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Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by wishes29, Nov 1, 2012.

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    Hello All,
    I am new to this thread and looking for some recommendations for theater speakers. We built a dedicated theater room in the basement last year and we are now starting to look to add all the accessories to take advantage of the room. When we built the theater room, the electrician recommended that we have the speakers built into the ceiling. However, after reading a few reviews, it sounds like in-ceiling speakers are not the way to go. The theater room is pre-wired for 7.1. The room is about 20ft long and 14 ft wide. The in-wall wires are in the ceiling trays above.
    Unfortunately, my boyfriend is not big on electronics and to be honest - I have no clue :) I have narrowed down the projector - we are going to get the Epson 5010 - but I have no idea about good speakers (at a very reasonable price) or ideal location (in-wall, in ceiling, on wall).
    I have been looking at getting some audio equipment on ebay. The only names I really know are Bowers & Wilkins (the guy at the theater store told me about them but they are wayyyyy out of my price range), Klipshe and Polk - any recommendations for audio - great quality without the $$$ price tag would be appreciated .
    I know I have a few questions rolled into this so - hopefully, this makes it easier
    Speaker location - any feedback on in-wall versus in-ceiling - based on what I read it sounds like on wall and floor speakers are ideal
    Speaker brands - any suggestions for good quality speakers that are not too expensive?
    Thank you in advance for any feedback - please be aware that I am not a big audio/electronics simple English for describing features and benefits would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Floor speakers will be ideal. However we'll really need to have a general idea of your budget to make the best recommendations. Also keep in mind that sound is fully half the experience of a home theater. Matter of fact, when you factor in the tactile response in the seat of your pants that you get from a true sub woofer, I consider the sound more than half the experience of a home theater! So, please, do your best to budget accordingly. You should be happy with your choice in projectors.
    For audio your shopping list should include (at a minimum):
    An AVR
    5 Speakers
    Powered Sub

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