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Sep 15, 2006
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Two Questions:

1) If i have all of my components running through my receiver (audio & video). If I want to watch TV without surround sound does my receiver have to be on to get a picture?

2) The best digital input my TV has is DVI. If I am upconverting my components through my receiver to HDMI is their any way I can get audio to my TV or will I have to use the receiver for audio at all times?

Lew Crippen

Senior HTF Member
May 19, 2002
This depends on the specification of your various components, but the general answer to your first question is yes. However you can overcome this by also running secondary audio feeds to your TV from your source(s). For example suppose your satellite receiver audio is connected to your AV receiver via an optical connection for 5.1 audio. The satellite receiver will also have a red/white RCA pair audio output. You can connect that directly to your TV, bypassing the receiver. Then you will get stereo on your TV when the receiver is turned off.

This will work the same for your DVD or HD player.

As an alternative, it is likely that you can run an RCA pair from your AV receiver to your TV for audio. Of course this will probably mean that you will have to have your receiver on in order to get audio on your TV.

I have my components’ audio connected both to my receiver and to my display. A bit of a pain to cable, but it allows maximum flexibility.

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