two ceiling speakers that I...
  30. Grady Hollums

    Selling all audio gear from my HT, SVS, Emotiva, Crown, Infinity, Denon

    For any photos, please just message me and I can send them over. Thank you. I’m deciding to sale all my audio equipment. My wife and I have decided to live more simply and that means changing my lifestyle away from the living room theater and more to contemplative photography so with this sale...