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Your A/V system!! Are your pockets ($$$) as good as your ears/eyes??

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Will Gatlin Jr, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. Will Gatlin Jr

    Will Gatlin Jr Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 7, 2002
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    Let's have some fun. I want you to list your entire A/V system from A to Z. I want you to give the "LIST" prices of your equitment, and the "COST" that you paid for it. Please list the year that you received your equitment. We don't want any (negative) remarks about a price that someone paid (back then, a great deal!!) that may be cheaper today. Let us know if the equitment was NIB, USED, DEMO, CLASSIFIEDS, or a GIFT. At the end, add up the list/cost and let's see who's pocket's are more (better,NO WAY!!) deaper than others.

    I didn't realize I had so much equitment (on paper). Here I go:

    LEXICON DC-1/LDD-1 (99`NIB) List-$5900 Cost-$2450

    SONY STR-DA555ES (01`NIB/Classifieds) List-$1200 Cost-$400

    NHT VT-2's (2 pairs/99`NIB) List-$3700 Cost-$2300

    NHT VS-2A (1 pair/99`NIB) List-$450ea Cost-$200ea

    NHT Super Two's (00`DEMO) List-$750 Cost- $00 (Gift from dealer where I send many customers)

    SONY SS-TL5 4-Way Spks (88`NIB Solid Tiger Oak, Still Beautiful) List-$1500 Cost-$250

    YAMAHA AC-NS300 Center/Surr Spk (3) (97`NIB) List-$300ea Cost-$150ea

    VELODYNE HGS-18 (99`NIB) List-$2600 Cost-$800

    VELODYNE VA-1012II (98`NIB) List-$800 Cost-$800 plus w/Credit Card (Dummy)

    AUDIOSOURCE SW-15 (01`NIB) List-$400 Cost-$100 (From Nephew)

    PIONEER Elite DV-09 (99`NIB) List-$2200 Cost-$1300

    PIONEER DVL-919 (99`NIB) List-$1200 Cost-$775

    PIONEER DV-525 (00`NIB) List-$450 Cost-$00/Gift

    PIONEER PDR-W739 (00`DEMO) List-$750 Cost-$00/Dealer Gift

    PIONEER ELITE PD-F109 100-Disc CD (00`USED) List-$1000 Cost-$100 (From Nephew)

    PIONEER PD-M700 5-Disc CD Changer (92`NIB) List-$800 Cost-$600

    MONSTER ENTECH DAC NC205.2 (99`NIB) List-$550 Cost-$150

    NAKAMICHI PA-7A II Power Amp w/Nak PA-5A II Power Amp (97`USED/Store Demo's) List-$2150/$1550 Cost-$1250

    NAK PA-7A II Power Amp w/NAK CA-7 Pre-Amp (98`Used/Classifieds) List-$2150/$2800 Cost-$700 After I sold the Pre-Amp for $700

    ONKYO M-508 "Grand Integra" Power Amp w/ONKYO M-301 Pre-Amp (98`Used/Classifieds) List-$1200/$600 Cost-$250 After I sold the Pre-Amp for $250

    ONKYO M-508 "Grand Integra" Power Amp (98`Used/Dealer) List-$1200 Cost-$350

    MARANTZ MA-500 Mono Blocks (98`/Pawn Shop) List-$300ea Cost-$150ea

    SONY KP-53EX35 RPTV (93`NIB) List-$3000 Cost-$2850 (Will upgrade when the dust settles with HDTV...Still, a great analog picture w/DV-09)

    SONY XBR 32`(95`NIB) List-$2400 Cost-$1700

    MONSTER ENTECH Director AV4.1 Switcher (99`NIB) List-$350 Cost-$100

    MONSTER Power Conditioner HTS-5000 (02`NIB/Thanks Elbert!!) List$600 Cost $275

    MONSTER HT Power 2100 (02`NIB/One more time for Elbert!!) List-$300 Cost-$125

    STANDESIGN Modular Rack Stands (12) (98`NIB) Dealer Cost-$77.55ea My Cost-$77.55ea

    Last, but not least, these items were purchased as one package:

    MONSTER "Z3" Spk Wire (98`NIB/CUSTOM) It added up to 100 feet...It sold for $400 for every 15 feet...List-$2,700

    MONSTER "M1" Spk Wire (98`NIB) 100 feet, It sold for $200 for every 15 feet...List-$1300

    MONSTER M1000 4-Meter "Custom" Audio onnects (98`NIB/7 pairs) List-$2450

    MONSTER M1000 1.5-Meter Audo Connects (98`NIB/4 pairs) List-$640

    MONSTER M1000 1-Meter Audio Connects (98`NIB/2 pairs) List-$250

    MONSTER M550i Audio Connects (98`NIB/4 pairs) List-$55ea Cost-$00

    MONSTER M Silver Digital Connects 1-Meter (98`NIB/3 pairs) List-$300 Cost-$100

    MONSTER M351 Sub Cable (98`NIB/1 pair) List-$200 Cost-$00...List-$8060 Cost-$2000.............................

    MONSTER "Z" Series S-VHS Cable 2-Meter (99`NIB/4 pairs) List-85ea Cost-$75

    MITS HS-U770 S-VHS (97`NIB) List-$1100 Cost-$250

    JVC HR-3800U S-VHS (99`NIB) List $600 Cost-$00

    SONY SLV-770HF (95`NIB) List-$400 Cost-$200

    TOSHIBA M-781 ((96`NIB) List-$700?? Cost-$400

    TOTAL LIST: $53,492 plus...

    TOTAL COST: $22,630 Plus...

    SAVINGS$$$$ $30,862 plus...

    That's not too bad!!

  2. Will Gatlin Jr

    Will Gatlin Jr Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 7, 2002
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    I guess the first 31 views paid to much for their systems. Who wants to be the first to start this party?
  3. elMalloc

    elMalloc Supporting Actor

    Dec 26, 2001
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    I hope I don't fall into your snake pit...I've spent about $1000 on my system and am happy with it.

    (For Now....)

  4. Charles Gurganus

    Charles Gurganus Supporting Actor

    Mar 2, 1999
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    I'll play Will....

    Sony TA-E9000es preamp..list $1800...paid $1300 (NIB)

    NHT VT1.2 speakers....paid $750 used for pair (listed $1200 pair)

    NHT VS2a center....paid $250 NIB...list $450

    NHT VS1.2a pair....paid $440 pair...list $600 pair(NIB)

    Sherbourn 5/1500a amp...List $1800..paid $1300 NIB

    B&K ST1400 amp...paid $540 NIB...list $750

    Cambridge Audio CD300SE cd player...paid $229 NIB..list $350

    Sony TA-P9000es preamp...paid $475 NIB...list $700 (approx)

    Pioneer CLD504 LD player..$550 NIB...list $750

    Panasonic A110 DVD player..$350 NIB...list $450

    Creek OBH-8 phono stage...$199 NIB....list $230

    Technics BD22 turntable...$160 NIB....list $220

    Pioneer 50 inch RPTV......$1900 NIB...list $2600

    List $10,700

    Paid $8,193

    Saved $2,507

    Hey Will, can you be hired as a purchasing agent?
  5. John Tompkins

    John Tompkins Supporting Actor

    Aug 30, 2000
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    Lexicon mc-1 2002 6000.00 paid 2250.00
    parasound 2205 2002 2000.00 paid 1200.00
    h.k 2.1 2002 1500.00 paid 450.00
    sony sacd 775 2002 350.00 paid 179.00
    panny rp-56 2001 239.00 paid 209.00
    nht vs2.4 pair 2002 900.00 paid 500.00
    nht 2.9 pair 2001 2600.00 paid 1300.00
    nht ac-2 2000 800.00 paid 700.00
    nht superzeroes2000 250.00 paid 120.00
    svs 20-39 2001 480.00 paid 325.00
    nht sw-2 sub 2002 400.00 paid 200.00
    2nd nht sw-2 2002 400.00 paid 200.00
    outlaw icbm 2002 260.00 paid 200.00ish
    LIST 16420.00
    PAID 7835.00 SAVINGS 8585.00
    I've been through 3 x more equipment then listed, always selling and buying it seems...Best deal ever was a CITATION 7.1 AMP list price 2800.00 that I got on ebay for 380.00!!! BEAT THAT.[​IMG]
  6. John Morris

    John Morris Guest

    This list is not all inclusive.
    My Hall of Fame Purchases(all bought at dealer going out of business sales):
    ~2 BNIB Sony HD-100 HDTV/DTV receivers ($200 each)-I sold each of these for $550-$600.
    ~BNIB Magnum Dynalab FT-101A ($200)-I sold this for $600
    ~BNIB Parasound P/PH Phono Preamp($50)- still using this
    Other pretty good deals:
    ~BNIB ATI 2505 amp ($1700)
    ~Mint Used ATI 2505 ($1250)
    ~Demo Panasonic A310 DVD ($99)- still use this in Bedroom
    ~BNIB Parasound TDQ-1600 Tuner($174)- just got this
    ~BNIB Outlaw 950 preamp ($450)- beta tester price
    ~Demo Symetrix 551E EQ($179) - still in use
    ~B stock Toshiba 6109B DVD/Receiver($180)- still in use in kids playroom
    ~Demo Mirage OM-R2 speakers($199)- still have
    ~BNIB Mirage MBS-2 Speakers($249)- still have
    ~BNIB Crown K2 Amplifier($1150)- still have
    ~Demo B&K Ref 30 preamp($1950)- returned to store
    Stuff I should have bought, but didn't:
    ~Demo CAL CL-2500 MCA Amp($2800)Amp was too long for my rack
    ~Demo Proceed BPA-3($250)Hesitation cost me on this
    ~Demo Mirage M-1si Speakers($1500)No money at the time
    ~Demo Sherbourn 5/1500 Amp($850)Did not need another amp
    I'm sure that there is alot more stuff I could list, but this is enough for now... [​IMG]
  7. Dave Dahl

    Dave Dahl Stunt Coordinator

    Jun 30, 1997
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    This is really going to screw up the search function for people looking up equipment info.

  8. RajeeK

    RajeeK Second Unit

    Apr 17, 1999
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    My lord Will!!!! How the heck have you kept track of all that stuff over the years. You wouldn't happen to have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) now would ya?[​IMG]
  9. Michael Reuben

    Michael Reuben Studio Mogul

    Feb 12, 1998
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  10. Will Gatlin Jr

    Will Gatlin Jr Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 7, 2002
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    Heck no!! This is the equitment that I use now.
  11. Justin Doring

    Justin Doring Screenwriter

    Jun 9, 1999
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    All items purchased new in box. Prices do not include tax and/or shipping.

    DVD/SACD/CD Player: Sony DVP-S9000ES ($1,500, $1,080, 2001)

    SACD/CD Player: Sony SCD-1 ($5,000, $2,700, 2000)

    Monitor: Toshiba 40H80 ($3,000, $2,000, 2001)

    Preamplifier: Classé CP-50 ($2,700, $2,000, 1998)

    Power Amplifier: Classé CA-200 ($3,000, $2,500, 1998)

    Loudspeakers: NHT 3.3 ($4,500, $3,000, 1998)

    Video Interconnects: Tributaries SCVC ($300, $200, 2001)

    Audio Interconnects: Nordost Red Dawn (Balanced) ($860, $700, 1998) and Tara Labs Prism 11 ($40, 30, 2001)

    Loudspeaker Cables: Nordost Red Dawn (Z-Spades) ($700, $400, 1998)

    Power Cords: Synergistic Research A/C Master Coupler ($1,300, $900, 2001)

    Power Strip: PS Audio Juice Bar ($200, $200, 2001)

    Equipment Rack: Lovan Sovereign ($600, $400, 1998)

    List: $23,700

    Paid: $15,410

    Savings: $8,290 (35%)
  12. Howard Halligan

    Oct 12, 2000
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    Don't have time to add up my whole system but I look for bargains. The best bargain today is used Klipsh Heritage speakers. My HT uses 2 Klischorns and 6 LaScalas. Cost: $3000. New List: Around $15,000. Savings: $12,000.
  13. MartinTeller

    MartinTeller Screenwriter

    Feb 26, 2002
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    Ummm, I have a $300 Panasonic TV and a $150 Pioneer DV-333. And a $10 coffee table from Goodwill that it sits on.
  14. Patrick McCart

    Patrick McCart Lead Actor

    May 16, 2001
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    Georgia (the state)
    Real Name:
    Patrick McCart
    My AV system probably is worth around $750.
    The sound decoder (DTS and DD 5.1) makes my DVD's sound just the way they should and my speakers are fine for the small room the system is in.
    To be perfectly honest, the only part of my A/V system I'd like to replace is my monitor. It's 20", has too much overscan, and freaks out on white "frames"
    I'd probably replace it with a 16x9 display since 28 of my DVD's are anamorphic. I'd especially like to see Lawrence of Arabia (despite the video not being properly color timed, etc), Ben-Hur (despite the overmatting), and North By Northwest on an anamorphic display.
    I'll probably wait for the organic display which changes aspect ratio. [​IMG]

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